Which plants will suit my luxury apartment?

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By plantation do soulful addition to your luxury lifestyle apartments. These living beings not just enrich house aesthetics but also a health booster. Greenery is pleasant to the eyes and works effectively to purify the environment you breathe in. You may wonder which plants to put in for apartment adornment. So, here we gathered all information you need to know.

Nature of plants for luxurious lifestyle apartments

Houseplants possess peculiar traits which make it easy to nurture them out of busy routines. Traits include:

  • It is easy to maintain like they don’t need to be watered or fertilized recurrently.
  • Don’t produce mess by shedding leaves engaging the owner in repetitive cleaning.
  • Smaller in size to fit in the limited space of an apartment.
  • Household plants should be long-living.

Apt choices to make


Usually denoted as devil’s ivy, it’s the best plant to keep if you are busy. Active in purifying air liberating the atmosphere from toxins accumulated due to rugs and carpets. It can survive in little light preferably indirect sunlight and need to be water once a week. However, it can be implanted in a water glass, but a basket or large pot is suitable for better growth. The finest vine plant to ornate luxury lifestyle apartments.

Spider plant

A non-toxic plant that battles pollutants in the air specifically carbon monoxide, purify the air for healthy breathing. It’s easy to keep mainly by beginners who possess less knowledge regarding planting. Could survive under low light and indicate the need for water by drooping leaves.

Aloe vera

Grows under moderate temperature, indirect but bright light is enough, and needs to be water after three weeks. Very easy to handle with minimal attention and endure numerous benefits. Its leaves are the air strainers that filter out harmful chemicals in the air due to detergents, varnishes, and floor finishes. Also, it encloses gel that helps soothe skin burns. Ideal plant for kitchen décor in union luxury apartments Lahore.

Snake plant

This leafy sharp tip plant is the perfect atmosphere cleanser. Moreover, it comforts sleep at night by releasing oxygen so could be an impeccable selection to adore bedrooms of luxurious style apartments. Snake plants need little water and light for survival. Watering once a month is enough to hydrate the plant.

Prayer plant

More off considered as a bathroom plant it nurtures better in a moist and humid atmosphere. Prayer plants need indirect sunlight and must be watered regularly. Apart from this, it possesses an unmatchable visual appearance, the mesmerizing red ribbed pattern over leaves makes it the right choice for attractive indoor decorations.


Succulent plants are obtainable in 40 unique looks. The shape and texture of leaves and different hues like green, purple, red, and blue impart uniqueness to each variety. These plants are real survivors who persist with you for years and consume little water. If you are residing in union apartments Lahore such plants are highly recommendable as they complement the exotic interior. Being smaller in size, it grabs viewers’ attention and could easily be hung or placed on the table center. Even you can place it over a kitchen counter or windowpane for a pleasant vision.


Cactus are water-storing plants and could endure even hot and dry climates. A variety of cacti are available on market in different forms and shapes that look interesting. Although huge cactus is mostly found in deserts or planted outdoors, indoor kind is also obtainable. They are smaller in size and most of them bloom with colorful flowers that add life to the space with vibrant and eye-catching hues.

Cast-iron plant

Even dark corners can be adorned with plants, for this cast iron plant fits best as it could survive under shade. So spaces where no sunlight could reach also be decorated with planters. It requires mild watering and is durable enough to survive temperatures of 45 degrees to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Avoid watering too much and let the soil dry for some time as excess water can rot its roots.

African violet

A bunch of colorful flowers add beauty to a boring space therefore, African violet is a good option to go with. You will surely admire this lovely small plant with hypnotic looks. It can be placed over the center table, side tables, or on the counter. Easy to maintain as it requires watering only once a week.

Zebra plant

Give your house a tropical touch, a Brazilian zebra plant with its utmost beauty could be the best choice. The refreshing green color of a leaf with ribs prominent in white enhances its visual impact. Indirect bright light and watering after two or three days are enough to let it grow healthy. Moreover, a warm and moist environment is preferable for zebra plants. Spaces like those of union apartments Lahore can have this plant as a centerpiece for house décor.


Some herbs give off a pleasant smell, hence, a refreshing atmosphere, and are ideal to put on a windowsill in the kitchen. Thyme, mint, lavender, and oregano diffuse invigorating fragrance. Also, these herbs are widely used as cooking ingredients so one must count in as houseplants. Herbs not only add to scenic beauty but you can have food plants right in your kitchen as well.

English ivy

English ivy is a vine plant that looks best in a hanging basket. This plant fights mold and airborne harmful particles. You can cut English ivy into the wanted shape. Sunlight is not a condition for this plant, you can place it in direct sunlight or under shade as well. Grows happily in a cool and humid environment.

Kimberly queen fern

Ferns like Kimberly queen are an amazing addition of bushy plants to the apartment. It thrives in direct sunlight and enjoys mild temperatures. Regular watering is essential for its well-being, under dry conditions don’t forget to shower water over leaves.


An apartment should be a blend of the modern and organic interior like in union luxury apartments in Lahore that are adorned with plantations for people to breathe in healthy air. Plants especially those mentioned in the list above are inexpensive home décor products and are easily available at the nursery near you.

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