Which luxury apartments will suit me according to my family size?

luxury apartments in Lahore

Luxury apartments in Lahore provide safe and secure living with facilities that everyone wanted to have. You can see apartments in various sizes and styles. To find one that suits your needs and accommodates your family in a better way is a tough job. Here we have gathered useful information regarding luxury lifestyle apartments that suits your family size.

Go through the article to see what points should be observed when renting or purchasing an apartment for your family. It should be a balance between the space requirement and the expenditure it brings about. Small families comprising husband and wife can afford to live in studio apartments while with children you need an additional room. So as the family grows the need for more space is a demand.

Studio apartments

Studio apartments are getting popular it has an open kitchen, bedroom, and living room within a single hall whereas the bathroom is a separate room. Two-person like husband and wife can easily reside within a studio apartment specifically if both are working people, studio apartment fits best as rent is within budget and cleaning is easy. The area can be easily moulded according to need because spaces can be parted by hanging curtains, placing a bookshelf in between or using a foldable partition that is easy to move. The place can be manipulated accordingly with minimalistic interior decoration.

Union apartments Lahore give an ideal environment in their studio flats which allows natural light to travel in unhindered. Such flats are having a high roof and open space which gives enough room to keep a huge glass window in the hall that provides good ventilation and a sufficient amount of light. On the other hand larger home means more utility bills so for a family of two studio apartments are the best choice so far. They are easy to manage and afford.

Two-bed apartments in Lahore

It’s tough to decide which apartment to rent or purchase that fits best for your family size. When choosing one it is commendable to go through all the benefits and back draws it has. For a two-person family, a two-bedroom apartment is a real treat. The spare room can be converted into:

  • An office if you work from home. Put a writing table with a comfortable office chair to work unhindered in a relaxing environment. Place a nice cabinet to organize files and paperwork nicely.
  • A storeroom where you can put extra stuff which is not needed frequently. This will reduce clutter in your house and make it look spacious. Apartments which lack storage area or have small space for storage there you can manage spare room to put in unnecessary yet useful furniture.
  • Playroom for children if you have children in the family. In fact, for a family with children, having a two-bed apartment is the perfect decision. This way children could have a separate room which can be decorated according to their wishes. They can play and study in their room without creating a mess in the rest of the house. Union luxury apartments Lahore present a wonderful interior with a two-bedroom apartment to accommodate small families.
  • A study room for peaceful reading and research work. You can transform the environment into a small library where you can put your books collection, an easy chair, a writing table and a computer system to use when needed.
  • An exercise room to place workout machines like treadmill, stationary cycling machine, yoga Mat etc.

However, a single room can serve multiple purposes as well. You can put portable exercise machines that are foldable and easy to place inside a cupboard whereas the office can be set up in one corner.

Three bedroom luxury apartments in Lahore

The big family have big needs, they require spacious residence to live in especially in a joint family system where grandparents are living with you. Three bedroom apartment is sufficient space for comfortable living for a big family. One room is for parents, the other is for children and the third one can be maintained for grandparents. Every member of the family can have a private space. Moreover, you can decorate each room according to the occupant’s needs like grandparents can have comfy furniture. Children can set up their room so they can have a small play and study area.

If grandparents are not residing with you. Convert the spare room into a study for comfortable reading of favourite books while having tea. Also, it can be a small gym where you can work out for a healthy living. If guests often visit you and stay overnight. You can entertain the guests without disturbing your routine. Make a good arrangement in a spare room by converting it into a guest room.

The big family have lots of luggage and stuff to manage. You can manage extra clutter in a third room. This room can be used to store less needed stuff. Apartments in Lahore are having good floor plans with a space for a storeroom. But still, if a big family resides, the necessity of having more storage space is a demand. Therefore, such families should opt for a three-bedroom apartment so things could be managed nicely without compromising the spacious interior feel.


Everyone looks upon luxury lifestyle apartments as their dream home but finds it tough to bear expenses adhered to it. Therefore, making a wise decision is necessary. Purchase a home that suits your family size and provides a safe and comfy living. Before making any decision put forward your family’s needs. Look at how much space would be enough to accommodate you, your family, and your stuff. Union luxury apartments in Lahore provide the best plan for families of all sizes. One must give a visit to these apartments to make the right choice at economical rates.

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