Buying a luxurious apartment in Lahore can be a challenging job. A number of projects are speeding up their marketing activities and offering many features which indeed are attractive. However, they lack somewhere; some are not at a prime location, while many lack proper planning. You need to focus on every detail before investing your hard-earned money. Union complex apartments are an excellent opportunity to invest in luxury apartments in Lahore. But what makes this project so unique? Let’s dig into more details to find out.

Renowned Developer and Architects
The first thing which makes this project unique and worth your hard-earned investment is the team working behind the project to make it a success. This whole idea was introduced by AYQ Developers (Pvt.) Limited, which is itself a big name in the construction industry. The next crucial part in doing any project’s success is architecture. In the case of Union Complex, this responsibility is taken by LANDMARK Consultants, truly the finest at what they do. They are known as one of the finest architects in Pakistan. The professional team of AYQ Developers is  putting utmost efforts to make Union Complex a synonym for luxury apartments in Lahore.

The next most important thing that makes a huge difference in residents’ daily routine and life is the project’s location. This project is well planned and is located at the center of the city. Union Complex is situated at Main Ferozepur Road, Metro Bus Station No. 25, Lahore. It will take only a few minutes to reach any main location if you are residing at Union Complex Apartments in Lahore. KALMA chowk is just 15 minutes away, and you can reach the airport in only 20 minutes. Not only that, but it is precisely at Metro Bus Station No. 25, which means say goodbye to commuting issues. The most amazing part is the panoramic views you can enjoy from your balcony. The ideal location creates spectacular views beyond the horizon so that you can sweep across the city just from your balcony.

When making a big decision, the layout of the apartment plays a considerable role. Specifically, the lousy structure can disturb the life of residents forever. Fortunately, at Union Complex Apartments in Lahore, each apartment’s design is carefully crafted by one of the best architects of the country, as described above. They have carefully created four different layouts for you to choose from, which include:
– Studio apartment
– 1-bed apartment
– 2-bed apartment
– 3-bed apartment

Each apartment one is designed carefully to make a living more comfortable. Each apartment’s layout is not just square footage of each room, but each door, window, and other physical features are cautiously designed to provide maximum space. The module of each apartment also represents a picture of furniture to be placed in each room, helping you plan your future home creatively as per your taste. Each apartment has attached bathrooms, predefined space for wardrobes, and a proper duct and balcony to ensure every resident can enjoy the breeze for fresh air. The balcony also opens doors to breathtaking views of the city. The Architects have made sure each apartment allows the natural light to flood in and make your Luxurious Apartments feel more spacious and lively.

In-house facilities
According to experts, in-house facilities are equally important as that of the apartment itself. That is because they play a massive role in your lifestyle. Union Complex apartments feature a wide variety of in house facilities, probably more than any other apartments in the city, which includes;

Reception area

A well-designed reception area plays a huge role in your security, welcoming guests, receiving packages, and much more.

Lift Lobby
The project features multiple high-speed lifts and a lift lobby to ensure you reach any floor in no time.

Exclusive Lounge
Highly luxurious and exclusive lounges are designed, so you can socialize with friends or neighbors without invading the privacy of your home.

Car Parking and Car Wash
A multi-story and spacious car parking area ensures every resident can park their vehicles without any fear.

Jama Masjid
Pray regularly in a beautiful and completely air-conditioned Jama Masjid without taking a step out of your complex building.

Maintain your fitness and enjoy state of the art Gym facilities within your apartment building.

Swimming Pool
Makes your summer an enjoyable time with a clean and spectacular swimming pool.

Daycare Center
The project features an innovative daycare center, so the mother can maintain their work-home life without worrying about their toddlers and babies.

Rooftop Recreational Area
Enjoy barbecue and other outdoor activities at your rooftop recreational area.

Surveillance & Security
The entire project will be monitored continuously by 24/7 high-tech surveillance cameras and energetic security guards.

In-house Maintenance Service
Premium in-house maintained a whole team of professionals would provide service.

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