Vertical Living Expansion – A trend to be noted in Luxury Apartments in Lahore

Apartments in Lahore

Pakistan is here and now advancing from a traditional horizontal living edifice to more towards vertical expansion for various ins and outs. Lahore – The second largest city of Pakistan is not behind in this sprint. Luxury apartments in Lahore and various other cities of Pakistan are now on the way to development based on the notion of the same. Prime Minister Imran Khan addressed the importance and need of vertical expansion in urban areas of Pakistan including Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK) as mentioned in “The NEWS”.

Khan has even taken steps to implement laws to shrink horizontal expansion. He laid emphasis more on the vertical expansion within-country because countries that expand vertically are of greater benefit than horizontal ones.

What exactly vertical expansion is?

As clear from its name, the vertical expansion for Urbanization means expanding vertical living by constructing sky-high apartment buildings within a specified area. The vertical expansion aims to provide a maximum living area at one place to the growing population. Making taller buildings for accommodating hundreds of families and thousands of people within the same place is not only beneficial for economic growth but holds many other benefits as well.

Why vertical expansion of cities is preferred nowadays?

Vertical expansion is considered for urbanization nowadays for many reasons.

Below are some of the key points which ensure the importance of vertical expansion for urban areas.


Living in a vertically expanded community is highly budget-friendly. This is because you can enjoy luxurious lifestyle facilities with building premises at affordable rates. Maintenance of apartments, gym, pool, car parking, electricity backup, and much more can be available for all within less time and reasonable rates. Whereas living in a separate home in horizontally expanded societies can be costlier when it comes to maintenance and enjoying facilities that are normally not provided by those societies. For example, car parking is not provided by all societies. People have to go out of society by their cars or any other conveyance if they want to go to the mall.

Union Complex luxury apartments in Lahore is a brand new project based on the vertical expansion concept providing a luxurious lifestyle that people would desire. Within its premises, it provides Jamia Masjid, gymnasium, swimming pool, Shopping centre, Daycare, amusement park, huge car parking, and much more. Moreover, everything provided within the premises is safe and secure. People can enjoy life freely with their families.

More accommodation in less space

The main aim of the vertical expansion is the same. Less space, more accommodation. This is what bringing economic growth to countries. When maximum people are at one place they are served better by the community management. This characteristic of vertical expansion has helped to overcome the problem of overpopulation and overcrowdedness. Thus affecting the economy positively.


Undoubtedly, vertical expansion living is eco-friendly. The major factor of environmental pollution is waste collection and disposal which has become easier than ever because of the new living order. When residents have to abide by the building rules and regulations of waste disposal, they are forced to use proper channels all the time. Proper conduits are usually designed and followed in these buildings for easier and better living.

Moreover, because of this type of living more spaces will be available for greenery around. More trees can be planted around the apartment building serving nature more prolifically.

Social Benefits

People living in apartment buildings are more likely to meet each other in their way. They can gather together in the park, gym, or any other public area provided by the community management and share their thoughts on productivity. This practice is highly beneficial for working people to keep their minds healthy and tension-free. Spending some time with society is also necessary for a great living and Union Complex luxury apartments in Lahore provide all these facilities to its residents.

Equal use of resources and facilities

A luxurious lifestyle should be equal for all. The architect of Union Complex has kept this in mind and provided numerous amenities for the residents which they can enjoy equally. These include lift service, special car parking area, gymnasium, swimming pool, daycare, shopping area, etc. Residents of Union Complex can enjoy all these facilities as they need.

Doorstep Facilities

Maintenance of an apartment or home is the biggest issue which residents may face while living in a particular home. It becomes far more difficult to manage for working people. Residents within the vertical building can avail these services in less time where they can all maintenance service providers anytime they need them. Through vertical expansion, it has become much easier for the community management to provide hassle-free maintenance services at the doorstep.

Greater security

Building made on the concept of vertical expansion provides better level security. Whereas it becomes fairly difficult for societies that are expanded horizontally. Surveillance cameras can capture video 24/7. Using it for the security of maximum people living in one place is only possible in vertical expansion.

A step towards a luxurious lifestyle

For sure vertical expansion is a step towards luxurious living.

What a luxurious lifestyle includes?

It includes security, timely availability of resources, hassle-free and reliable living, areas to enjoy leisure time. Although societies are also providing a maximum of these facilities. However, a building based on vertical expansion is far better because it is providing all these facilities within building premises with high-level standard standards and security.

Some major examples of vertical expansion

Some of the major examples that can be quoted in the vertical expansion category include China, Dubai and Greater New York. Evaluating the benefits for economic growth within these countries put forward a great reason for choosing vertical expansion for underdeveloped countries. Pakistan, which is now in a faster development mode has adopted the same phenomenon for its economic growth. Major cities of Pakistan like Karachi and Lahore are on the way to urbanize vertically.

Union Complex – A step towards vertical expansion in presence of luxuries in Lahore

Construction of sky-high buildings is one of the chief steps towards controlling overcrowding, overpopulation, and massive cutting down of trees for building societies. Union Complex is a project of the same type which is serving for the “Go Green” factor considering environmental improvement as their social responsibility. Instead of placing spacious malls, parks, car parking in open and wide spaces, it has provided everything within its building premises avoiding misuse of extra space. Living has become much easier through luxurious buildings of the same type. Everything is available nearby on just a few countable steps.

In addition, Union Complex enjoys its location advantage because of nearby landmarks as well. One of the major landmarks is Ferozepur Road Lahore which is considered a giant artery connecting key areas of Lahore. Availability of nearby markets, schools, universities, amusements places, religious places, hospitals etc. is another advantage for the residents of Union Complex Luxury apartments in Lahore.

Final Thoughts

Vertical expansion is beneficial for economic growth. The factor of growth can be seen in foreign countries like United States (US) and United Arab Emirates (UAE) where people are living hassle-free life with luxurious facilities provided by their building management. A healthy environment should be on priority for all and this factor is kept on priority when extending living spaces vertically. Panoramic city views from the top and a pollution-free environment are what make vertical expansion different from horizontal living. A higher level of security and better usage of amenities makes vertical expansion worth considering for a better future.

Lahore is moving faster towards this advancement. In near future, we will observe people choosing to live in luxury apartments of the sky-high building rather than separate homes based on horizontal expansion.

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