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If you’re searching for impeccable apartments in Lahore, you may already have an idea of things you cannot live without, regardless of whether it’s natural lighting and brand new appliances or ample space in which to keep your pets.

Before you begin looking at your desired city and area, you must know the kind of apartment which best fits your lifestyle and budget.

We’ve created a guide on the different kinds of luxury apartments. We all know that an apartment is an arrangement of rooms.

Various kinds of apartments are classified according to dimensions, features, and amenities. Let’s look at the following:

Penthouse Apartments

This luxurious apartment is mainly located at the top of the property. Penthouse apartment Offers a stunning panorama of the city skyline and the scenery, balconies, rooftop decks, and sit-out areas.

Penthouses are either multi-level or spread out over one level. They offer stunning perspectives of the city skyline and the surrounding landscape. Rooftop decks and balconies are the most distinctive amenities of a Penthouse Apartment.

Studio-Style Apartments

Smaller apartments include a bathroom, kitchen, and bedroom all in one space. Or, more precisely, all the spaces in an apartment without walls or divisions are a studio. Also known as the dream of the art world, the studio apartments have become referred to in the form of Bachelor Apartment or Efficiency Apartment.

These are the dream homes of the artist. Studio apartments are comparatively smaller and include a Kitchen, Bathroom, and Bedroom combined into one space.

High Rise Apartments

Due to many residents and the design of homes in urban areas, high-rise apartment buildings are tall and provide living areas. They typically offer top-of-the-line structures, gated communities, recreational avenues, and units that range in size and price.

They are primarily found in urban areas because of the scattering properties in the central regions of cities.

Low Rise Apartments

Compared to the High Rise Apartments, these units are smaller in size. They don’t have as many floors as the high-rise apartments and generally offer lower concentration and greater privacy. They are equipped with elevators and are better suited to the central areas of the city, which are notorious for their high property prices.

Convertible apartment

A studio apartment or a standard one designed to provide more rooms is known as a converted apartment. The walls used for creating are movable by nature and provide excellent privacy and utility in these homes.


A large room within the building transformed into a residential space from a commercial space is called a Loft.

Garden Apartments

Apartments that have access to gardens are known as Garden Apartments. They are usually located in the back, on the side, or even inside the building, depending on the style of the house. In general, they will feature more oversized windows on the first floor. These types of apartments in Lahore are most admired because of the green factor.

Duplex and Triplex Apartments

Apartments with two floors and a single entrance, with a private staircase leading to the first floor, are referred to as a Duplex Apartment, while an apartment with three floors is referred to as a Triplex.

These are high-end apartments with additional rooms since their layout is designed.

Service Apartments

These apartments are renowned due to the privacy and luxury they provide. They are often booked for a brief period.

They are popular with tourists seeking a brief stay in the city or party-goers who want a space for themselves. The prices for these apartments vary based on the reason and the season.

One-Bedroom Apartment

A one-bedroom house typically comprises three separate rooms, including a living space, a separate kitchen, and an additional bedroom. The apartment should also include the bathroom to be fully equipped.

Junior 4

A junior four falls somewhere between a single-bedroom and a two-bedroom home. It comprises the following spaces (besides bathing rooms): an open-plan kitchen, a living area, a bedroom, and an office space. The apartments can’t legally be used as two bedrooms because the office does not have glass.

Two-Bedroom Apartment

A two-bedroom is a room as mentioned above; however, the distinction lies in that each bedroom features windows. These are ideal for roommates. The second room can be used as office space for a play area for kids.


A railroad-style apartment could have up to two to four rooms. Also known as a shotgun-style house, the apartments consist of a large column. When you walk into one room, walk through the kitchen and return to a different room.

If you’re sharing a room with roommates, think about whether you could share your bedroom to reach the kitchen each morning.

Types of Buildings

Once you’ve decided about the amount of space you require and what layout is most suitable for you, then you’re able to consider different building types. It’s possible to reside in a larger structure so that you can benefit from the amenities of apartments in Lahore such as rooftop space, a common area, and even a gym.

Maybe you’d prefer to be able to meet your neighbours and appreciate the rustic feel of a small building. Know the following terms better to understand the meaning of your apartment’s building.

Mid-Rise and Low-Rise Apartments

Small apartments can comprise anywhere between 2 to 9 floors. A low-rise can have 2-5 feet (and could only contain a handful of units), and a mid-rise structure can be as high as nine floors, and in certain instances, dozens of tenants.

Benefits of mid-rise and low-rise structures are:

  • Access to the green space and street
  • It is located in residential neighbourhoods.
  • You can enjoy more peace because there are fewer tenants.

High-Rise Apartments

High-rises contain ten or more floors, occupied mainly by a tenant (although the building might have commercial areas on the first floor or two). In the high-rises, you’ll meet people in hallways with you, in the elevator, and even in the laundry area.

These structures tend to be more significant and noisier; However, they also have additional facilities.

it could be:

  • Fitness equipment
  • A garage
  • Laundry room
  • Playroom for children
  • Doormen

Certain luxury high-rises might include additional amenities like climbing walls and yoga studios, pools and movie screening rooms, dog sitting, and so on.

Facilities for Building

Once you’ve mastered the basics of types of buildings, it is now possible to identify terms such as “walkup” and “garden apartment. That does not refer to the size or layout of an apartment. Instead, it’s about where it is located in a specific building or the features it has. Be familiar with the different styles of apartments to find the ideal type.

Furnished Apartment

A furnished apartment is equipped with furniture and the essentials. It must include the following things:

  • A mattress and a bed
  • Curtains to provide privacy in any window that is open to the public or from other structures
  • The tables as well as the side tables
  • Lamps
  • Kitchen appliances
  • Utensils and dishes
  • Wastebaskets

So, you’re at ease at home right from the beginning and won’t have to fret about buying expensive furniture that isn’t appropriate for the space.

Furnished apartments are offered in a variety of buildings and configurations. Some of the apartments available in Lahore also provide the furnished facility. No matter if you’re looking for an elegantly created studio or an exquisite loft, A furnished apartment can be a fantastic method to cut down on the cost of moving (now and shortly).


A garden apartment is an underground apartment with an access point to the patio or garden space. Based on the layout of the building, it may be a studio or a 2-bedroom or any other type of. Garden apartments are usually located in low-rise structures.


A walkup is an apartment accessible by stairs (rather than an elevator). You may live in a walkup on the second or fifth floors. Many high-rise buildings are equipped with elevators, and walk-ups are typically located in low- or mid-rise structures.

Which Types Of Apartments Are The Best for You?

If you’re planning to move into a rental, you should spend your time researching possibilities to determine what’s most suitable for you.

Go to a few structures and go through the apartments you’re thinking of renting. It’s easy to look at photos of any rental unit you’re considering, but nothing beats experiencing it in person.

You’ll have a far more precise idea of whether the home style you’re looking at will work for you. You don’t wish to be forced to relocate for a while, so taking the time to look over your options can aid you in making a choice that will serve you for a much longer time to be.

The Union Complex Apartments

Union compound Apartments is one of the most sought-after developments that draw potential buyers’ attention due to its prime area. These apartments are based on innovative and unique concepts while providing exceptional living spaces. A high standard of living and the middle of the project will draw people into it. Union Complex Luxury Apartments in Lahore offer a great price shortly for commercial and residential purchasers.

Type of Union Complex Apartments

The luxury lifestyle apartments in Lahore are designed to ensure ease of living for residents. They have the most efficient space layout created by world-renowned architects and reasonable costs for a free lifestyle.


The Perfect Place to Live

Knowing the various apartments and buildings is just the beginning step in locating the perfect apartment. The next step is to be sure to ask the right questions to ensure that you can find an apartment that’s not only the ideal size but also has sufficient lighting, amenities, and access.

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