Union Complex Apartments a Perfect Example of utilising Rooftop for Leisure Activities

Union Complex Apartments a Perfect Example of utilizing Rooftop for Leisure Activities

One of the remarkable advantages of living in a well-planned Luxurious Apartments’ project is to enjoy your life to the fullest in all possible ways. In Europe, USA and other parts of the world where high-rise buildings and luxurious apartments are the prime feature of any city’s landscape, rooftop is used for number of activities. Unfortunately in Pakistan, rooftop is left empty and unattended. The right choice of outdoor facilities can not only benefit the residents but also add value to the property. There are a lot of amenities that can be added to any rooftop and make most of the available space. It will help to create a versatile space to benefit the families living under that roof. There is a lot more residents can do at their rooftop while enjoying the skyline views.

Rooftop at Union Complex Apartments in Lahore

Union Complex Apartments in Lahore is a perfect example, breaking the stereotype and setting a new example. This project is designed by LANDMARK Consultants, truly the finest at what they do. For Union Complex Lahore, they consider implementing the latest developing techniques to turn the huge rooftop into a garden. The expert team AYQ Developers is all geared to use the most innovative techniques to make the roof of all towers interconnected so the residents can enjoy a whole new dimension of leisure life on the rooftop. The vast area covered with grass and beautiful plants so you can relax and enjoy breathtaking views of the city. There are a number of various activities available for the residents on the rooftop, which include:

Children play area

While the parents can walk, enjoy the pleasant rooftop garden and relish the stunning views of the city, children can spend quality time in the play area. The play area is equipped with state-of-the-art climbers, slides, spins, swinging and many more fun filled activities. The main purpose is to make use of the available area and create ample opportunities for quality leisure time, community interactions & engagement and fun-filled physical activities for children of all ages living in these Luxurious Apartments at Union Complex Lahore.

Event area

Lahoris wants to spend quality time in outdoors from October to March after facing hot and humid weather from April to September. They like to dine-out and do their events in outdoor. Usually residents of various apartment projects in Lahore face difficulties to arrange small events in their apartments due to lack of space. But at Union Complex Apartments in Lahore, a rooftop event area has been planned to cater events in a pleasant environment. The stunning views of the city will make your events more memorable. The event area can be used at both day and night times.

Barbeque area

All world knows how much Lahore love food specially BARBECUES!! Since most Luxury Apartments in Lahore don’t have a space to enjoy the barbeque, the only option for them is to eat out or go to their friend’s home to have a plate of mouthwatering tikka boti and juicy kebabs. The rooftop open-air garden barbecue area is the soul of Luxury Union Complex Apartments in Lahore. Mesmerising views and beautiful ambience double the barbeque fun without leaving the community premises. The aim is to benefit the residents the most and make these Luxurious Apartments one of the finest Luxury Apartments in Lahore.

Exercise area

Nothing is better than an outdoor exercise area in Lahore. Though the concept might be new for some it’s surely a wise use of outdoor roof space. The rooftop exercise area at Union Complex Apartments in Lahore is designed for all kinds of fitness enthusiasts. The aim is to promote fitness and cater for all needs of different individuals. Most people find it difficult to travel around the city just to work out and it is also time-consuming. Nothing is more fun than working out at the rooftop of the most Luxury Apartments in Lahore and enjoy the views.

Mini golf course

Mini golf has become highly popular around the world. There are a number of mini-golf tournaments held around the globe every year. The main reason behind all the fame and popularity is, the whole course can fit anywhere in any size you want. This idea was adopted at Union Complex Apartments, Lahore and creating a modern mini-golf course on the rooftop. Lahore is known as the liveliest city and nothing is more exciting than having a mini-golf course at the rooftop of your Luxurious Apartments.

Snooker club

Snooker was firstly known as an English game, but soon it took over the world and become highly popular all over the world. It is one of the most played indoor game which quickly grew beyond imaginations. Being aware of the popularity Union Complex Apartments in Lahore has its own snooker club. They wanted to promote leisure life among families residing at these Luxury Apartments in Lahore. Though commuting in the city is easy, all thanks to the Metro Bus service, but why anywhere go when you can have all the snooker fun at your rooftop.

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