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Understanding Luxurious Apartment Buildings and Their Benefits

If we take a peek inside the past few years of construction, we find that fulfilling just the basic requirements for a building was enough for its residents or occupants to live comfortably and peacefully. Residential buildings are just required to keep their occupants warm or cool depending on the weather, and commercial buildings had to accommodate the staff of the company while also giving easy access to connectivity and ensuring their safety. With time, as lifestyles began to evolve, and technology took over most aspects of life, the idea of the construction of buildings also evolved.

With the coming of smartphones and smart appliances, our lives have become much easier than they were ever before. Now citizens also look for the same ease and comfort in the buildings they occupy. Luckily, luxurious smart buildings are here to save the day. What luxurious smart buildings are? A luxurious smart building combines a building structure with technology turning all the systems of the building smart. Just like how your smartphone adjusts according to your needs, smart buildings can adjust heating, air conditioning, ventilation systems, temperature sensors, compass navigation system for high-speed elevators, access control, and many other things according to your comfort and requirements. Fusing technology with construction can provide better energy utilization and reduce energy consumption costs while providing comfort and modern safety and security management.

Luxurious Smart Building Features:

For now, as luxurious smart buildings is still a new concept, we cannot find any standard definition for them yet, but several significant features distinguish a smart building from any other normal building.

  1. Modern Day Technology in each feature

The first feature that differentiates a smart building from standard buildings is the smart implementation of technology to improve the overall design of the building and considerably enhance the user experience. For example, a smart building can have a security system involving sensors that can keep a count of how many people are occupying the building through a data analysis tool. This allows a smart building to adjust the temperature and lighting accordingly resulting in a considerable amount of cost-saving. The other option is to use energy-efficient material and other installations to reduce the overall carbon footprint while also saving annual costs of power consumption. This is exactly how Union Apartments have been designed. These luxury apartments in Lahore offer their residents modern and up-to-date safety and security management systems and also provide significantly better energy efficiency in comparison to a standard building.


  1. Minimizing Human Intervention

Smart buildings are equipped with state-of-the-art technology that reduces human intervention or dependency in many ways. May it be safety, sanitation, water control, lighting, air conditioning or heating, a smart building can intelligently connect its residents or occupants directly to these systems, thus removing human dependency to control these functions manually. Just by sharing some crucial information digitally with its occupants, a smart building provides a safe and comfortable environment for its residents. This results in a significant cost saving in the long run with increased comfort.


  1. More Attention Towards Health and Environment

When the population growth spiked, buildings began to replace landscapes in their response. Apartments were stacked vertically to make better use of space which now seems precious. But paying too much attention to saving the space from getting wasted, architects and urban planners eventually began neglecting health and environmental concerns that have rose in recent years. Smart buildings brought back the idea of putting the health of its occupants and environment at priority and mixing it with building design. Putting a greater focus on green open spaces, using building materials that are environment friendly, and making more use of renewable energy, is how smart buildings are designed today. Union Complex Apartments in Lahore are designed in such a way that it allows more natural light while taking care of providing green open spaces so that occupants don’t have to worry about health or environment too much.

  1. Necessities Available Just Few Minutes Away

Smart living doesn’t just save energy and provide a good environment, but it comes with a complete package. Smart building is usually located at one of the most prime locations of the city, which means that all the important places inside the city are just a few minutes of drive away. Hospitals, markets, offices, malls, and all other places that you visit often, smart buildings are always planned near them. Union Apartments in Lahore is situated at one of the most bustling residential and commercial city centers, Ferozepur Road. These luxurious lifestyle apartments are just 15 minutes drive away from Kalma Chowk, and also offer Metro Bus Station right at its doorstep. Residents can easily access Ring Road through which they can travel to the airport or motorway without getting stuck in traffic jams inside the city.

Reasons to Invest in Luxurious Apartment Buildings

Living in a luxurious smart building either for residential or commercial requirements can have many benefits.

According to research, if you rely on smart technology and a real-time energy management system, it can help you reduce the annual costs by at least 15%. Here are some more benefits of luxurious smart building infrastructure other than being cost-effective:

  • It offers better comfort and convenience to its occupants because of the connected systems.
  • With modern and state-of-the-art smart security systems, smart buildings offer better safety.
  • It saves time because of high-speed features for many daily chores.
  • Smart buildings have significantly less carbon footprint as compared to standard buildings which prove to be useful commercially.
  • With better water quality, air quality, and overall standard of living, residents can enjoy improved health.
  • Smart buildings can be modified to be friendlier for elderly people and people who are differently-abled.

A Smart Way to Live in Lahore

Union Complex Lahore has brought smart living right into the heart of Lahore. It takes advantage of mixed-use of modern design and green open spaces. Being at a prime location and offering state-of-the-art security systems with the best use of both closed and open spaces, these luxury apartments in Lahore prove to be the most comfortable, convenient, healthy, and smart choice for living in Lahore.

Gateway to ‘glocal’ lifestyle Luxury Apartments in Lahore

Lahore was known to be the city of colleges, years back. Recent developments in the infrastructure of Lahore has encouraged population growth too much extent. Now Lahore has been transformed and considered for much more. Numerous factors can be considered as its reason but the greatest and most prominent is the luxurious lifestyle which people of Lahore are gradually adopting. Luxury apartments in Lahore projects are setting up luxury living standards for people to have a more comfortable life within the budget.

Lahore – transforming more into luxurious lifestyle city along time.

Just visualize the scenario when you just have to move a little bit away and you get all the facilities in one place. In another place consider that you want to reach hospital or at work urgently but your destination is far away than the time left to reach. Which is the best scenario to be in?
Life is becoming pretty much easier with the development of newer housing and apartment’s project. The introduction of Luxury apartments in Lahore and Union Complex is one of the best examples to consider when it comes to easier and convenient living. Its premium location further elates its importance for Lahoris.

Introduction to Glocal Lifestyle

Glocal is a term, developed after a combination of global and local. Lahore is gradually becoming the centre point for local and international people to live in. To bring it to a glocal level different construction companies are playing their roles very well. Luxury living is a globally accepted living standard that is necessary to be implemented in a city like Lahore as well. Construction and real estate agencies of Lahore are bringing in this trend within Lahore as a key factor.
If you are currently living in Lahore for years, you can easily compare and identify how easy is to live in this city now. The reason behind this is the ease of access to schools, colleges, universities, hospitals, restaurants etc. All these facilities are the basic life necessities that Lahore provides to its residents. It becomes more convenient to live in a city like Lahore when it comes to Luxury apartments in Lahore. Gated communities and luxury apartments present in Lahore are serving maximum amenities to make life easier and enjoyable than ever before. The missed gap of lack of amenities has been filled by these gated communities and luxury apartment buildings.
Lahore is a densely populated area and eventually deals with horrendous traffic flow daily. But still, its architecture of roads and placement of gated/luxury apartments will never let you get late from your office or work.
Before going to purchase any property, some of the important things which a person must keep in mind is Location, Lifestyle and Luxury. These 3 are setting a living trend in Lahore to maintain the glocal living standard. For this construction companies are continuous bringing in pragmatically imagined, well-planned projects considering basic and non-basic life needs. Union Complex luxury apartments are on the same way. Quicker access to hospitals, schools, colleges, universities, parks, workplaces etc. has become a factor to consider on priority for gated/luxury apartments. In addition to that, access to shopping malls/centres or playgrounds is a must-have part for these communities in order to make life the easiest possible.
A step towards raising the benchmark for luxury apartments in Lahore has enforced premium property builders to bring a perfect blend of complete luxury facilities with a focused approach. To serve people with good life should be the main aspect of living standards. This worldwide living standard has is now being rapidly implemented in Lahore gated communities and luxury apartments.
Worthy of being enlisted in the list of luxury living shapers, Union Complex is providing a complete luxury living solution being at the best place within Lahore. Situated near Ferozepur Road and connected with major landmarks of Lahore raise its prominence further. Union Complex has become a real game-changer for living standards within Lahore.
With the plethora of travel choices around its location, Union Complex is an ideal project for investors to invest in. Whether it is railway, Highway or Bus service etc. every possibility is available around Union Complex Apartments. The fundamental conveniences along with comfort is an additional gift for the residents of these luxury apartments. All factors in combination will surely enforce you to consider it the most preferable area for living.
The presence of Kalma Chowk, Airport, Motorway, and Metro Bus station near Union Complex improves its importance location wise. Ferozepur Road Lahore is a giant with all types of markets, clubs, religious places, universities, colleges, hospitals etc. This makes it a more ideal place for living.
In the case of glocal external factors as mentioned above matters a lot however this is not all for a luxury living. The factor of safety and amenities available inside the apartment building or gated societies is equally important. When it comes to security, the best place to live is one which is fully secured with a 24/7 watching eye. Union Complex security is fully reliable. Surveillance cameras keep on watching 24/7 and guards are available within building premises.
The use of premium luxury set-up, marvellous stature, and its prime location make Union Complex the best return on investment opportunity. This project itself is a one-of-a-kind project which has now set up a benchmark for luxury living with Lahore keeping glocal living standards under consideration.
Within Lahore city, Union Complex is the only luxury apartment project which has set a luxury living standard and a benchmark for newer projects to be in. For any other luxury apartment project, these standards are now a must. People and investors will surely look deep into these standards if any new luxury apartment project arises within or outside Lahore.
Union Complex has now given people a better idea about glocal luxury living standards. Those who want to experience the best luxurious lifestyle apartment must plan to get one booked right now. 1 bed, 2 bed, 3 bed and studio apartments are available as per the choice of a resident.

Real Estate Industry Reimagined in the Post-COVID Era – Apartments in Lahore

For many years, the fundamentals of real estate, may it be residential or commercial, have almost been the same. The most important factors affecting the value of apartments in Lahore were just the spacious layout, prime location, and affordable price range. Real estate was just meant to provide safe walls and a roof over the head. With the coming COVID-19 pandemic, the real estate sector has faced more disruptions than we can imagine. As more and more companies have now been adapting the work from home policy, people are now turning towards homes that have big spaces, which should be at one of the prime locations of the city and should be able to be used both as living and working space. If you are making up your mind to invest in luxury apartments in Lahore, don’t forget about these trends:

1. WorkSpaces at Homes

While looking for a home, buyers these days usually look for a spacious home that has a dedicated workspace that compliments the trending work from home policy. According to some experts, up to 80% of buyers and 90% of investors would like to have houses that are designed to accommodate the setup for work from home. Although the commercial office spaces will not lose their demand anytime soon, the houses that already possess the setup for work from home are going to stay until the COVID-19 pandemic loses its grip over the world.

2. Owned Offices

Some businesses have a requirement to operate out of an office, which is why the health issues and concerns due to the pandemic have led to a sudden increase in the demand for a separate office space for work. Earlier, there used to be a co-working environment but these days, employers and employees both seek a separate commercial working space to work from. Before the pandemic, offices just focused on productivity and winning the race of talent. Many major companies used to battle over the prime office spaces in the main urban centres of the city. Companies would find solutions through collaboration. Open office designs, co-working, and densification were the main focus. Offices these days have to abide by the strict laws of social distancing and therefore it is preferred to have a separate office space for both employers and the employees.

3. Keeping Offices Close to Homes

As most of the people are now thinking again over their lifestyle and work selections after the pandemic struck, many entrepreneurs are now moving their offices as close to their homes as possible. Commuting to work in the current situation can increase the risk of getting infected by the virus, especially if you have to use public transport. Investing in an apartment which is near the commercial area can prove to be very useful these days. Union Complex seems to be the best choice if you are looking to invest in luxury apartments in Lahore that are at the prime location of Lahore City.

4. Effectiveness of Mixed-Use Property

A closed community is one of the answers to living in this pandemic as it limits the links with outsiders and outside communities thus reducing the risk of the spread of diseases. But it may be very difficult to find a community that is near the bustling city centre. Living at a prime location in the city and having a spacious apartment, however, can solve this problem. Union Complex is located at Ferozepur Road which is one of the most prime locations of Lahore. Commuting to the commercial area becomes easy as Union Complex is only a few minutes of drive away from Kalma Chowk. You will also be able to have spacious luxurious apartments, which allows you to set up a workspace for work from home, while also enjoying all the benefits that Union Complex has to offer.

5. Safe Spaces for Social Interactions

Whether a property is being used for living only or for both work and living, properties must provide its user with open public spaces that are safe, community gathering spots, parks, and playgrounds for children. Because of the pandemic, people have been forced to remain confined to their homes for a long period. As new cities are being developed under the lockdown, people are now craving social interactions and gatherings in safe and open spaces. Communities should now have large green open areas where people can gather while maintaining social distancing. Union Complex offers its residents a number of safe open spaces to interact and conduct events while ensuring the social distancing protocols. It also provides a play area for children where they can spend their energy, learn, and grow both mentally and physically.

6. Technology becoming Modern-day Necessity

Good telecommunication connectivity, easily accessible internet services, and effective cloud computing has been a need for consumers even before the pandemic, but it has never been this important. Nowadays, having access to these services can help convert any living space to a workspace. Employees now have to work from home and meet all the deadlines while completing their work responsibilities. Which makes all this modern-day technology now compulsory for any apartment or home. People have been actively and effectively adopting technology such as video conferencing and other forms of digital communication.

Real Estate Industry Reimagined in the Post-COVID Era
Real Estate Industry Reimagined in the Post-COVID Era


This world is slowly adapting to the new lifestyle that was developed with the coming of the pandemic. Because of that, the real estate industry is being reimagined with a lot of effective changes that can help us keep the communities and their residents safe from this COVID-19 pandemic. As the new work from home policy is being implemented, apartments in Lahore are now being redesigned to offer built-in workspaces. Communities are now planned with open spaces for gatherings, and homes tend to be near the commercial area so that the commuting time can be reduced as much as possible. Living in the post-pandemic world can be a lot easier if you make a smart choice when investing in the luxurious apartments in Lahore.

Why Ferozepur Road has an unfair location advantage?

Present in the epicentre of the city, Ferozepur Road holds great prominence for the economy of Lahore. This road is a great benefit for the people living around it. Numerous hospitals, schools, LDA approved housing projects, markets and many more are available around it. Stretched 66 Km from Gajjumata to Mozang Chungi this road provides a great opportunity for transportation. In short, we can consider it as a central hub for effortless transference.

Ten key reasons are mentioned below which will surely prove its worth for the city of Lahore, its surroundings, and how it is enjoys a location advantage.

Jugular Vein of the city

Ferozepur Road provides the most convenient and effortless way to crossover the city. Key transportation continues through this road. Major traffic blocks and mess has been observed in the past few years when the road got blocked due to some governmental and provincial issues. Keeping the factor in mind The Government of Punjab took the initiative of providing Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) service to people around. Metro Bus – A well-known project by Punjab Government, has made it possible for more than 2 hundred thousand people in a day to travel conveniently to their destinations.

Moreover, areas around this road are benefited from the electricity supply provided by LESCO. In case of electricity breakdown or shortfall, UPS or other power supply dealers are easily available on Ferozpur road from where equipment can be purchased at very reasonable prices.

Ease of access to basic life facilities

Schools, colleges, universities, and other educational institutes are connected to or are present near Ferozepur Road. A person who would desire to enjoy a luxurious lifestyle being in Lahore must find a connection to this road. Mentioned below are some of the recognized institutes of Lahore present on Ferozepur Road Lahore.

  • American Lyceum International School (ALIS)
  • Bright Hall School
  • AADS
  • Boys Model Primary School and High School
  • Allied School
  • CIMS
  • The Spirit School
  • The Savvy School
  • Minhaj Girls Degree College
  • Virtual University of Pakistan
  • The STEM School
  • Christian Young Scholar High School
  • Medical College

And more…

Ease of Access to Hospitals

The place which is near to Government or Private verified hospitals is perfect to live. For safe and secure living for people around Ferozepur Road Lahore, numerous hospitals have been built. A list of major hospitals is available below:

  • Gulab Devi Hospital
  • Children Hospital
  • Lahore General Hospital
  • Zia Hospital and Maternity Complex
  • WAPDA Teaching Hospital Complex
  • Lahore Care Hospital
  • ALAM Hospital

And more…

Ease of Access to Markets

To make daily routine easier, markets should also be nearby. Ferozepur Road Lahore is not behind any other road in providing the best markets of Lahore. Major markets that are connected to Ferozepur road Lahore includes:

  • Ichra Market
  • Electronics Market
  • Qainchi Bazar
  • Jewellery Market
  • Malls
  • Shopping centers
  • Hardware Market
  • Sanitary Market

And more…

Ease of Access to Religious places

A huge number of mosques, temples, and churches are present right on Ferozepur road Lahore to facilitate Muslims and non-Muslims ’ religious practices. A list of some of the prominent churches, temples, and mosques is mentioned below:


  • Lahore General Hospital Masjid
  • Ibrahim Masjid Tableeghi Markaz
  • Jamia Masjid
  • PEL Mosque
  • Burhan Masjid


  • Good Samaritan Church of Pakistan
  • Bethany Church Yuhanabad
  • Pentecostal Church Lahore
  • New Apostolic Church of Pakistan
  • Revival Church of Pakistan

And more…


  • Old Basuli Hanuman Temple
  • Madir Behrustan
  • Shri Krishna Mandir
  • Rattan Chand Mandir
  • Sitla Temple

And more…

Ease of Access to Banks

A huge list of Banks and ATMs are available on Ferozepur road Lahore including Bank Alfalah, HBL, UBL, Faysal Bank, National Bank of Pakistan, etc.  Nowadays banks are equally important to be near to your living place as supermarkets or hospitals. The desire for near banks increases further if a person prefers luxury living.

Ease of Access to Societies and properties

Due to its placement, Ferozepur Road, Lahore is a great benefit for property owners because the rates of properties here are higher than that of far away from it. Properties for Sale or properties for rent are easily available through trusted property dealers whose offices are present right on the Ferozepur road. If you want to go for a luxurious living then luxury apartments can be the best choice. Some of the main housing projects or societies present here are Union Complex, Palm City, Paradise Apartments, Madni Garden Housing Scheme, etc.

Ease of Access to Restaurants and Bakeries and Miscellaneous places

This long jugular vein of Lahore provides a wide range of premium bakeries and halal food restaurants so that people living there can enjoy their lifestyle as they want. In addition, public parks, spas, cinemas, and sports complexes are also available on this road. With just a few minute’s drive, people can reach their destinations without hassle.

Means of transportation are extremely convenient on Ferozepur road. Pedestrians can easily get a Rickshaw or any bus service which they want. They can either sit or wait at bus stops for someone to pick them.

Ease of Access to developed areas of Lahore

Ferozepur’s connection to densely populated and developed areas like DHA, model town, and Gulberg also holds great importance. People living in these areas are benefited because of the transportation facility which this road provides.

Ease of Access to Highways, Railway and Airport

Ferozepur road is connected to main highways like Ring Road, Motorway, and Airport Road. The motorway is the main highway that interconnects the cities of Pakistan including the Northern areas. Apart from Airport and highways, Ferozepur also provides easy access to railway stations that connects right to the Ferozepur road Lahore. These include Kot Lakhpat Railway Station, Kahna Railway Station, etc.

Ferozepur Road Lahore has an unfair location advantage over all other roads because of the above-mentioned benefits. Considering its importance, construction companies mostly find places to construct housing societies and apartments near this road. Societies near Ferozepur Road Lahore are considered the best investment opportunity because of their golden location and ease of access to major places in Lahore.

Union Complex and Its Nearby Landmarks

Lahore, being the second biggest city of Pakistan and 16th in the world as the most crowded city, is blessed with architectural beauty and modern development projects. Not many cities of the world can show you past and present together like Lahore. Union Complex exists right at the heart of this city making any part of Lahore easily accessible to its residents.
Union Complex, a project by AYQ Developers (PVT.) Limited, is a well-planned luxury apartment project providing all facilities for a luxurious lifestyle. Located in the heart of Lahore, it is the ideal location for luxury living because of its nearby landmarks that not only have structural beauty but also hold immense importance. Investing in such a prime location will surely prove to be worth it if you are considering either living or investing. Whether you want to travel by bus or car, the main roads and Metro Bus Service available nearby will save you time.
Some of the most major and important landmarks of Lahore are present just near Union Complex and can be easily accessed by its residents through a few minutes drive. Each landmark has its significance.

Main Ferozepur Road
Ferozepur road plays a major role when it comes to the economy of Lahore, which is why it holds so much importance. It is also known as Lahore-Kasur Road and connects Lahore to a city named Ferozepur in India. The other end of the road is connected to Kasur which is a city just south of Lahore. This great asphalt ribbon not only provides enough space for cars and bikes but also provide space for heavy vehicles travel. This road is considered best for the economy of Lahore because of the ease of transportation and availability of resources around.
Ferozepur Road connects you to Arfa Technology Park, major hospitals, and markets of clothes and food. This road has been maintained by the Government of Punjab at the provincial level considering how important it is. Union Complex is also present at Ferozepur Road, granting you access to all the amenities connected by this road.

Kalma Chowk
Kalma Chowk holds its importance as one of the most bustling areas of Lahore. Chowk is an Urdu word used for a roundabout. Kalma Chowk connects major markets, societies and roads to Ferozepur Road. Some of the most densely populated areas of Lahore such as Garden Town and Gulberg are also connected to Kalma Chowk. Recently due to busy traffic, a flyover named Kalma Flyover has been constructed to normalize the traffic flow as it can accommodate more traffic than before without any obstruction. Union Complex is just 15 minutes drive from Kalma Chowk making it easily accessible through Ferozepur Road. It also means that you get saved from getting stuck for hours in traffic jams to reach one of the busiest areas of Lahore.

Lahore Airport
Most people who prefer luxury apartments usually make international trips. Keeping this in mind Union Complex was planned to build a place which is at 20 minutes distance from Airport. Hassle-free and time-saving drive to the airport will surely be beneficial for people living in Union Complex. Straight wide carpeted roads are connected to make the journey easier.

Metro Bus Service
Metro Bus Service is one of the greatest projects introduced in Pakistan. Thousands of people around Lahore commute to their workplaces, colleges, and schools easily through this service. As travelling and commuting are getting expensive these days, Metro Bus Service is by far the most convenient way to travel in Lahore when it comes to expenses. It covers from Shahdara to Gajjumata and its stations are available throughout this route. Union Complex is located near Metro Bus Station no 25 which provides its residents with a huge benefit in commuting through the city.

Ring Road
Encircling the boundaries of Lahore, Ring Road is the most convenient, easiest, and fastest way to travel through vehicles. This road connects the major societies and important roads of Lahore such as DHA, Sui Gas Society, Airport, Ghazi Road, Ferozepur Road and many other significant areas of Lahore. It is extended to about 85 Kilometers and also connects Motorway M-2 and M-11. Only fast-moving vehicles are allowed including cars and bikes. Pedestrians, cycles, animal-driven carriages and other slow-moving vehicles are not allowed. Allowing a speed limit of 100 -120 km/hr, this road is ideal for people living at Union Complex to travel without hassle.

Defense Housing Authority (DHA) is spread within ideal locations of Lahore. Maximum hospitals, schools and offices are available within DHA. Living in DHA or even in its surrounding is automatically a benefit because of the availability of all necessities of life. DHA is considered the centre hub of Lahore with proper living facilities. DHA is just a 10-minutes’ drive from Union Complex. This means that residents of Union complex luxury apartments can get a huge advantage from this factor.

The Motorway is one of the major sources of transportation that connects cities at the national level in Pakistan. Built in 1997 and maintained till now, this wide road stretches to 3,741 Kilometers, connecting major and minor cities of Pakistan including northern areas as well. Motorway also provides the facility of patrolling cars which ensure security and help people who may get stuck on the road due to any misfortune. From Union Complex you can access the Motorway easily through the Lahore Ring Road. All landmarks are interconnected and make the Union Complex location ideal for investment and living.

Any area is recognized by its landmarks. The landmarks near Union Complex are not just iconic structures that are easily recognizable but also hold a unique significance of their own. They are also connected one way or another. If you are planning to invest in luxury apartments then Union Complex is the best choice considering all the facilities and amenities provided by Union Complex.


The importance of open spaces was undoubtedly forgotten in the recent past. People were more concerned about how much covered space homes have and ignored the open spaces regardless of their significance. Until recently, opens slots have become an essential element in any residential structure. Union Complex saw this coming and took care of every possible aspect to make its residents’ lives as comfortable, healthy, and convenient as possible.
With cities facing environmental challenges, the need for open spaces in residential buildings rose sharply. Most of the gated communities develop their available rooms to be visually appealing and offer amusing facilities. The open spaces in such societies are usually Jogging tracks, parks and play areas for children, indoor and outdoor courts for sports, and beautifully landscaped gardens. Green open spaces are visually pleasing and add a relaxing effect for the eyes and mind.
It is human nature to get drawn towards comforts and large spaces as it produces a sense of openness, somewhat symbolizes a luxurious lifestyle and shows off wealth. Now let us get on to the significant factors why open spaces have gained such importance in residential buildings.

Play Area for Children
Children don’t care about the expensive furniture and decorations of the home. They need a place to play, and if they cannot find one, they will make the entire house their playground. Union Complex Luxurious Lifestyle Apartments know how important it is for children to develop physically and emotionally. Therefore a Children’s Play Area is created separately. Children can have a world of their own without you having to fear about their security or them breaking your expensive decorative items. They will be able to run around freely, engaging themselves in healthy activities.
Just as how important it is that a house must not be cluttered. Otherwise, it brings chaos to your lifestyle. Having a play area for children is equally important.

Engaging in fitness activities
Lush green gardens, outdoor courts for sports, jogging tracks, play areas all offer many health benefits and helps you engage in fitness activities. When looking for an apartment, always look for a place near such facilities that can encourage good health. Usually, when green parks and jogging tracks are nearby, it attracts you to indulge in physical activities. Union Complex offers its residents a well-equipped exercise area and attractive green landscape to keep you interested in maintaining your health. Green open spaces not only help you relax but also keep you active and healthy in this hustling and bustling life.
Of course, if a house has a sofa and chair at every 3 feet distance, it can only encourage resting and sleeping. Therefore, having open spaces for fitness activities earns an essential position in the must-have list of facilities when buying a property for sale in Lahore.

Better Social Interaction
Since our lives have become very busy following the same routine every day and spending most of the day at work, many people have a desire to live in communities where they can have healthy social interactions to take their mind off from the stress of work so that they can spend some relaxing time. They need an environment where they can indulge in healthy conversations and enjoy the gatherings. Fortunately, Union Complex takes care of the desires of its residents and offers them opportunities to interact with fellow residents and enjoy the crowds. Union complex has a beautifully designed open-air Barbeque area, an executive lounge, and an event area that meets all the modern-day requirements.
A community needs to promote communications between its residents, and what better way can there be to provide open spaces for its residents to enjoy gatherings and have healthy conversations after a long day at work.

Clean air to breathe.
With pollution becoming a bigger and bigger problem each day, we cannot just ignore how important it is getting to have green open spaces where we can breathe fresh air. Therefore communities usually have open spaces with trees and plants to provide shade, improve the air quality, and reduce noise pollution. Green areas generally create a very soothing effect, unlike colossal steel and glass or concrete structures you see all around you in the city, which continues to raise the average temperature. Green open spaces make the surroundings cooler and make the air more breathable and relaxing.
Planting trees and plants and having more open green spaces is the only way to fight the current smog situation we face in bigger cities like Lahore.

Entertainment activities
As attractive as open spaces appear, they can also be used for entertainment. Union Complex has a Mini-Golf Course and Snooker Club, which serves as great entertainment and social interaction with fellow residents. Entertainment is an essential part of life, and if it can be done in open spaces, it proves to be a lot healthier and generates social communication, which is necessary for any community.
Also, if open spaces are nearby, people will likely engage in activities like gardening or taking their pets to walk. Animals enjoy running around in open space areas.

Open spaces are no doubt one of the essential elements of residential structures. Open spaces improve the quality of life of any community, giving it a livelier look in this jungle of concrete structures. Open green spaces improve the air quality and make the surrounding temperature cooler, and reduce noise pollution. They also encourage people to indulge in healthy physical activities such as walking, running, yoga, and other forms of exercise and sports activities. Other than that, open spaces also invite people to interact and make their communications better. Moreover, they also give a comforting effect to the area easing the eyes, mind, and body. When you are looking for a property for sale in Lahore, keep in mind the Open Space Ratio to better understand.

The Latest Trend In Luxury Lifestyle Apartments in Lahore

In Past few years, visible developments came under notice in Lahore. Where locals in Lahore struggled to get their own home, now they are more focused on a luxury lifestyle while being in this city. Change is due to the convenience of jobs, hospitals and other life necessities provided by Lahore to its people. In this article, we will mention the latest trend in luxury lifestyle apartments in Lahore.
Population growth in Lahore from 2000 to 2021 has been raised drastically from 5 million to 13 million (current population). Keeping this trend of population growth in mind many new housings and building projects came into existence based on the concept of vertical extension. Union Complex is another name based on the same concepts but providing extra mile luxury living for its apartment owners.
People nowadays more attracted to luxurious living which is the main reason for such apartment projects to be in trend. This is due to a change in people’s thinking and a need for a better lifestyle. Some of the things which are trending more in luxurious lifestyles are elaborated with reasons below:
Car parking
Due to raised living expense nowadays in Lahore, most people prefer 3 Marla or 5 Marla homes for their living. These homes have too little or no space for car parking. Lahore is 2nd largest city in Pakistan with longer routes to offices or hospitals. To keep a car has become a must-have thing if one wants to live a peaceful life in Lahore. Otherwise, taking a bus or any other transport becomes more expensive than a car in case of time and money. For car owners, the biggest thing is to consider is a proper car parking facility with security. Luxury apartments in Lahore are providing this facility along with security for apartment owners.
Swimming pool
Another trending activity is swimming which surely comes under the category of luxurious living. Construction and maintenance of a swimming pool is not an easy thing. No house owner would prefer this monthly expense while living in Lahore. However, if it is available for free then no one will refrain own self from using it. This is another big reason why a luxurious lifestyle apartment is considered more than owning a house. Luxury apartments in Lahore are not only providing swimming pool service but maintaining it for you on regular basis as well.
Daycare centre
Living in Lahore is not an easy thing when it comes to expenses. Everyone at home should earn if they need a peaceful life. For women, earning becomes a challenge if they have to take care of their kids the whole day along with their job. Considering women’s ease, luxury apartments provide the facility of Daycare for those women who can easily leave their kids there and focus more on their jobs or home. Daycare does not only support kids but make them learn new things as well. In short, the child gets a proper learning-based playful environment.
24/7 security
A person feels secure when they know they are being watched by 24/7 strong security. This security factor not only makes them feel relaxed but makes them able to focus more on their jobs, responsibilities, or homely matters as well. Being secure is one of the necessities of life and luxury apartments keep security factor on priority for all apartment owners and professionals serving within those luxury apartments. Union Complex luxury lifestyle apartments in Lahore is providing the same level of security with guards and surveillance cameras to keep everyone secure and carefree.
24/7 maintenance staff
When we use our house or apartment for a reliable living then we need maintenance as well to keep that level of reliability and relaxation keep going. However, the maintenance of homes is far more expensive and time-consuming as compared to an apartment. This is because luxury apartments provide 24/7 maintenance staffs service which reduces the hassle of finding, calling and time consumption. The service staff which building holders provide can be considered reliable as well because that is their in-house team. This service is also encouraging the flow of the population from homes to luxury apartments as less care and responsibility will be from the person’s end.
Lift Service
It is obvious to say that lift service is normally not available in homes whether homes are listed in the luxurious category or not. Lift is the most convenient and fast way to move up and down the floor within few minutes. Here you can surely say that stairs are healthier than using the lift in daily routine. However, think of times when someone is not in good health, in a hurry or handicapped. What will they do? In this situation, lift service becomes the most convenient way and only option to use. Luxury apartments like the Union complex provide this service as well. Therefore, no need to panic if you’re in a hurry.
Fitness is an important part of life. Not every home is enough spacious that one can keep gym equipment at home. Very few people are fond of keeping gym machinery at home for their fitness if they have space. The luxury apartment provides a proper gymnasium as well. Union complex is also providing a spacious gym area to apartment holders. Machines available in the gym are being maintained regularly so that people do not face any inconvenience while using the machines.
The above mentioned are some of the services which have changed the way people think about lifestyle. Especially people living in Lahore are getting more and more accustomed to these luxurious facilities and those who cannot enjoy them are heading towards the luxury lifestyle apartments in Lahore.
Union complex located in the heart of Lahore is providing all these facilities to make life easier and enjoyable. Apartments here are available at an extremely reasonable price. Studio, 1-bed, 2-bed and 3-bed apartments are available for individuals or families. Moreover, Union Complex is also providing a facility to earn rental income on investment which will be paid quarterly.

10 Things about Luxurious Lifestyle Apartments You Have To Experience It Yourself

Whenever you hear about luxurious lifestyle apartments, the first thing that comes to your mind is the beautiful contemporary architecture and comfort at its best along with all the modern equipment. However, luxury apartments have much more than just that to offer. Here are 10 things about luxurious apartments you should experience yourself.
Luxurious apartments are commonly found at one of the best and central locations of the city giving you access to almost every service possible. You will most probably find all your favourite restaurants, shopping centres, and entertainment not more than just 20-30 minutes of drive away. Living close to places that you visit often such as grocery stores could save you a lot of time, and fuel. Union complex is located at Main Ferozepur Road, just 15 minutes of drive away from Kalma Chowk and just 20 minutes away from the Airport. If you think this could get any better? It also has the Metro bus station right at the doorstep.
Moving into luxurious apartments, the first thing you are going to notice is how well planned and well-executed each room and each facility is. Both the interior and exterior are well taken care of by professional architects. You’ll find amazing landscaping, quick and efficient services, and well functional facilities at Union Complex. It is not just about luxury, it is about effectiveness and convenience, making you comfortable in every way possible. The apartments also have balconies that offer a spectacular view of Lahore City, thus making the living experience much more pleasing. Also, balconies offer a view of lush green open space that Union Complex has to offer so that residents are treated with a refreshing and relaxing serene view every day.
Well-designed Bathroom and Kitchens
In luxurious apartments, everything is designed by keeping in mind that it has to look lavish and comfortable. This is why even the bathrooms in the luxurious apartments feel like spas with big bathtubs, relaxing lighting, and stylish design. As for the kitchen, at Union complex, you get every facility that a professional chef could dream of, enabling you to cook gourmet level cuisines. Union complex provides the best luxurious bathrooms as well which will ensure that you’ve invested right.
Fitness Centers
You may also find this service in some of the apartment communities but they don’t always have the best and complete equipment. Luxurious lifestyle apartments however spend a decent amount of money to make their fitness centres as complete as possible, providing all the necessary machines and weights for the best workouts. Apart from the well-equipped gyms, some fitness centres also offer classes on Yoga and Kickboxing. For its residents, Union Complex provide all these facilities so that residents can enjoy their life to the utmost.
Parking Space
One of the best things about living in a luxurious lifestyle apartment is that you will never have to worry about car parking ever again. Luxurious apartments always come with spacious and covered car parking so it saves you the effort and time of fitting and parking your car in a small garage. This convenience is probably one of the reasons why people switch from houses to luxury apartments as they find it to be a better value for money.
Union Complex possesses a proper and well-managed security system along with surveillance cameras. This is also considered as one of the must-have luxuries. The well-being of the residents is the top priority at Union Complex, therefore surveillance cameras are active 24/7 and entrance gates have security staff that only allows entry of residents without any requirement to provide any knowledge to staff. Although it may not always be 100% effective, it is close enough to prevent your vehicle from theft. Although most people living in the gated communities are not saving a lot of money from the security point of view, at luxurious apartments, you won’t be losing any money either.
Swimming Pool
Always having to maintain and clean up your swimming pool could be time consuming and expensive. Luxurious apartments come with a large resort-like swimming pool where you can have a refreshing dive whenever you want.
Jamia Masjid
When taking care of so many things, how can Union Complex forget to give you one of the most basic needs of your daily life, the Jamia Masjid? Union complex offers its residents a Jamia Masjid that is air-conditioned and has enough space to accommodate a good amount of worshippers.
Fresh Air and Cleaner Environment
In the times like these when air quality is a huge concern and people are not willing to sacrifice their health, the Union complex is away from the bustling city centre offering fresh air to breathe. Only a few minutes of drive away from prime locations of Lahore. The architecture and location of Union Complex make it stand out of all. It provides the healthiest environment which a person deserves while being in a city like Lahore.
Opportunities to Socialize
It won’t be wrong to say that most of us don’t know our neighbours. We tend to close ourselves inside our homes and won’t come out until need be. Union Complex however fills this gap by offering opportunities to socialize and make friends. With lavish reception and comfortable executive lounge, you can relax from your daily routine work and have interesting chats and develop connections with your neighbours.
When the name says luxurious lifestyle apartments, then it must live up to its name. Luxury does not mean that it only has lavish design and expensive furniture, but it means that it provides you comfort in every way possible. In the long run, a luxurious apartment might even save you money as you won’t have to spend money on maintenance of your apartment or drive miles away just to buy grocery. It packs every possible convenience and provides its residents with every facility they can only dream of in an independent house.

10 Things to consider before purchasing Property and Apartments In Lahore

If you want to invest in any type of property like a house or apartment and are not sure from where to start, make sure you read this article. You may see many banners around the city saying “Property for Sale in Lahore” but finding the right property is the most important thing. Mentioned below are the 10 most important things that must be considered before purchasing any property in Lahore.

Find the reliable estate agents

Even with all this advanced technology and information at our fingertips, buying a property is never like a walk in the park. Never do it alone. Talk to the estate agents in the area where you are looking to invest. Take your time and do all the research you can to find the most reliable estate agent. An estate agent is one of the key factors in purchasing the property in Lahore as they can give you better insights into investments and could answer any questions that you have.

Find out more about the neighbourhood

If you want to get settled in Lahore, finding the best neighbourhood that suits your needs is very important. Location is the most important key factor. Choose the right community. Talk to the people around that area to make sure the neighbourhood fits your requirements.

Look at other options before you decide

Another important factor in purchasing the best property in Lahore is to always look for more options. Never go with the first property you like. You may be missing out on a better deal just a few properties. Look for at least three or four properties or apartment projects before you decide which one you are going to buy. If you still prefer the first even after seeing all the options, then go for it.

Inspect the property thoroughly

Always keep your mind and eyes open when you look at the property, because the sellers sometimes hide some crucial information that must be in your knowledge before you buy a property for sale in Lahore. Don’t just look at the façade but also inspect the condition of bricks, mortar, wiring, plumbing, etc. Making a reasonable offer depends a lot on how much you know about the property. There could be some maintenance required to which you should direct the seller’s attention to get the best value for money.

Put your needs before your wants

When buying a house or a luxury apartment, it is very important to keep your requirements in mind and do not get carried away by the gorgeous look of the house or the apartment projects. The house may have a fascinating interior but it may not have enough bedrooms or space to accommodate your furniture. Similarly, apartments may have good facilities and but not good locations. Try to focus more on the area and floor plan of the purchasing Property.

Know what you can afford

It is important to always keep in mind what you can afford and what you can’t. This will help you narrow down the research you are putting together in finding the best property for you. Knowing your affordability will help you make the best offer without jumping outside your comfort zone and you’ll be able to make the necessary payments easily should the deal be cracked.

Don’t be extravagant

Sometimes when you fall in love with a property, you try all possible means to gain it. Try your best to avoid this and find a property that gives you the best value for money. The best way to avoid this situation is to do thorough market research and comparing other properties of the same price with the one that you chose. Look for the pros and cons of each property before making a final offer.

Most expensive is not always the best

Even if you are easy with letting the money flow, never go for the most expensive house or an apartment in the area. It may have the best looks and comfort but you will have trouble selling it later on from the investment return point of view. In short, it will be difficult to sell it for a better price.

Unexpected issues

It does not matter how well planned or well organized a deal may be but there is always a scope of unpredicted issues that creep in without your knowledge. If you don’t have enough experience to tackle them yourself, always ask for advice from the estate agent as they will be able to provide a solution easily without you have to worry about it.

Think again before you sign

The Offer to Purchase (OTP) document is an agreement of sale and it can be a lengthy document. It mentions all the terms & conditions, and obligations, and rights of both buyer and seller. It is necessary to read all of it carefully as it is a legally binding document. If you have any questions or any uncertainties about the terms, you should get the service of a conveyancing attorney. They’ll be able to translate all the crucial details of the contract.

Once signed, the buyer and seller are legally bound by the terms of the contract and are liable to fulfill all their responsibilities. If any of the parties fail to hold fast to the terms of the contract or try to cancel it without any legal cause, the other party can declare it as breaching the terms. They can then either ask the law to enforce the party, which violated the terms, to abide by the OTP or claim the damages caused by breaking the contract.


Investing in the property can likely cost you your life savings as money doesn’t grow on trees. You spend quite a big part of your life-saving money so it is natural that you take all the careful steps before investing it. To sum it all up, never do it alone, always look for advice from reputable estate agents. Do market research and look at more options before buying a property for sale in Lahore. Think twice before finally signing the contract.


In a world full of hassle, people find it hard to fulfill their requirements even they have resources available. Searching and purchasing a luxury apartment is a hectic job in Lahore and can be stressful too. It becomes much easier when you have the right guidance available. Here we discuss lavishing items to include in a luxury apartment to get captivated.

Lahore has always been a busy place, but tourists visit to show love and get captivated with its mesmerizing sight. Frequent travelers do not know that they can purchase a top-tier luxury apartment at a low cost. You can find luxury apartments but finding an apartment with a perfect location and all the facilities is not an easy task. You would have to go a little far with your searches to find a luxury apartment. That is why AYQ Developers has launched the Union Complex luxury apartments in Lahore. People have a hard time believing in words. So, if you are one of those who do not hear, go live, and you will be amazed.

Union Complex lets you live a luxurious lifestyle. Living in Union Complex Lahore gives you a lifestyle that you have always wanted. Who does not? If multimillionaires can have a gym in his/her house, then you can have it as well. Suppose they can throw parties, then why not you as Union Complex Lahore provides you an event area where you can be a party-giver as well. See, it is not hard. All you need to do is book an apartment in Union Complex and live a lavish life.

After buying a luxury apartment at Union complex, you can design and uplift it the way you want it to be. People love to make changes to their house by renovating it or change a few things here and there. Down below is the list of things that people can change after buying luxury apartments.

Lavishing items to include in a luxury apartment:

Mirror wall

 Mirror, mirror on the wall. Who is the fairest of all? Everyone has recited it once in their lifetime. You do not need to have that name to be snow-white, just a mirror. Whenever you look at a mirror, you will see yourself as one and, that is why mirror walls are a must when it comes to decor. Apart from that, mirrors enhance the beauty of your rooms. They highlight your other decorations, making them stand out.

Matching sets for the little things

Matching furniture sets idea goes against interior designers. Cross that idea off your mind but, there is nothing wrong with buying matching sets for little things. It just brings out the beauty and gives you homely feelings. Some people get attached to the apartment they live in, decorating it as if it is a house that they build. Living in a luxurious lifestyle apartment does not mean having a massive amount of money but adding little things to your apartment, making it livelier.

Go wild with pillows.

Adding pillows to your apartment makes it more cozy and lovely. You can add throw pillows in your bedrooms and living rooms according to the color of your decor. Throw pillow adds softness, depth, and color, making it bring luxury to your apartment. Union Complex luxury apartments in Lahore do not only let you stay but make you realize that living in an apartment can be the most beautiful experience of your life.

Flowers use for Lavishing items

People will not understand how adding flowers to your living room will make you live a lavishing life. To live a lavish life, one should spoil themselves with love. Imagine living in a Union Complex luxury apartment and having a banquet of flowers early in the morning. Isn’t it breathtaking? You live a luxurious lifestyle only when you find happiness in the smallest of things.

Add curtains for Lavishing items

We have all seen in movies where the main character opens the most boogie curtains first thing in the morning and gets hit by sunlight. So, why don’t you add curtains to your luxury apartment to live a luxurious lifestyle?

Bring creativity.

Union Complex luxury apartments in Lahore provide you a spacious house. You no longer need to worry about leaving your luggage before shifting into an apartment. Having much space means that you can add luxurious items to make your apartment homely. You can decorate it however you want, and there will be no one-stop you from making your dream into a reality.


Union Complex apartments are not just an apartment, but it is a home for people who want to settle. Union Complex provides you all the amenities and services that will lead you to a luxurious lifestyle. If you have always been a fan of swimming pools, then they give you one. Union Complex Lahore makes your living secure by providing you security with guards to watch over you while you are sound asleep. You do not have to wait in line to get your car washed because we provide you that service. All the mothers out there who work will not have to worry about their children because we have a children’s play area and a daycare center specifically to take good care of them. To make you happy and fulfill all of your needs is a priority of Union Complex Lahore. Live a luxurious lifestyle in Union Complex Luxury apartments in Lahore without having to worry.