The Latest Trend In Luxury Lifestyle Apartments in Lahore

apartments in Lahore

In Past few years, visible developments came under notice in Lahore. Where locals in Lahore struggled to get their own home, now they are more focused on a luxury lifestyle while being in this city. Change is due to the convenience of jobs, hospitals and other life necessities provided by Lahore to its people. In this article, we will mention the latest trend in luxury lifestyle apartments in Lahore.

Population growth in Lahore from 2000 to 2021 has been raised drastically from 5 million to 13 million (current population). Keeping this trend of population growth in mind many new housings and building projects came into existence based on the concept of vertical extension. Union Complex is another name based on the same concepts but providing extra mile luxury living for its apartment owners.

People nowadays more attracted to luxurious living which is the main reason for such apartment projects to be in trend. This is due to a change in people’s thinking and a need for a better lifestyle. Some of the things which are trending more in luxurious lifestyles are elaborated with reasons below:

Car parking

Due to raised living expense nowadays in Lahore, most people prefer 3 Marla or 5 Marla homes for their living. These homes have too little or no space for car parking. Lahore is 2nd largest city in Pakistan with longer routes to offices or hospitals. To keep a car has become a must-have thing if one wants to live a peaceful life in Lahore. Otherwise, taking a bus or any other transport becomes more expensive than a car in case of time and money. For car owners, the biggest thing is to consider is a proper car parking facility with security. Luxury apartments in Lahore are providing this facility along with security for apartment owners.

Swimming pool

Another trending activity is swimming which surely comes under the category of luxurious living. Construction and maintenance of a swimming pool is not an easy thing. No house owner would prefer this monthly expense while living in Lahore. However, if it is available for free then no one will refrain own self from using it. This is another big reason why a luxurious lifestyle apartment is considered more than owning a house. Luxury apartments in Lahore are not only providing swimming pool service but maintaining it for you on regular basis as well.

Daycare centre

Living in Lahore is not an easy thing when it comes to expenses. Everyone at home should earn if they need a peaceful life. For women, earning becomes a challenge if they have to take care of their kids the whole day along with their job. Considering women’s ease, luxury apartments provide the facility of Daycare for those women who can easily leave their kids there and focus more on their jobs or home. Daycare does not only support kids but make them learn new things as well. In short, the child gets a proper learning-based playful environment.

24/7 security

A person feels secure when they know they are being watched by 24/7 strong security. This security factor not only makes them feel relaxed but makes them able to focus more on their jobs, responsibilities, or homely matters as well. Being secure is one of the necessities of life and luxury apartments keep security factor on priority for all apartment owners and professionals serving within those luxury apartments. Union Complex luxury lifestyle apartments in Lahore is providing the same level of security with guards and surveillance cameras to keep everyone secure and carefree.

24/7 maintenance staff

When we use our house or apartment for a reliable living then we need maintenance as well to keep that level of reliability and relaxation keep going. However, the maintenance of homes is far more expensive and time-consuming as compared to an apartment. This is because luxury apartments provide 24/7 maintenance staffs service which reduces the hassle of finding, calling and time consumption. The service staff which building holders provide can be considered reliable as well because that is their in-house team. This service is also encouraging the flow of the population from homes to luxury apartments as less care and responsibility will be from the person’s end.

Lift Service

It is obvious to say that lift service is normally not available in homes whether homes are listed in the luxurious category or not. Lift is the most convenient and fast way to move up and down the floor within few minutes. Here you can surely say that stairs are healthier than using the lift in daily routine. However, think of times when someone is not in good health, in a hurry or handicapped. What will they do? In this situation, lift service becomes the most convenient way and only option to use. Luxury apartments in Lahore like the Union complex provide this service as well. Therefore, no need to panic if you’re in a hurry.


Fitness is an important part of life. Not every home is enough spacious that one can keep gym equipment at home. Very few people are fond of keeping gym machinery at home for their fitness if they have space. The luxury apartment provides a proper gymnasium as well. Union complex is also providing a spacious gym area to apartment holders. Machines available in the gym are being maintained regularly so that people do not face any inconvenience while using the machines.

The above mentioned are some of the services which have changed the way people think about lifestyle. Especially people living in Lahore are getting more and more accustomed to these luxurious facilities and those who cannot enjoy them are heading towards the luxury lifestyle apartments in Lahore.

Union complex located in the heart of Lahore is providing all these facilities to make life easier and enjoyable. Apartments here are available at an extremely reasonable price. Studio, 1-bed, 2-bed and 3-bed apartments are available for individuals or families. Moreover, Union Complex is also providing a facility to earn rental income on investment which will be paid quarterly.

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