Luxury Apartments In Lahore – Expectation VS Reality

Luxury Apartments in Lahore have become one of the most preferred forms of accommodation in this day and age. Despite all the facilities and comforts provided by luxury apartments in Lahore, buyers are still concerned about whether these apartments provide what they claim to provide.

Higher Cost of Living

Most of the luxury apartments claim that they provide more services than other apartments. They also claim to be cost-effective and that they should be the primary choice. Most luxurious apartments offer many services and amenities that are available to all their residents regardless of the size of the apartment they choose.

But many people said that the cost was high only due to the services provided by the building and these services were not available to everyone living in the building. Many of the amenities were not up to the standards or up to expectations. Some people preferred hotel rooms over luxurious apartments.

Luckily, at Union Complex, you don’t have to worry about comfort or services. It offers some of the best and state-of-the-art services regardless of the size of your apartment. Union Complex offers a swimming pool, gym, play area for children, mosque, events area, covered car parking, and even a barbeque area. All the amenities are available to all the people at all times.

Comforts Just Like Home

Many luxury apartments in Lahore claim to provide the best comfort. They often claim that the apartments will have a separate living room as well as connections for entertainment consoles such as TVs, telephones, Wi-fi, etc.

But actually, most people complain that they couldn’t get any connection to the telephone and they always had to walk to the reception table for that. Wi-fi services were also quite poor or, in some cases, not available at all. TVs usually showed only two or three channels that the residents had no interest in and to watch more channels, they had to pay the extra cost which was more than some luxurious hotel rooms. Residents had to face utter disappointment and said that they had to rely on their laptops for entertainment.

Thankfully, Union Complex has no such problems regarding connectivity as it is located at one of the most prime locations of Lahore. It so happens that most luxurious apartments are located away from the city thus making these services difficult to access and at a higher price. Union Complex is located right at the heart of Lahore City, therefore making all the services like internet connection, telephone connection, and cable TV, easily accessible.

High Standards and Quality of Services

Luxury Apartments in Lahore have become a preferred choice of residence over hotel rooms and other various types of accommodations. Most luxurious apartments claim that their services will make you feel like you are living in your home away from home. They also say that apartments will be well equipped and offer a very comfortable and relaxed environment.

But in reality, many people had to face disappointments because the apartments didn’t look as they were shown in the promotions or images. People felt tricked because images misguided them into thinking that apartments would be spacious and would also have open spaces such as balconies. Other concerns include the interior not being up to the mark and services needed on the daily basis, such as markets and parks, were not available nearby.

At Union Complex Lahore, apartments have well-planned spaces including open green spaces so that its residents can have a comfortable and healthy living. What’s more is that you can find all the major markets, malls, hospitals, and any other service you may need, just a few minute’s drive away.

Security Just Like a Gated Society

Most luxurious apartments boast about having a very safe environment and a state-of-the-art security system. They promise you that your residence and your belongings are safe inside the building because of the 24 hours active surveillance through a well-planned security system. Moreover, they claim to have the best and safest covered parking space for your expensive cars and that theft of your precious vehicle is nearly impossible when it is inside the premises.

However, people were disappointed at the lazy and clumsy security. Although CCTV Cameras were active no one was usually monitoring the screens actively at all times. The vehicles were damaged or stolen and security guards or building management had no clue about it. Also, non-resident people were sometimes seen inside the building making the residents question the security systems even more.

But unlike the above scenario, Union Complex Lahore has one of the best and most active security systems. The building entries and exits are guarded 24/7 making it impossible for the non-resident people to lurk freely around inside the building. CCTV Cameras have active surveillance and the screens are monitored at all times to keep the residents and their belongings safe and secure. Union Complex also offers covered and spacious parking for the vehicles of the occupants along with CCTV cameras watching the parked cars.

Nature of Neighbourhood

When deciding to live in luxurious apartments, people expect to have comfortable and luxurious life where they can find time to relax and socialize at the same time. Communication plays an important role in any successful community. Due to COVID-19 Pandemic, people now crave going out to interact with people and socialize while enjoying the fresh air. Who wouldn’t want to have a relaxing conversation with a neighbour after a long and hectic week at work?

But in reality, most of the neighbours will not even open doors to their apartments. They will go straight from home to work and back. They will stay locked inside their rooms because they won’t be able to find any entertainment activities outside their apartments.

But Union Complex Lahore offers a perfect environment for its residents to socialize and have healthy conversations while enjoying the fresh air in the green open spaces it has to offer. Other than that it also offers a beautiful reception, an executive lounge, and a mosque where people can gather and have communications.


While investing in apartments in Lahore, you will have to keep your eyes peeled and review all the services that a luxurious apartment claims to offer and what it offers. Most investors and buyers had to face disappointments. But looking at all the perks that Union Complex Luxury apartments in Lahore guarantee to offer, it certainly is one of the best choices for investment.

Union Complex and Its Nearby Landmarks

Lahore, being the second biggest city of Pakistan and 16th in the world as the most crowded city, is blessed with architectural beauty and modern development projects. Not many cities of the world can show you past and present together like Lahore. Union Complex exists right at the heart of this city making any part of Lahore easily accessible to its residents.

Union Complex, a project by AYQ Developers (PVT.) Limited, is a well-planned luxury apartment project providing all facilities for a luxurious lifestyle. Located in the heart of Lahore, it is the ideal location for luxury living because of its nearby landmarks that not only have structural beauty but also hold immense importance. Investing in such a prime location will surely prove to be worth it if you are considering either living or investing. Whether you want to travel by bus or car, the main roads and Metro Bus Service available nearby will save you time.

Some of the most major and important landmarks of Lahore are present just near Union Complex and residents of Union Complex can easily access these landmarks through a few minutes drive. Each landmark has its significance.

Main Ferozepur Road

Ferozepur road plays a major role when it comes to the economy of Lahore, which is why it holds so much importance. Also known as Lahore-Kasur Road it connects Lahore to Ferozepur in India. The other end of the road is connected to Kasur which is a city just south of Lahore.

In addition to it, this great asphalt ribbon provides enough space for cars and bikes and provide space for heavy vehicles travel. For economy of Lahore this road is the best to use. The reason behind this is the ease of transportation and availability of resources around.
Ferozepur Road connects you to Arfa Technology Park, major hospitals, and markets of clothes and food. Government of Punjab is maintaining this road with time for ease of people and traffic flow. Union Complex is also present at Ferozepur Road, granting you access to all the amenities connected by this road.

Kalma Chowk

Kalma Chowk holds its importance as one of the most bustling areas of Lahore. Chowk is an Urdu word which means roundabout. Kalma Chowk connects major markets, societies and roads to Ferozepur Road. Some of the most densely populated areas of Lahore such as Garden Town and Gulberg are also connected to Kalma Chowk. Recently due to busy traffic, a flyover named Kalma Flyover has been constructed to normalize the traffic flow as it can accommodate more traffic than before without any obstruction.

Union Complex is just 15 minutes drive from Kalma Chowk hence making it easily accessible through Ferozepur Road. It also means that you get saved from getting stuck for hours in traffic jams to reach one of the busiest areas of Lahore.

Lahore Airport

Most people who prefer luxury apartments usually make international trips. Keeping this in mind Union Complex was built at a place which is at 20 minutes distance from Airport. Hassle-free and time-saving drive to the airport will surely be beneficial for people living in Union Complex. Straight wide carpeted roads makes the journey easier.

Metro Bus Service

Metro Bus Service is one of the greatest projects of Pakistan. Thousands of people around Lahore commute to their workplaces, colleges, and schools easily through this service. As travelling and commuting are getting expensive these days, Metro Bus Service is by far the most convenient way to travel in Lahore when it comes to expenses. It covers from Shahdara to Gajjumata and its stations are available throughout this route. Union Complex is located near Metro Bus Station no 25 which provides its residents with a huge benefit in commuting through the city.

Ring Road

Encircling the boundaries of Lahore, Ring Road is the most convenient, easiest, and fastest way to travel through vehicles. This road connects the major societies and important roads of Lahore. This includes DHA, Sui Gas Society, Airport, Ghazi Road, Ferozepur Road and many other significant areas of Lahore. Extending about 85 Kilometers it also connects Motorway M-2 and M-11. it allows only fast-moving vehicles including cars and bikes. It do not allow pedestrians, cycles, animal-driven carriages and other slow-moving vehicles. Allowing a speed limit of 100 -120 km/hr, this road is ideal for people living at Union Complex to travel without hassle.


Defense Housing Authority (DHA) covers ideal locations of Lahore. Maximum hospitals, schools and offices are available within DHA. Living in DHA or even in its surrounding is automatically a benefit because of the availability of all necessities of life. DHA is the centre hub of Lahore with proper living facilities. DHA is just a 10-minutes’ drive from Union Complex. This means that residents of Union complex luxury apartments can get a huge advantage from this factor.


The Motorway is one of the major sources of transportation that connects cities at the national level in Pakistan. Built-in 1997 and maintained till now, this wide road stretches to 3,741 Kilometers. It connects major and minor cities of Pakistan including northern areas as well. Motorway also provides the facility of patrolling cars. This ensure security and help people who may get stuck on the road due to any misfortune. From Union Complex you can access the Motorway easily through the Lahore Ring Road. All landmarks are interconnected and make the Union Complex location ideal for investment and living.


Nearby Landmarks decides the value of a particular place. The landmarks near Union Complex are not just iconic structures that are easily recognizable but also hold a unique significance of their own. If you are planning to invest in luxury apartments then Union Complex is the best choice considering all the facilities and amenities provided by Union Complex.

Why Luxury Apartments Are Better Than Houses in Lahore

Luxury apartments Vs. Houses – the debate itself is as old as the luxurious apartments are. Often people under the influence that houses are way much better than apartments, but if you list down possibilities, it is not true. The only advantage houses offer expendability but to a certain limit. But if we talk about luxurious apartments, the advantages are numerous and far more than houses. Most people who buy their first property are often confused by choice and often pay more for a house. Luxury apartments in Lahore are highly cost-effective compared to houses, and they offer many other advantages. So let’s dig in and know more.


The first thing anyone wants to compare is price. House prices are way much higher than luxury apartments in Lahore. Especially if the house is located at the center of the city, it increases a lot more. The reason is quite obvious, and a house is solely own by a single family; hence they have to bear all costs alone. In the case of apartments, everything is shared, and a single apartment costs low. When considering the price, Union Complex Apartments in Lahore are a far better choice than a house.


It is a well-known fact that apartments are considered much safer as compared to houses. That is because most Luxury Apartments in Lahore are closely monitored by high-tech 24/7 surveillance cameras and security guards. While in the case of a house, if you need security, you have to bear the cost all alone. Also, Union Complex Apartments in Lahore are gated community Luxurious Apartments, which means entry and exit points are secured and controlled. In case of any emergency, all you need to do is call the reception; they will send the security staff right away. They also have a house fire fighting system and ambulance to tackle any unforeseen circumstances.


Everyone wants to live in a prime location, but it is really hard to get a house there. Most prime locations are for commercial use only. The houses at prime locations are quite expensive and unavailable mostly. But most of the Luxury Apartments in Lahore are constructed in prime locations of the city. For instance, Union Complex Apartments in Lahore are the greatest example. The project is considered one of the finest in the city to date. It is located on main Ferozepur Road, right at Metro Bus station number 25.


One of the biggest advantages of buying a Luxury Apartments in Lahore is the number of amenities they offer. Though some poorly constructed Apartments in Lahore even lack the basics, make sure you are selecting the right Luxurious Apartments. Union Complex Apartments in Lahore is the best option when you consider amenities. They are offering a ton of in-house options at the most affordable prices, which include:

  • Reception area
  • Lift lobby
  • Executive lounges
  • Car parking and car wash
  • Centrally air-conditioned Jama Masjid
  • State-of-the-art gym and swimming pools
  • In the house maintenance service
  • Fire fighting and smoke detectors
  • Shopping area
  • Daycare center
  • First Aid and ambulance service
  • Outdoor activities at rooftop including children’s play area.

Hosting Events in union complex

Hosting events is always a hustle. Arranging an event in the house is only possible if there is a lawn on your premises or close by. In the case of Luxury Apartments in Lahore, not many of them offer an event area, making it even more difficult. But at Union Complex Apartments in Lahore, the situation is quite different. They offer a rooftop luxurious event area so the residents can host events without any hustle.

Living Cost

Most people would agree here; houses have higher living costs as compare to apartments. The electricity bills are high, and property taxes for owning a house are much more than a luxury apartment tax. The maintenance cost of a house is much more than that of the luxury Apartments because the Management of Luxury Apartments usually charges you a certain amount every month as a maintenance fee. So, if anything stops working, all you need to do is to call in-house maintenance service. The services are cheap and hassle-free as you don’t have to go through the whole process of finding a relevant person and bargaining with him.


The type of neighbors you are going to have is highly dependent on the locations of your house. If your luck doesn’t play its part and you get a bad neighbor next to your house, you have to tolerate or pay a hefty amount to a lawyer and sue him in court. But if you choose to live in Luxury Apartments in Lahore, most likely you can get nice neighbors because the Management of the Project pays a lot of attention to make the environment friendly and warm. But still, if you face any trouble, you can bring the matter to the notice of the Management, and they will take care of the rest.

Other Services Union Complex

There are a ton of additional benefits you can get at Union Complex Apartments in Lahore, which are nearly impossible to get at any house or other Apartments in Lahore. You can give your kids a better place to live, play and grow if you make the right choice today.



Union Complex Apartments a Perfect Example of utilising Rooftop for Leisure Activities

One of the remarkable advantages of living in a well-planned Luxurious Apartments’ project is to enjoy your life to the fullest in all possible ways. In Europe, USA and other parts of the world where high-rise buildings and luxurious apartments are the prime feature of any city’s landscape, rooftop is used for number of activities. Unfortunately in Pakistan, rooftop is left empty and unattended. The right choice of outdoor facilities can not only benefit the residents but also add value to the property. There are a lot of amenities that can be added to any rooftop and make most of the available space. It will help to create a versatile space to benefit the families living under that roof. There is a lot more residents can do at their rooftop while enjoying the skyline views.

Rooftop at Union Complex Apartments in Lahore

Union Complex Apartments in Lahore is a perfect example, breaking the stereotype and setting a new example. This project is designed by LANDMARK Consultants, truly the finest at what they do. For Union Complex Lahore, they consider implementing the latest developing techniques to turn the huge rooftop into a garden. The expert team AYQ Developers is all geared to use the most innovative techniques to make the roof of all towers interconnected so the residents can enjoy a whole new dimension of leisure life on the rooftop. The vast area covered with grass and beautiful plants so you can relax and enjoy breathtaking views of the city. There are a number of various activities available for the residents on the rooftop, which include:

Children play area

While the parents can walk, enjoy the pleasant rooftop garden and relish the stunning views of the city, children can spend quality time in the play area. The play area is equipped with state-of-the-art climbers, slides, spins, swinging and many more fun filled activities. The main purpose is to make use of the available area and create ample opportunities for quality leisure time, community interactions & engagement and fun-filled physical activities for children of all ages living in these Luxurious Apartments at Union Complex Lahore.

Event area

Lahoris wants to spend quality time in outdoors from October to March after facing hot and humid weather from April to September. They like to dine-out and do their events in outdoor. Usually residents of various apartment projects in Lahore face difficulties to arrange small events in their apartments due to lack of space. But at Union Complex Apartments in Lahore, a rooftop event area has been planned to cater events in a pleasant environment. The stunning views of the city will make your events more memorable. The event area can be used at both day and night times.

Barbeque area

All world knows how much Lahore love food specially BARBECUES!! Since most Luxury Apartments in Lahore don’t have a space to enjoy the barbeque, the only option for them is to eat out or go to their friend’s home to have a plate of mouthwatering tikka boti and juicy kebabs. The rooftop open-air garden barbecue area is the soul of Luxury Union Complex Apartments in Lahore. Mesmerising views and beautiful ambience double the barbeque fun without leaving the community premises. The aim is to benefit the residents the most and make these Luxurious Apartments one of the finest Luxury Apartments in Lahore.

Exercise area

Nothing is better than an outdoor exercise area in Lahore. Though the concept might be new for some it’s surely a wise use of outdoor roof space. The rooftop exercise area at Union Complex Apartments in Lahore is designed for all kinds of fitness enthusiasts. The aim is to promote fitness and cater for all needs of different individuals. Most people find it difficult to travel around the city just to work out and it is also time-consuming. Nothing is more fun than working out at the rooftop of the most Luxury Apartments in Lahore and enjoy the views.

Mini golf course

Mini golf has become highly popular around the world. There are a number of mini-golf tournaments held around the globe every year. The main reason behind all the fame and popularity is, the whole course can fit anywhere in any size you want. This idea was adopted at Union Complex Apartments, Lahore and creating a modern mini-golf course on the rooftop. Lahore is known as the liveliest city and nothing is more exciting than having a mini-golf course at the rooftop of your Luxurious Apartments.

Snooker club

Snooker was firstly known as an English game, but soon it took over the world and become highly popular all over the world. It is one of the most played indoor game which quickly grew beyond imaginations. Being aware of the popularity Union Complex Apartments in Lahore has its own snooker club. They wanted to promote leisure life among families residing at these Luxury Apartments in Lahore. Though commuting in the city is easy, all thanks to the Metro Bus service, but why anywhere go when you can have all the snooker fun at your rooftop.

Benefits of Living in a Gated Luxury Apartment in Lahore

The search for a comfortable living has compelled humans to invent and explore. The journey came to an end with the introduction of Gated Communities. Over time, they evolved as per the needs of residents and became more and more luxurious. In the modern world, it has become a top priority for every family to get a home or apartment in a gated community because of the numerous benefits it offers. Nothing is more peaceful and relaxing after a tiring day at work to come home to a place they call their own. However, many upcoming projects claim to be ‘gated communities,’ but they lack many basic features. To understand this first, we need to discuss what a gated community is? So, let’s dig in…

What is a gated community?

It is simply referred to as a neighbourhood that is concealed by walls and has completely controlled access by using one or more gates. Anyone who wants to enter has to pass through the gate and security checks. Union Complex Apartments in Lahore are a perfect example of the gated community. Security staff in these Luxurious Apartments makes sure no uninvited or suspicious person enters the community. The premises are under the constant 24/7 watch of the security staff and high-tech security and surveillance protocols.

What are the Benefits of Living in A Gated Luxury Apartment in Lahore?

Lower living cost and higher property value

Most people believe that gated Luxury Apartments in Lahore are expensive and they have higher living cost. If you also believe that, we suggest you have another look at Union Complex Apartments in Lahore; they are offering the most affordable prices for Luxury Apartments in Lahore. The best thing about investing today in this project is high value to property in coming years. Gated luxury apartments have a much higher value of the property as compared to regular Apartments.

Safe and secure environment

As explained above, gated apartments have protective walls guarding the premises. They are far more secure as compare to other Luxury Apartments in Lahore. Since the entry and exit points are limited at Union Complex Apartments, it’s easy to maintain the record of every person entering and leaving the premises. High-tech security cameras are installed everywhere to maximise security measures. The reception area welcomes your guests, and make sure to keep shady characters out of the premises.

Luxurious Apartments and lifestyle

It is impossible to get so many in-house facilities at any other housing place. Gated communities, especially Union Complex Apartments in Lahore, have almost everything you need to enjoy quality time with your family and friends. Union Complex Apartments in Lahore offer so many in house facilities which include:

  • Reception area
  • Lift lobby
  • Executive lounges
  • Car parking and car wash area
  • Centrally air-conditioned Jama Masjid
  • State-of-the-art gym and swimming pools
  • In house maintenance service
  • In house fire fighting and smoke detectors
  • In-house shopping area
  • Daycare center
  • First Aid and ambulance service
  • Outdoor activities at rooftop including children play area

Prime location of Union Complex

Luxurious Apartments has many benefits to offer to their residents. Mostly they are built in the center of the city to make sure residents can commute easily. In the case of Union Complex Apartments in Lahore, the location is Main Ferozepur Road, right in front of Metro Bus Station No. 25. It will take only a few minutes to reach out to any main area if you are residing at Union Complex Apartments in Lahore. Kalma Chowk is just 15 minutes away, and you can reach Allama Iqbal International Airport is only 20 minutes. Not only that, but it is exactly located at Metro Bus station No.25, which means say goodbye to commuting issues.

Exclusive rooftop facilities

Modern Luxurious Apartments are designed using innovative architecture techniques. Most of them commit to providing maximum benefits to the residents while using the available space smartly. One of the most popular techniques is to convert the rooftop into a garden or open recreational space. At the same time, various outdoor activities at the rooftop can be planned to use most of the available space. A wise decision made by Union Complex Apartment in Lahore was to combine both above-mentioned practices and create something exceptional. They have an Event Area, Snooker Club, Gym, Barbeque Area, Children play area, and Lavish green area on the rooftop.

A haven for children and working mothers

Gated communities are considered as safest options and nothing less than a heaven for parents. The kids can enjoy a safe and comfortable environment within the premises. A combination of several outdoor activities and a friendly and secure outdoor space makes it a heaven for children. The in-house Daycare center at Union Complex Apartments Lahore makes it a perfect choice for working mothers. They can leave their little angles at the start of the art daycare center within the premises and focus on excelling at their work. All these facilities with 24/7 surveillance monitoring ensure parents that their kids are safe and enjoying their childhood to the fullest.



Modern mothers are nothing less than a superhero; they are brave souls who maintain work-life balance and raise their little bundle of joy. Many women spent years developing their careers, and becoming mothers doesn’t mean they have to give it up. However, many choose to stay at home after giving birth. Some return and continue to set new examples. Lack of facilities like good daycare centers in Pakistan and a protected and safe environment for children raises insecurity among patients. Usually, mothers have to sacrifice their careers to take care of their children.

Mothers have to spend their day running from home to the daycare center and then to the office. Luxury Apartments in Lahore are a more convenient option than houses as they are safer and children-friendly. Union Complex Apartments in Lahore respect working mothers and understand the importance of empowering women to boost the Pakistan economy. These Apartments in Lahore are specially designed to help them maintain balance and follow their passion.

What advantages Union Complex Apartments in Lahore offer to working mothers?

Lahore is a commercial hub and the second most populated city in Pakistan. There are plenty of other Luxury Apartments in Lahore that huge promise favors, but there are many more to consider than just the apartment itself. It is probably one of the most difficult choices, and there are several factors to consider when making a decision and spending your hard-earned money. Where will the children play? What are schools or daycare centers nearby? Is it at a suitable location? Is public transport easily accessible? And most important, is it a safe place to live and raise your children? Well, Union Complex Apartments in Lahore take care of all and promises all the above but has a lot more to offer. It is one of the most prime Apartments in Lahore and is well planned to provide an affordable and luxury living place.

Benefits of Luxury Apartments in Lahore for working mothers

There are several benefits this project promise to provide to working mothers who are

Prime location

At the top of the priority when choosing a home is whereabouts. Luckily, Union Complex Apartments in Lahore are at main Ferozepur road, a 15-minute drive from Kalma Chowk, a 20-minute drive to the airport, 10-minute drive to DHA 5-minutes drive Ring Road. And you can get a Metro Bus right at the doorstep. There are several well-reputed schools and hospitals nearby.

Safety and security

Union Complex Apartments in Lahore is a gated community that is guarded 24/7. Super active guards keep patrolling the premises and make sure the children playing outdoors are safe. Also, a high-tech surveillance system keeps recording every activity round the clock. If you choose to live at Luxury Apartments in Lahore, you can have peace of mind that your home is guarded, and children can also play outdoors safely.

A friendly and religious environment

Union Complex is being designed and built as a project where our cultural and historic neighborhood values will be revived. Such an environment will give a lot of comfort and peace of mind to families and working women.

In-house daycare center

The best feature which can be a piece of mind for working mothers is an in-house daycare center. They can save commuting time and the cost of commuting while picking up and dropping off their child daily. Also, state-of-the-art facilities and well-trained caretakers create a warm and friendly environment for every child to thrive.

Outdoor rooftop play area

The play area is not just space for children to play; it is a place to develop skills, build physical strength, boost immunity, and develop lifetime memories. Children have many potentials, but they need a proper playing area to make use of it. Most homes don’t have much space to have a play area, and public parks are unsafe and far away from many homes. Union Complex Apartments in Lahore have a well-planned, safe, hygienic, and fully equipped outdoor rooftop play area, where children can learn and play without worries.

Swimming pool

When the heat hits Lahore, nothing becomes more fascinating than swimming pools. Not only do they play their role in beating the heat, but they also help children to learn swimming from an early age. Summing is a life skill that also plays a huge role in children’s development. An in-house state-of-the-art swimming pool at Union Complex Apartments in Lahore makes it a perfect choice for young parents, especially working mothers.




Buying a luxurious apartment in Lahore can be a challenging job. A number of projects are speeding up their marketing activities and offering many features which indeed are attractive. However, they lack somewhere; some are not at a prime location, while many lack proper planning. You need to focus on every detail before investing your hard-earned money. Union complex apartments are an excellent opportunity to invest in luxury apartments in Lahore. But what makes this project so unique? Let’s dig into more details to find out.

Renowned Developer and Architects
The first thing which makes this project unique and worth your hard-earned investment is the team working behind the project to make it a success. This whole idea was introduced by AYQ Developers (Pvt.) Limited, which is itself a big name in the construction industry. The next crucial part in doing any project’s success is architecture. In the case of Union Complex, this responsibility is taken by LANDMARK Consultants, truly the finest at what they do. They are known as one of the finest architects in Pakistan. The professional team of AYQ Developers is  putting utmost efforts to make Union Complex a synonym for luxury apartments in Lahore.

The next most important thing that makes a huge difference in residents’ daily routine and life is the project’s location. This project is well planned and is located at the center of the city. Union Complex is situated at Main Ferozepur Road, Metro Bus Station No. 25, Lahore. It will take only a few minutes to reach any main location if you are residing at Union Complex Apartments in Lahore. KALMA chowk is just 15 minutes away, and you can reach the airport in only 20 minutes. Not only that, but it is precisely at Metro Bus Station No. 25, which means say goodbye to commuting issues. The most amazing part is the panoramic views you can enjoy from your balcony. The ideal location creates spectacular views beyond the horizon so that you can sweep across the city just from your balcony.

When making a big decision, the layout of the apartment plays a considerable role. Specifically, the lousy structure can disturb the life of residents forever. Fortunately, at Union Complex Apartments in Lahore, each apartment’s design is carefully crafted by one of the best architects of the country, as described above. They have carefully created four different layouts for you to choose from, which include:
– Studio apartment
– 1-bed apartment
– 2-bed apartment
– 3-bed apartment

Each apartment one is designed carefully to make a living more comfortable. Each apartment’s layout is not just square footage of each room, but each door, window, and other physical features are cautiously designed to provide maximum space. The module of each apartment also represents a picture of furniture to be placed in each room, helping you plan your future home creatively as per your taste. Each apartment has attached bathrooms, predefined space for wardrobes, and a proper duct and balcony to ensure every resident can enjoy the breeze for fresh air. The balcony also opens doors to breathtaking views of the city. The Architects have made sure each apartment allows the natural light to flood in and make your Luxurious Apartments feel more spacious and lively.

In-house facilities
According to experts, in-house facilities are equally important as that of the apartment itself. That is because they play a massive role in your lifestyle. Union Complex apartments feature a wide variety of in house facilities, probably more than any other apartments in the city, which includes;

Reception area

A well-designed reception area plays a huge role in your security, welcoming guests, receiving packages, and much more.

Lift Lobby
The project features multiple high-speed lifts and a lift lobby to ensure you reach any floor in no time.

Exclusive Lounge
Highly luxurious and exclusive lounges are designed, so you can socialize with friends or neighbors without invading the privacy of your home.

Car Parking and Car Wash
A multi-story and spacious car parking area ensures every resident can park their vehicles without any fear.

Jama Masjid
Pray regularly in a beautiful and completely air-conditioned Jama Masjid without taking a step out of your complex building.

Maintain your fitness and enjoy state of the art Gym facilities within your apartment building.

Swimming Pool
Makes your summer an enjoyable time with a clean and spectacular swimming pool.

Daycare Center
The project features an innovative daycare center, so the mother can maintain their work-home life without worrying about their toddlers and babies.

Rooftop Recreational Area
Enjoy barbecue and other outdoor activities at your rooftop recreational area.

Surveillance & Security
The entire project will be monitored continuously by 24/7 high-tech surveillance cameras and energetic security guards.

In-house Maintenance Service
Premium in-house maintained a whole team of professionals would provide service.


All Pakistanis think about investing in real estate at some stage in their lives. Investment in apartments could be a great choice in Pakistani real estate for people who want some stable and safe investment opportunities. Finding reliable investing opportunities is a problem for everyone, and investment in real estate involves a lot of preparation and pre-planning.

Any new investor questions themselves how and where they should invest their savings. This article will tackle both of these questions and give you some insight into the world of investing successfully. After reading this article thoroughly, you may end up investing in some of the best one-bedroom luxury apartments in Lahore available.

How to find an investment opportunity?

Investors must produce a strategy before they start practically doing it. A strategy will lead to reliable projects, and further future investment concerns will start lessening. A strong investor should have a long-term strategy. Failure can be daunting and difficult to overcome, so devising a good plan can do wonders to prevent failure. The plan may include the projection of leasing costs and cash-flow monitoring, repairs, or improvements.

The next step is to choose a good place to buy an apartment after developing a strong and robust strategy. You can choose your one-bedroom luxury apartments; a significant factor is the location of your investment. The place you choose to invest in must have law authorization and certification of authenticity. Choose your amount of budget according to your investment needs, find what value is perfect for you. However, low rates may look appealing, but sometimes they often end up being scams. A proper background check is the best way of avoiding scams and illegal projects.

Which real estate project is best?

Nowadays, it is hard to find a safe and luxurious real estate project to invest in¬. This is why Union Complex is the best choice in Lahore for anyone who is looking for one-bedroom luxury apartments in particular. This project is safe and profitable, providing a safe and luxurious living for its residents. You will save time and money by investing in these apartments as you do not have to do a second thought.

Investment is a phase that calls for a lot of analysis and faith; this is where Union Complex stands out. It is an excellent accomplishment of this unique project that provides the people of Pakistan with a safe and life-changing investment. The extravagant and luxurious lifestyle given by Union Complex means that residents have a happy and optimistic future.

What really is Union Complex?

Union Complex is the chart-topping real-estate project offering a rare combination of comfort and lifestyle, with modern facilities and amenities. The Union Complex offers the finest, well-designed, and spacious one bedroom luxury apartments and other sizes. Union Complex provides its residents with an up-to-date and ultra-luxurious lifestyle. The magnificent living rooms represent the lavish lifestyle, a superb atmosphere, and a social and entertaining atmosphere that makes this the best investment. It provides a comfortable lifestyle and affordability, convenience, and new facilities in a prime location in Lahore.

Each area is built solely for the comfort of the occupant. We deliver spacious accommodation with excellent planning and architecture because we take every part of a convenient and simple living into account. Every bedroom, lobby, lounges, etc., are built in compliance with functionality kept in mind. The one-bedroom luxury apartments are ideally constructed to accommodate the desires of the occupant. Our best design team provides our customers with the most productive planning of the space along with a decent price.

Why trust Union Complex?

It is easy to trust this project as the history and origin go hand in hand with their law-abiding nature. AYQ DEVELOPERS is the company behind this marvellous project. Establishing their name in the construction industry through high performance has set an example for every construction company. The CEO of AYQ DEVELOPERS, Mr Ayub Qadri, belongs to a renowned business family that established Qadri Sons Foundry and Workshop in 1919 and later Qadri steel. Under competent leadership, the company delivers high-quality programs on a timely basis.

Furthermore, Khalid Abdul Rehman, a well-known architect in his profession, is responsible for this project’s great structure and design of the one-bedroom luxury apartments. His company began in 1980, and it brought in substantial changes in the industry. With his impressive design process and a team of more than 50 full-time designers and architects, the Union Complex Apartments in Lahore will achieve optimum productivity and reach new heights.


What is Union Complex?
Union Complex is the perfect real estate project with a prime location and state-of-the-art services and equipment, providing a rare blend of convenience and lifestyle. The Union Complex offers well-designed and spacious luxurious apartments. At the Union Complex creates an uber-lifestyle and ultra-luxury living for its residents. The lavish living is adorned with extravagant surprises, a top-notch ambiance, and resort-style facilities along with a social and entertaining atmosphere. It not only offers a luxury lifestyle but also affordability and comfort in a prime location in Lahore, with state-of-the-art amenities. Studio, One, Two and Three Bedroom Luxury Apartments provide a comfortable, secure and lavish lifestyle in Lahore.

Preparation of each area is exclusively for the resident’s comfort. With excellent planning and architecture, we offer luxurious accommodation because we take into account every aspect of an easy and comfortable living. The design of each room, lobbies, lounges, etc., are done with functionality and aesthetics kept in mind.

The apartments are flawlessly built to meet the resident’s needs. Our best architecture squad, along with fair pricing for worry-free living, offers our customers the most effective room preparation.

Apartment Sizes Available
One Bedroom Luxury Apartments

This one bedroom apartment is approximately 570 square feet. The planning and layout of this apartment show how much care and thought has gone into this project. Furthermore, the separate bathroom ensures appropriate privacy and comfort. Unlike other one bedroom apartments, this apartment has a spacious living room along with a dining area. In addition, the kitchen is perfect for some homemade meals.

This size is perfect for a couple of bachelors looking for a luxurious lifestyle. Having such a spacious area along with a kitchen ensures you a comfortable living experience as every day is something to look forward to now.

Two bedroom Luxury Apartments
A spacious 840 square feet area of utter luxury. Two bedrooms that create an aesthetically pleasing ambiance for a small family. A roomy living area and dining room ensure your quality family time. In Union Complex The attached bathrooms with both bedrooms add comfort to the already cozy environment. The dressing area is a part of both rooms so you can dress up the way you prefer best. In addition, the family-sized kitchen is perfect for making hearty meals. Lastly, the balcony gives you a fresh breath of air, so don’t forget to catch the breeze. The dedicated parking for one car makes this the perfect option for a small family.

Three bedroom Luxury Apartments
1,112 square feet luxury apartment, perfect for a big family. This size is the largest size available in this project. Three premium bedrooms make you feel like royalty as the spacious dining and living room leave you in awe. Each room comes with an attached bathroom. Two of the bedrooms come with a dressing room for your daily wardrobe hassles and balconies for late-night stargazing and summer breezes. In addition, the family kitchen gives you a large area to show your creative cooking skills. Free car parking for a car will ensure the safety of your vehicle.

Why choose Union Complex Luxury Apartments?
Firstly, Union Complex is a project by AYQ DEVELOPERS. They have built their name in the building industry. The CEO of AYQ DEVELOPERS, Mr. Ayub Qadri, belongs to renowned business family that established Qadri Sons Foundry and Workshop in 1919 and later Qadri steel. Under competent leadership, the company delivers high-quality programs on a timely basis.

Secondly, the architect of this project is Khalid Abdul Rehman who is well-known in his field.  His company, Landmark Consultants (Pvt.) Limited has designed major high rise buildings in Pakistan.

Furthermore, the financial partners of this project is SILKBANK which is a benchmark in Pakistan’s premier banking. The prime location of Union Complex is right next to the metro station of Youhannabad, near Ferozepur Road, Lahore. The place is great for the tenants, because they can immediately find Metro outside the apartment. The position is suitable for development and growth, thus maximizing its appeal and making it a favorable place for investment.

Last but not the least, the project is LDA (Lahore Development Authority) approved, as the project is built to provide a safe, secure and luxurious lifestyle. Invest securely with Union Complex today in Luxury Lifestyle Apartments.