The importance of open spaces was undoubtedly forgotten in the recent past. People were more concerned about how much covered space homes have and ignored the open spaces regardless of their significance. Until recently, opens slots have become an essential element in any residential structure. Union Complex saw this coming and took care of every possible aspect to make its residents’ lives as comfortable, healthy, and convenient as possible.

With cities facing environmental challenges, the need for open spaces in residential buildings rose sharply. Most of the gated communities develop their available rooms to be visually appealing and offer amusing facilities. The open spaces in such societies are usually Jogging tracks, parks and play areas for children, indoor and outdoor courts for sports, and beautifully landscaped gardens. Green open spaces are visually pleasing and add a relaxing effect for the eyes and mind.

It is human nature to get drawn towards comforts and large spaces as it produces a sense of openness, somewhat symbolizes a luxurious lifestyle and shows off wealth. Now let us get on to the significant factors why open spaces have gained such importance in residential buildings.

Play Area for Children

Children don’t care about the expensive furniture and decorations of the home. They need a place to play, and if they cannot find one, they will make the entire house their playground. Union Complex Luxurious Lifestyle Apartments know how important it is for children to develop physically and emotionally. Therefore a Children’s Play Area is created separately. Children can have a world of their own without you having to fear about their security or them breaking your expensive decorative items. They will be able to run around freely, engaging themselves in healthy activities.

Just as how important it is that a house must not be cluttered. Otherwise, it brings chaos to your lifestyle. Having a play area for children is equally important.

Engaging in fitness activities

Lush green gardens, outdoor courts for sports, jogging tracks, play areas all offer many health benefits and helps you engage in fitness activities. When looking for an apartment, always look for a place near such facilities that can encourage good health. Usually, when green parks and jogging tracks are nearby, it attracts you to indulge in physical activities. Union Complex offers its residents a well-equipped exercise area and attractive green landscape to keep you interested in maintaining your health. Green open spaces not only help you relax but also keep you active and healthy in this hustling and bustling life.

Of course, if a house has a sofa and chair at every 3 feet distance, it can only encourage resting and sleeping. Therefore, having open spaces for fitness activities earns an essential position in the must-have list of facilities when buying a property for sale in Lahore.

Better Social Interaction

Since our lives have become very busy following the same routine every day. Spending most of the day at work, many people have a desire to live in communities where they can have healthy social interactions. This is to take their mind off from the stress of work so that they can spend some relaxing time. They need an environment where they can indulge in healthy conversations and enjoy the gatherings. Fortunately, Union Complex takes care of the desires of its residents. It offers them opportunities to interact with fellow residents and enjoy the crowds. Union complex has a beautifully designed open-air Barbeque area, an executive lounge, and an event area that meets all the modern-day requirements.

A community needs to promote communications between its residents, and what better way can there be to provide open spaces for its residents to enjoy gatherings and have healthy conversations after a long day at work.

Clean air to breathe

We know that pollution becoming a bigger and bigger problem each day. We cannot just ignore how important it is getting to have green open spaces where we can breathe fresh air. Therefore communities usually have open spaces with trees and plants to provide shade. This helps to improve the air quality, and reduce noise pollution. Green areas generally create a very soothing effect, unlike colossal steel and glass or concrete structures you see all around you in the city, which continues to raise the average temperature. Green open spaces make the surroundings cooler and make the air more breathable and relaxing.

Planting trees and plants and having more open green spaces is the only way to fight the current smog situation we face in bigger cities like Lahore.

Entertainment activities

As attractive as open spaces appear, they can also be used for entertainment. Union Complex has a Mini-Golf Course and Snooker Club, which serves as great entertainment and social interaction with fellow residents. Entertainment is an essential part of life. It proves to be a lot healthier and generates social communication, which is necessary for any community.

Also, if open spaces are nearby, people will likely engage in activities like gardening or taking their pets to walk. Animals enjoy running around in open space areas.


Open spaces are no doubt one of the essential elements of residential structures. They improve the quality of life of any community, giving it a livelier look in this jungle of concrete structures. Open green spaces improve the air quality and make the surrounding temperature cooler, and reduce noise pollution. They also encourage people to indulge in healthy physical activities such as walking, running, yoga. Other than that, open spaces also invite people to interact and make their communications better. Moreover, they also give a comforting effect to the area easing the eyes, mind, and body. While looking for a property for sale in Lahore, keep in mind the Open Space Ratio to better understand.