Apartments in Lahore – Real Estate Industry Reimagined in the Post-COVID Era

For many years, the fundamentals of real estate, may it be residential or commercial, have almost been the same. The most important factors affecting the value of apartments in Lahore were just the spacious layout, prime location, and affordable price range. Just meant to provide safe walls and a roof over the head real estate bring forward solutions. With the coming COVID-19 pandemic, the real estate sector has faced more disruptions than we can imagine. As more and more companies have now been adapting the work from home policy, people are now turning towards homes that have big spaces. This should be at one of the prime locations of the city. If you are making up your mind to invest in luxury apartments in Lahore, don’t forget about these trends:

1. WorkSpaces at Homes

While looking for a home, buyers these days usually look for a spacious home. Which is think of as a dedicated workspace that compliments the trending work from home policy. According to some experts, up to 80% of buyers and 90% of investors would like to have houses that are designed to accommodate the setup for work from home. Although the commercial office spaces will not lose their demand anytime soon. The houses that already possess the setup for work from home are going to stay until the COVID-19 pandemic loses its grip over the world.

2. Owned Offices

Some businesses have a requirement to operate out of an office. That is why the health issues and concerns due to the pandemic have led to a sudden increase in the demand for a separate office space. Earlier, there used to be a co-working environment. However, these days, employers and employees both seek a separate commercial working space to work from. Before the pandemic, offices just focused on productivity and winning the race of talent. Many major companies used to battle over the prime office spaces in the main urban centres of the city. Companies would find solutions through collaboration. Open office designs, co-working, and densification were the main focus. Offices these days have to abide by the strict laws of social distancing. Therefore, it is preferred to have a separate office space for both employers and the employees.

3. Keeping Offices Close to Homes

As most of the people are now thinking again over their lifestyle and work selections after the pandemic struck, many entrepreneurs are now moving their offices as close to their homes as possible. Commuting to work in the current situation can increase the risk of getting infected by the virus. Especially if you have to use public transport. Investing in an apartment which is near the commercial area can prove to be very useful these days. Union Complex seems to be the best choice if you are looking to invest in luxury apartments in Lahore that are at the prime location of Lahore City.

4. Effectiveness of Mixed-Use Property

A closed community is one of the answers to living in this pandemic. It limits the links with outsiders and outside communities thus reducing the risk of the spread of diseases. But it may be very difficult to find a community that is near the bustling city centre. Living at a prime location in the city and having a spacious apartment, however, can solve this problem. Union Complex is located at Ferozepur Road which is one of the most prime locations of Lahore. Commuting to the commercial area becomes easy as Union Complex is only a few minutes of drive away from Kalma Chowk. You will also be able to have spacious luxury apartments in Lahore, which allows you to set up a workspace for work from home, while also enjoying all the benefits that Union Complex has to offer.

5. Safe Spaces for Social Interactions

Whether a property is being used for living only or for both work and living, properties must provide its user with open public spaces that are safe. Alongwith community gathering spots, parks, and playgrounds for children. Because of the pandemic, people have been forced to remain confined to their homes for a long period. As new cities are being developed under the lockdown, people are now craving social interactions and gatherings in safe and open spaces. Communities should now have large green open areas where people can gather while maintaining social distancing. Union Complex offers its residents a number of safe open spaces to interact and conduct events while ensuring the social distancing protocols. It also provides a play area for children where they can spend their energy, learn, and grow both mentally and physically.

6. Technology becoming Modern-day Necessity

Good telecommunication connectivity, easily accessible internet services, and effective cloud computing has been a need for consumers even before the pandemic. However, it has never been this important. Nowadays, having access to these services can help convert any living space to a workspace. Employees now have to work from home and meet all the deadlines while completing their work responsibilities. Which makes all this modern-day technology now compulsory for any apartment or home. People have been actively and effectively adopting technology such as video conferencing and other forms of digital communication.

Apartments in Lahore - Real Estate Industry Reimagined in the Post-COVID Era
Real Estate Industry Reimagined in the Post-COVID Era


This world is slowly adapting to the new lifestyle that was developed with the coming of the pandemic. Because of that, the real estate industry is being reimagined with a lot of effective changes. This can help us keep the communities and their residents safe from this COVID-19 pandemic. As the new work from home policy is being implemented, apartments in Lahore are now being redesigned to offer built-in workspaces. Architects plan communities with open spaces for gatherings. Homes tend to be near the commercial area so that the commuting time can be reduced as much as possible. Living in the post-pandemic world can be a lot easier if you make a smart choice when investing in the luxurious apartments in Lahore.

Why Ferozepur Road has an unfair location advantage?

Present in the epicentre of the city, Ferozepur Road holds great prominence for the economy of Lahore. This road is a great benefit for the people living around it in homes and apartments like Union Complex because numerous hospitals, schools, LDA approved housing projects, markets and many more are available around it. Additionally, stretched 66 Km from Gajjumata to Mozang Chungi this road provides a great opportunity for transportation. In short, we can consider it as a central hub for effortless transference.

Ten key reasons are mentioned below which will surely prove its worth for the city of Lahore, its surroundings, and how it is enjoys a location advantage.

Jugular Vein of the city

Ferozepur Road provides the most convenient and effortless way to crossover the city. Key transportation continues through this road. Major traffic blocks and mess has been observed in the past few years when the road got blocked due to some governmental and provincial issues. Keeping the factor in mind The Government of Punjab took the initiative of providing Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) service to people around. Metro Bus – A well-known project by Punjab Government, has made it possible for more than 2 hundred thousand people in a day to travel conveniently to their destinations.

Moreover, areas around this road are benefited from the electricity supply provided by LESCO. In case of electricity breakdown or shortfall, UPS or other power supply dealers are easily available on Ferozpur road from where equipment can be purchased at very reasonable prices.

Ease of access to basic life facilities

Schools, colleges, universities, and other educational institutes are connected to or are present near Ferozepur Road. Firstly, a person who would desire to enjoy a luxurious lifestyle being in Lahore must find a connection to this road. Mentioned below are some of the recognized institutes of Lahore present on Ferozepur Road Lahore. Thus they are a huge benefit for people living in Union Complex as well.

  • American Lyceum International School (ALIS)
  • Bright Hall School
  • AADS
  • Boys Model Primary School and High School
  • Allied School
  • CIMS
  • The Spirit School
  • The Savvy School
  • Minhaj Girls Degree College
  • Virtual University of Pakistan
  • The STEM School
  • Christian Young Scholar High School
  • Medical College

And more in addition to it…

Ease of Access to Hospitals

The place which is near to Government or Private verified hospitals is perfect to live. For safe and secure living for people around Ferozepur Road Lahore, numerous hospitals are present. Below is the list of some major ones:

  • Gulab Devi Hospital
  • Children Hospital
  • Lahore General Hospital
  • Zia Hospital and Maternity Complex
  • WAPDA Teaching Hospital Complex
  • Lahore Care Hospital
  • ALAM Hospital

And more in addition to it…

Ease of Access to Markets

Furthermore, to make daily routine easier, markets should also be nearby. Ferozepur Road Lahore is not behind any other road in providing the best markets of Lahore. Major markets that are connected to Ferozepur road Lahore includes:

  • Ichra Market
  • Electronics Market
  • Qainchi Bazar
  • Jewellery Market
  • Malls
  • Shopping centers
  • Hardware Market
  • Sanitary Market

And more in addition to it…

Ease of Access to Religious places

In addition to markets, a huge number of mosques, temples, and churches are present right on Ferozepur road Lahore to facilitate Muslims and non-Muslims ’ religious practices. A list of some of the prominent churches, temples, and mosques is mentioned below:


  • Lahore General Hospital Masjid
  • Ibrahim Masjid Tableeghi Markaz
  • Jamia Masjid
  • PEL Mosque
  • Burhan Masjid


  • Good Samaritan Church of Pakistan
  • Bethany Church Yuhanabad
  • Pentecostal Church Lahore
  • New Apostolic Church of Pakistan
  • Revival Church of Pakistan

And more in addition to it…


  • Old Basuli Hanuman Temple
  • Madir Behrustan
  • Shri Krishna Mandir
  • Rattan Chand Mandir
  • Sitla Temple

And more in addition to it…

Ease of Access to Banks

A huge list of Banks and ATMs are available on Ferozepur road Lahore including Bank Alfalah, HBL, UBL, Faysal Bank, National Bank of Pakistan, etc.  Nowadays banks are equally important to be near to your living place as supermarkets or hospitals. The desire for near banks increases further if a person prefers luxury living.

Ease of Access to Societies and properties

Due to its placement, Ferozepur Road, Lahore is a great benefit for property owners because the rates of properties here are higher than that of far away from it. Properties for Sale or properties for rent are easily available through trusted property dealers whose offices are present right on the Ferozepur road. However, if you want to go for a luxurious living then luxury apartments can be the best choice. Furthermore, some of the main housing projects or societies present here are Union Complex, Palm City, Paradise Apartments, Madni Garden Housing Scheme, etc.

Ease of Access to Restaurants and Bakeries and Miscellaneous places

This long jugular vein of Lahore provides a wide range of premium bakeries and halal food restaurants so that people living there can enjoy their lifestyle as they want. In addition, public parks, spas, cinemas, and sports complexes are also available on this road. With just a few minute’s drive, people can reach their destinations without hassle.

Means of transportation are extremely convenient on Ferozepur road. Firstly, pedestrians can easily get a Rickshaw or any bus service which they want. Secondly, they can either sit or wait at bus stops for someone to pick them.

Ease of Access to developed areas of Lahore

Ferozepur’s connection to densely populated and developed areas like DHA, model town, and Gulberg also holds great importance. People living in these areas are benefited because of the transportation facility which this road provides.

Ease of Access to Highways, Railway and Airport

Ferozepur road is connected to main highways like Ring Road, Motorway, and Airport Road which is the main highway that interconnects the cities of Pakistan including the Northern areas. Apart from Airport and highways, Ferozepur also provides easy access to railway stations that connects right to the Ferozepur road Lahore. These include Kot Lakhpat Railway Station, Kahna Railway Station, etc.

In conclusion, Ferozepur Road Lahore has an unfair location advantage over all other roads because of the above-mentioned benefits. Moreover, considering its importance, construction companies mostly find places to construct housing societies and apartments near this road. Societies near Ferozepur Road Lahore are considered the best investment opportunity because of their golden location and ease of access to major places in Lahore. Due to this, Union Complex present near Ferozepur road Lahore enjoys this advantage as well.


With the world that is moving so fast and where every day new technology is being welcomed. Bet, it is not that hard for the person to decide if he/she should invest in Union Complex Lahore luxury apartment or build his/her own house. For centuries people have had debates on whether they should invest or build. What if I do not like the luxury apartment right after purchasing it and, what if the next-door neighbors are grouchy and nosy? What if my family members and friends objectify my choice? Well, these are the worst possible questions that lead you to think that living in a luxury apartment might not be a good idea. But then again, if you want to live in a house, do not think you will not have doubtful questions waiting for you at the end of the night.

The real-estate market itself questions a person to build or invest. This skepticism popping inside your mind is stopping you from making the choice that is best for you. Let us think about one thing first. Just close your eyes and imagine that you are in the most beautiful place that you can imagine, you guessed it right, and it is Lahore. Whether you build a house or buy an apartment, it does not matter because you will get to stay in the most mesmerizing city. By now, all your thoughts should be flooded away by one thing, where can I purchase a luxury apartment in Lahore that has all the benefits of the best life that I can live? Well, there is no better place than the Union Complex.

Union Complex Lahore is in the middle of the city provides you luxurious lifestyle apartments that will seem unreal to you. We will get into that but first, let us see all the perks and the downfalls of calling building your own house.

Building your own house

Every person fantasizes about having their own home and living a peaceful life. Constructing your house might be the happiest moment of your life but, it is burdensome work. Every decision that you take has its advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of building a house.

It’s brand-new. When you build a house, everything is just brand new and looks dope. You will not have to repair anything for quite some years, and that is for sure. You get to enjoy your time without worrying about maintenance issues or renovations.

Opportunity to customize your house

One of the significant advantages is that you get to customize your house according to your needs. You will get to choose textiles and paint colors of your choice that make sense to you. If you love history, then you can build a home that reminds you of ancient times. If you prefer modern’s, then go ahead and pick that 3D-led illusion lamp or an Alain 20″ desk lamp and reminds you of Thor’s hammer.


Do not forget the rollercoaster ride that you go on after constructing your house. The whole house screams your time and efforts. There are no such feelings as knowing that you have the authority over every corner of the house. You will get to start everything from scratch. Living in a new home is equal to living a new life.

Energy efficient

You can even shape your house according to your wishes when you are into energy efficiency. If your focus is line technology or energy savings, then fixing solar panels or conserving water can be done while customizing your house.

Up to date codes

Building codes change over time, keeping in view the environment and neighbors. One of the many pros of building a house is that you have the current and safer technology without any expensive updates. Say hello to saving more money.

Disadvantages of building a new house


If you want the house of your dreams, then you might want to fill that bank account and make lots of transactions because there is no way that you can have a magnificent home without losing money. Some people might not want to spend their money. So, they think that living in a luxury apartment might be a better option.

The wait

Waiting for something is hard, and we human beings are very impatient. If you want to build a house, you will have to wait for months or even a year to perfect the designed house. And if you are in a hurry, then you might be at a disadvantage here.

 Property value

The newer the house, the more the property value. If you built a house and put the property on sale, there are higher chances that you will get a profitable deal. But if you want to sell a house after years, you might be at a loss.

Investing in a luxury apartment in Lahore

Advantages of investing in a luxury apartment in Lahore

Less expensive

People opt for a luxury apartment according to their budgets. If we compare constructing houses to buying apartments, living in a luxury apartment is not costly. If your budget does not allow you to build a house, buy a Union Complex luxury apartment in Lahore.


If you feel inferior about not having your own house, then stop feeling bad right now. Because once you purchase a Union complex luxury apartment, you will be living a luxurious lifestyle that one can only dream of having. Need a swim or want to get a fit body? Union Complex Lahore will fulfill all your satisfactions.

Change of mind

Some people like changes in their life. So, they do not settle for one house. From time to time, they change location according to their taste. So, if they construct a home, they cannot change it because that house is permanent. So, buying a luxurious lifestyle apartment is the best choice.


In a world where violence and crime rate are at their peak, people get scared living in their own homes. Feeling secure is the top priority of any human being. If you own a house, you will not get top-tier security unless you pay that again costs money. Union Complex Lahore luxury apartments will make you feel secure and safe.

Immediate residence

If you want to reside as quickly as possible, buy an apartment. Or if you want a stress-free shifting then, get that constructing house thought out of your mind because you will have to put effort and sweat into the building.

Disadvantages of investing in a luxury apartment in Lahore


When it comes to living in an apartment, you will not get to decorate it the way you want. Everyone wants to live in a place embellished by themselves. So, it might be saddening for you if you are all about being creative. But Union Complex will make it up to you by providing their best services.

Maintenance issue

There are chances that you will have to face maintenance issues due to old houses and their structure. So, for that, you will have to contact a home inspector now, and then that can be hectic and add on to other issues.

In the end, whether you want to build a house or buy one is your decision and depends solely on your requirement. These are just the basic pros and cons of both decisions that will help you decide your options. If you want to live in a luxurious lifestyle apartment, then contact Union Complex because they own one of the most divine luxury apartments in Lahore. So, contact them and live your dream life with all the life services.



Seven benefits of Living in Union Complex Luxury Apartments

Have you ever thought of what are the benefits of a luxury apartment? There are numerous benefits to living in luxury apartments rather than living in a normal house. Most people usually think that homes are far better than apartments, but they are wrong due to some reasons. If you read their benefits below, you will also know that luxury apartments are called “next-level”. Other than that, houses have very fewer benefits compared to luxurious apartments. Luxury apartments are highly cost-effective. Let’s see what services it will give to you in your life living in it:

Area of the apartment

As you know, one of the major things that a person confirms before purchasing a home is its location. Everybody wants to live in a luxurious and breathtaking home that has a positive view everywhere. However, it isn’t easy to find such a home with a beautiful picture with all basic living facilities. Union Complex has all luxurious apartment that is present in an excellent location and breathtaking environment. Other than that, it is one of the best projects among many flats that are made in Lahore.

Security system

This is one of the major benefits of living in a luxurious apartment because it is a lot safe than normal houses. All of this is because luxurious apartments have 24/7 surveillance that makes them very secure. Numerous security guards are all placed on all of the vital points and scattered around the apartment. However, if you buy a home, you will have to pay for all the security features tools to make it safe.

Union Complex provides luxurious apartments that give you all the security that you ever need. Moreover, both exit and entrance are heavily guarded, making it almost impossible to breach inside it. Nevertheless, if you need them for an emergency, you can call the receptionist. They will surely send the security guard right away. For extra protection, they have an ambulance and firefighting system that can protect you even more.

Cost of the apartment

Another thing that a person does before purchasing a home is comparing the prices of different locations. However, the prices of homes are more than luxurious apartments. Some factors that will affect the cost of the house that you buy include its location. In the case of an apartment, you will have to give the same price as everybody else. You will not have to search around for less expense than you can for an apartment. Other than that, the cost of the house will have to be given by your family alone. Whereas in a luxurious apartment, every charge is shared. Hence apartment price is significantly lower than a house. Union Complex is one of them that gives less price and great facilities.

Residing Price

The price of living in a house is much more than a luxurious apartment. This is because many things cost you in a place that as electricity bill and other bills. Other than that, there is a tax for owning a house, and there are maintenance costs. Simultaneously, luxurious apartments have certain maintenance fees that you will have to pay every month. Hence if there is some problem, you can always call the maintenance service for an instant fix. Moreover, this service is very quick, and that saves you from searching for the person to fix it.


Neighbours are the special people every person wants as they can help you in need. However, if you have bad neighbours, then there will be endless problems with them till you live there. Moreover, you will have to tolerate them for some purposes as well. In a luxurious apartment, there will be friendly neighbours as every apartment wants a friendly environment. However, if neighbours disturb you, you can easily call them, and the management will do the rest.


Facilities are one of the benefits of having a luxurious apartment. The facilities provided by the Union Complex luxury apartments are very elegant, and they will help around the apartment. However, many apartments in Pakistan lack them as they are quite pricy to have. Hence selecting the right apartment for your luxurious life is very important. If you want a quality and easier life, then Union Complex can give you all your daily needs. Here are the facilities that it provides:

  • Shopping area
  • Daycare centre
  • Lift lobby
  • Executive lounges
  • Reception area
  • Ambulance and first aid service
  • In the home maintenance facility
  • Smoke detectors and firefighting facility
  • On the rooftop, children play area and many other activities
  • Car parking and washing
  • Swimming pool and gym
  • The mosque that has air conditioners

Events in luxury apartments

Hosting an event in your home is quite hard because of less space. If you have a garden that has more area, then arranging an event can be possible. Very few luxury apartments provide the facility of event hosting. The Union Complex is one of those. It gives you huge space for your events which is differently made with luxurious style. On the rooftop, you can easily prepare for an event. Thus saving time for finding the proper area for event management. Moreover, with the facilities they have, they can provide you with the best event you can ever have in your life.


Undoubtedly, there are numerous benefits of living in a luxurious apartment. All the fees for your apartment will come in only one go, and they will be far less than all the bills that a homeowner has. Other than that Union Complex provides many facilities that can ease your life. Having a place like it is a blessing, and it will be a good place for your children to grow.