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Gateway to ‘glocal’ lifestyle Luxury Apartments in Lahore

Lahore was known to be the city of colleges, years back. Recent developments in the infrastructure of Lahore has encouraged population growth too much extent. Now Lahore has been transformed and considered for much more. Numerous factors can be considered as its reason but the greatest and most prominent is the luxurious lifestyle which people of Lahore are gradually adopting. Luxury apartments in Lahore projects are setting up luxury living standards for people to have a more comfortable life within the budget.

Lahore – transforming more into luxurious lifestyle city along time.

Just visualize the scenario when you just have to move a little bit away and you get all the facilities in one place. In another place consider that you want to reach hospital or at work urgently but your destination is far away than the time left to reach. Which is the best scenario to be in?
Life is becoming pretty much easier with the development of newer housing and apartment’s project. The introduction of Luxury apartments in Lahore and Union Complex is one of the best examples to consider when it comes to easier and convenient living. Its premium location further elates its importance for Lahoris.

Introduction to Glocal Lifestyle

Glocal is a term, developed after a combination of global and local. Lahore is gradually becoming the centre point for local and international people to live in. To bring it to a glocal level different construction companies are playing their roles very well. Luxury living is a globally accepted living standard that is necessary to be implemented in a city like Lahore as well. Construction and real estate agencies of Lahore are bringing in this trend within Lahore as a key factor.
If you are currently living in Lahore for years, you can easily compare and identify how easy is to live in this city now. The reason behind this is the ease of access to schools, colleges, universities, hospitals, restaurants etc. All these facilities are the basic life necessities that Lahore provides to its residents. It becomes more convenient to live in a city like Lahore when it comes to Luxury apartments in Lahore. Gated communities and luxury apartments present in Lahore are serving maximum amenities to make life easier and enjoyable than ever before. The missed gap of lack of amenities has been filled by these gated communities and luxury apartment buildings.
Lahore is a densely populated area and eventually deals with horrendous traffic flow daily. But still, its architecture of roads and placement of gated/luxury apartments will never let you get late from your office or work.
Before going to purchase any property, some of the important things which a person must keep in mind is Location, Lifestyle and Luxury. These 3 are setting a living trend in Lahore to maintain the glocal living standard. For this construction companies are continuous bringing in pragmatically imagined, well-planned projects considering basic and non-basic life needs. Union Complex luxury apartments are on the same way. Quicker access to hospitals, schools, colleges, universities, parks, workplaces etc. has become a factor to consider on priority for gated/luxury apartments. In addition to that, access to shopping malls/centres or playgrounds is a must-have part for these communities in order to make life the easiest possible.
A step towards raising the benchmark for luxury apartments in Lahore has enforced premium property builders to bring a perfect blend of complete luxury facilities with a focused approach. To serve people with good life should be the main aspect of living standards. This worldwide living standard has is now being rapidly implemented in Lahore gated communities and luxury apartments.
Worthy of being enlisted in the list of luxury living shapers, Union Complex is providing a complete luxury living solution being at the best place within Lahore. Situated near Ferozepur Road and connected with major landmarks of Lahore raise its prominence further. Union Complex has become a real game-changer for living standards within Lahore.
With the plethora of travel choices around its location, Union Complex is an ideal project for investors to invest in. Whether it is railway, Highway or Bus service etc. every possibility is available around Union Complex Apartments. The fundamental conveniences along with comfort is an additional gift for the residents of these luxury apartments. All factors in combination will surely enforce you to consider it the most preferable area for living.
The presence of Kalma Chowk, Airport, Motorway, and Metro Bus station near Union Complex improves its importance location wise. Ferozepur Road Lahore is a giant with all types of markets, clubs, religious places, universities, colleges, hospitals etc. This makes it a more ideal place for living.
In the case of glocal external factors as mentioned above matters a lot however this is not all for a luxury living. The factor of safety and amenities available inside the apartment building or gated societies is equally important. When it comes to security, the best place to live is one which is fully secured with a 24/7 watching eye. Union Complex security is fully reliable. Surveillance cameras keep on watching 24/7 and guards are available within building premises.
The use of premium luxury set-up, marvellous stature, and its prime location make Union Complex the best return on investment opportunity. This project itself is a one-of-a-kind project which has now set up a benchmark for luxury living with Lahore keeping glocal living standards under consideration.
Within Lahore city, Union Complex is the only luxury apartment project which has set a luxury living standard and a benchmark for newer projects to be in. For any other luxury apartment project, these standards are now a must. People and investors will surely look deep into these standards if any new luxury apartment project arises within or outside Lahore.
Union Complex has now given people a better idea about glocal luxury living standards. Those who want to experience the best luxurious lifestyle apartment must plan to get one booked right now. 1 bed, 2 bed, 3 bed and studio apartments are available as per the choice of a resident.


Modern mothers are nothing less than a superhero; they are brave souls who maintain work-life balance and raise their little bundle of joy. Many women spent years developing their careers, and becoming mothers doesn’t mean they have to give it up. However, many choose to stay at home after giving birth. Some return and continue to set new examples. Lack of facilities like good daycare centers in Pakistan and a protected and safe environment for children raises insecurity among patients. Usually, mothers have to sacrifice their careers to take care of their children.

Mothers have to spend their day running from home to the daycare center and then to the office. Luxury Apartments in Lahore are a more convenient option than houses as they are safer and children-friendly. Union Complex Apartments in Lahore respect working mothers and understand the importance of empowering women to boost the Pakistan economy. These Apartments in Lahore are specially designed to help them maintain balance and follow their passion.

What advantages Union Complex Apartments in Lahore offer to working mothers?

Lahore is a commercial hub and the second most populated city in Pakistan. There are plenty of other Luxury Apartments in Lahore that huge promise favors, but there are many more to consider than just the apartment itself. It is probably one of the most difficult choices, and there are several factors to consider when making a decision and spending your hard-earned money. Where will the children play? What are schools or daycare centers nearby? Is it at a suitable location? Is public transport easily accessible? And most important, is it a safe place to live and raise your children? Well, Union Complex Apartments in Lahore take care of all and promises all the above but has a lot more to offer. It is one of the most prime Apartments in Lahore and is well planned to provide an affordable and luxury living place.

Benefits of Luxury Apartments in Lahore for working mothers

There are several benefits this project promise to provide to working mothers who are

Prime location

At the top of the priority when choosing a home is whereabouts. Luckily, Union Complex Apartments in Lahore are at main Ferozepur road, a 15-minute drive from Kalma Chowk, a 20-minute drive to the airport, 10-minute drive to DHA 5-minutes drive Ring Road. And you can get a Metro Bus right at the doorstep. There are several well-reputed schools and hospitals nearby.

Safety and security

Union Complex Apartments in Lahore is a gated community that is guarded 24/7. Super active guards keep patrolling the premises and make sure the children playing outdoors are safe. Also, a high-tech surveillance system keeps recording every activity round the clock. If you choose to live at Luxury Apartments in Lahore, you can have peace of mind that your home is guarded, and children can also play outdoors safely.

A friendly and religious environment

Union Complex is being designed and built as a project where our cultural and historic neighborhood values will be revived. Such an environment will give a lot of comfort and peace of mind to families and working women.

In-house daycare center

The best feature which can be a piece of mind for working mothers is an in-house daycare center. They can save commuting time and the cost of commuting while picking up and dropping off their child daily. Also, state-of-the-art facilities and well-trained caretakers create a warm and friendly environment for every child to thrive.

Outdoor rooftop play area

The play area is not just space for children to play; it is a place to develop skills, build physical strength, boost immunity, and develop lifetime memories. Children have many potentials, but they need a proper playing area to make use of it. Most homes don’t have much space to have a play area, and public parks are unsafe and far away from many homes. Union Complex Apartments in Lahore have a well-planned, safe, hygienic, and fully equipped outdoor rooftop play area, where children can learn and play without worries.

Swimming pool

When the heat hits Lahore, nothing becomes more fascinating than swimming pools. Not only do they play their role in beating the heat, but they also help children to learn swimming from an early age. Summing is a life skill that also plays a huge role in children’s development. An in-house state-of-the-art swimming pool at Union Complex Apartments in Lahore makes it a perfect choice for young parents, especially working mothers.




Home is where the heart is. Your home is always the place for which you hold the deepest connection and love. In order to enjoy life to its fullest, it is important to have a good home and a happy family living in it. As Albert Einstein once said: “Rejoice with your family in the beautiful land of life.” Everyone in Pakistan thinks that they own a house or an apartment at some point in their lives. A luxury lifestyle and a simple life can be useful when buying an apartment. A good investment is a challenge for all, and real estate investment needs much preparation and assessment.

It can be very hard to know where and how to buy an apartment. Value for money is something everyone looks for but it is very hard to know if you are really getting the bang for your buck. A lot of scams and illegal real estate projects put fear into an investor’s mind. Another factor that discourages investors is that whether or not the value of the property increase or decreases.

Where can you find the best Luxurious Apartments?
Union Complex is the ideal property project with a prime location and state-of-the-art equipment that provides a rare combination of comfort and lifestyle. The Union Complex has luxury apartments that are well built and spacious. At the Union Complex, its residents will have a lavish lifestyle and an ultra-luxury living experience. The spacious living rooms reflect luxurious surprises, a first-class environment and services in premium style, along with a social and entertaining environment. It offers not only luxurious lifestyles but affordability and convenience with state-of-the-art facilities in a prime location in Lahore.

The design of each apartment is done with the comfort of the occupant’s security kept in mind. They provide luxurious apartments and accommodation with exceptional design and architecture since any part of a simple and relaxed life is taken into account. Any office, lobbying, lounge, etc. are designed in an aesthetic and practical manner.
The perfect design of the apartments is suits the needs of the residents. The most efficient planning for their customers is their finest architecture group along with decent prices for an unconcerned lifestyle.

Types of Apartments by Union Complex

Three bedroom Luxury Apartments
This luxurious 1,112 square feet apartment is perfect for a big family. This is the largest size of the project. You will feel like royalty in three spacious bedrooms while the large dining and living room will leave you speechless. Each room is furnished with a bathroom. Two of the bedrooms have balconies to watch the stars and summer breezes late at night, as well as a closet for daily woes. In addition, the family kitchen offers a large area where you can show your cuisine. Free parking is provided for the safety of the vehicle.

Two bedroom Luxury Apartments
A large area of absolute leisure, 840 square feet. Two rooms, which give a small family an aesthetically pleasing atmosphere to live in. A spacious living room and dining room ensure quality time for your mates. Both the attached bathrooms provide warmth in the already pleasant atmosphere. The lounge is a part of each room so that you can dress the right way. The family-run kitchen is also great for cozy meals. Finally, you get fresh air from the balcony and don’t hesitate to get your freeze. The dedicated one-car parking makes it the right option for a small family.

One Bedroom Luxury Apartments
This scale of the bedroom is around 570 square feet. The design and design of this apartment demonstrate how careful and thoughtful this project has been. The separate bathroom provides enough trust and convenience. This apartment has a spacious living room and dining area, unlike other one bedroom apartments. The kitchen is also great for home cooking.

This size is ideal for some bachelors who want a luxury lifestyle. In such a spacious space with a kitchen, you can have a happy life, as you can look forward to every day.

How is Union Complex the best option for you?
At present times, finding trustworthy projects in which to invest is difficult. For those who look for a more luxurious apartment in Pakistan or Lahore, Union Complex is indeed the best option. This initiative is sustainable and profitable, providing a safe and spacious lifestyle. You will save your time and money by investing in these apartments as you do not need to do some second thought. Moreover, luxury is offered at inexpensive prices by Union Complex, Lahore.

Investment is a method that takes a great deal of study and confidence. What this unique project accomplishes so remarkably is that it offers the people of Pakistan a secure and varied way to invest. In addition, Union Complex’s simple and luxurious apartments lifestyle promises a happy and bright future.


All Pakistanis think about investing in real estate at some stage in their lives. Investment in apartments could be a great choice in Pakistani real estate for people who want some stable and safe investment opportunities. Finding reliable investing opportunities is a problem for everyone, and investment in real estate involves a lot of preparation and pre-planning.

Any new investor questions themselves how and where they should invest their savings. This article will tackle both of these questions and give you some insight into the world of investing successfully. After reading this article thoroughly, you may end up investing in some of the best one-bedroom luxury apartments in Lahore available.

How to find an investment opportunity?

Investors must produce a strategy before they start practically doing it. A strategy will lead to reliable projects, and further future investment concerns will start lessening. A strong investor should have a long-term strategy. Failure can be daunting and difficult to overcome, so devising a good plan can do wonders to prevent failure. The plan may include the projection of leasing costs and cash-flow monitoring, repairs, or improvements.

The next step is to choose a good place to buy an apartment after developing a strong and robust strategy. You can choose your one-bedroom luxury apartments; a significant factor is the location of your investment. The place you choose to invest in must have law authorization and certification of authenticity. Choose your amount of budget according to your investment needs, find what value is perfect for you. However, low rates may look appealing, but sometimes they often end up being scams. A proper background check is the best way of avoiding scams and illegal projects.

Which real estate project is best?

Nowadays, it is hard to find a safe and luxurious real estate project to invest in¬. This is why Union Complex is the best choice in Lahore for anyone who is looking for one-bedroom luxury apartments in particular. This project is safe and profitable, providing a safe and luxurious living for its residents. You will save time and money by investing in these apartments as you do not have to do a second thought.

Investment is a phase that calls for a lot of analysis and faith; this is where Union Complex stands out. It is an excellent accomplishment of this unique project that provides the people of Pakistan with a safe and life-changing investment. The extravagant and luxurious lifestyle given by Union Complex means that residents have a happy and optimistic future.

What really is Union Complex?

Union Complex is the chart-topping real-estate project offering a rare combination of comfort and lifestyle, with modern facilities and amenities. The Union Complex offers the finest, well-designed, and spacious one bedroom luxury apartments and other sizes. Union Complex provides its residents with an up-to-date and ultra-luxurious lifestyle. The magnificent living rooms represent the lavish lifestyle, a superb atmosphere, and a social and entertaining atmosphere that makes this the best investment. It provides a comfortable lifestyle and affordability, convenience, and new facilities in a prime location in Lahore.

Each area is built solely for the comfort of the occupant. We deliver spacious accommodation with excellent planning and architecture because we take every part of a convenient and simple living into account. Every bedroom, lobby, lounges, etc., are built in compliance with functionality kept in mind. The one-bedroom luxury apartments are ideally constructed to accommodate the desires of the occupant. Our best design team provides our customers with the most productive planning of the space along with a decent price.

Why trust Union Complex?

It is easy to trust this project as the history and origin go hand in hand with their law-abiding nature. AYQ DEVELOPERS is the company behind this marvellous project. Establishing their name in the construction industry through high performance has set an example for every construction company. The CEO of AYQ DEVELOPERS, Mr Ayub Qadri, belongs to a renowned business family that established Qadri Sons Foundry and Workshop in 1919 and later Qadri steel. Under competent leadership, the company delivers high-quality programs on a timely basis.

Furthermore, Khalid Abdul Rehman, a well-known architect in his profession, is responsible for this project’s great structure and design of the one-bedroom luxury apartments. His company began in 1980, and it brought in substantial changes in the industry. With his impressive design process and a team of more than 50 full-time designers and architects, the Union Complex Apartments in Lahore will achieve optimum productivity and reach new heights.


What is Union Complex?
Union Complex is the perfect real estate project with a prime location and state-of-the-art services and equipment, providing a rare blend of convenience and lifestyle. The Union Complex offers well-designed and spacious luxurious apartments. At the Union Complex creates an uber-lifestyle and ultra-luxury living for its residents. The lavish living is adorned with extravagant surprises, a top-notch ambiance, and resort-style facilities along with a social and entertaining atmosphere. It not only offers a luxury lifestyle but also affordability and comfort in a prime location in Lahore, with state-of-the-art amenities. Studio, One, Two and Three Bedroom Luxury Apartments provide a comfortable, secure and lavish lifestyle in Lahore.

Preparation of each area is exclusively for the resident’s comfort. With excellent planning and architecture, we offer luxurious accommodation because we take into account every aspect of an easy and comfortable living. The design of each room, lobbies, lounges, etc., are done with functionality and aesthetics kept in mind.

The apartments are flawlessly built to meet the resident’s needs. Our best architecture squad, along with fair pricing for worry-free living, offers our customers the most effective room preparation.

Apartment Sizes Available
One Bedroom Luxury Apartments
This one bedroom apartment is approximately 570 square feet. The planning and layout of this apartment show how much care and thought has gone into this project. Furthermore, the separate bathroom ensures appropriate privacy and comfort. Unlike other one bedroom apartments, this apartment has a spacious living room along with a dining area. In addition, the kitchen is perfect for some homemade meals.

This size is perfect for a couple of bachelors looking for a luxurious lifestyle. Having such a spacious area along with a kitchen ensures you a comfortable living experience as every day is something to look forward to now.

Two bedroom Luxury Apartments
A spacious 840 square feet area of utter luxury. Two bedrooms that create an aesthetically pleasing ambiance for a small family. A roomy living area and dining room ensure your quality family time. In Union Complex The attached bathrooms with both bedrooms add comfort to the already cozy environment. The dressing area is a part of both rooms so you can dress up the way you prefer best. In addition, the family-sized kitchen is perfect for making hearty meals. Lastly, the balcony gives you a fresh breath of air, so don’t forget to catch the breeze. The dedicated parking for one car makes this the perfect option for a small family.

Three bedroom Luxury Apartments
1,112 square feet luxury apartment, perfect for a big family. This size is the largest size available in this project. Three premium bedrooms make you feel like royalty as the spacious dining and living room leave you in awe. Each room comes with an attached bathroom. Two of the bedrooms come with a dressing room for your daily wardrobe hassles and balconies for late-night stargazing and summer breezes. In addition, the family kitchen gives you a large area to show your creative cooking skills. Free car parking for a car will ensure the safety of your vehicle.

Why choose Union Complex Luxury Apartments?
Firstly, Union Complex is a project by AYQ DEVELOPERS. They have built their name in the building industry. The CEO of AYQ DEVELOPERS, Mr. Ayub Qadri, belongs to renowned business family that established Qadri Sons Foundry and Workshop in 1919 and later Qadri steel. Under competent leadership, the company delivers high-quality programs on a timely basis.

Secondly, the architect of this project is Khalid Abdul Rehman who is well-known in his field.  His company, Landmark Consultants (Pvt.) Limited has designed major high rise buildings in Pakistan.

Furthermore, the financial partners of this project is SILKBANK which is a benchmark in Pakistan’s premier banking. The prime location of Union Complex is right next to the metro station of Youhannabad, near Ferozepur Road, Lahore. The place is great for the tenants, because they can immediately find Metro outside the apartment. The position is suitable for development and growth, thus maximizing its appeal and making it a favorable place for investment.

Last but not the least, the project is LDA (Lahore Development Authority) approved, as the project is built to provide a safe, secure and luxurious lifestyle. Invest securely with Union Complex today in Luxury Lifestyle Apartments.


Everyone in Pakistan at some point in their life thinks about investing their money in something rewarding. Investing successfully is a challenge for everyone and real estate investment or investment in apartments in Pakistan is an investment that requires a lot of planning and evaluation.

How, when, and where to invest is are questions every new investor asks themselves? Answers to such questions can be found below, each point will help you gain a better understanding of investing. Furthermore, after reading this article you can invest safely in Luxury Apartments in Lahore or any other city in Pakistan.

Create a Plan
In order to have a successful investment, investors must produce a plan before actually investing. Having a plan will help in investing as well as further future matters regarding the investment. A good investor should always have a plan for the long run.

Investing in real estate can be hard and challenging so investors need coordination and a strong strategy. The strategy may include rental cost projection and cash flow tracking, maintenance or upgrades cost should also be taken into consideration.

Pick the Best Location for Luxury Apartment in Lahore
After creating a solid and robust plan the next step should be to pick a beneficial location to buy an apartment. It could be your hometown or where you work; a place that defines your investment is an important consideration. Remote areas are usually cheaper than rapidly expanding cities. So choose a place that’s right for you, based on the basis of your investment needs.

The apartment you are looking for should not out of your budget, however, low prices may seem attractive but in the long run, and they might not benefit you. For example, buying an apartment for a low price in the middle of nowhere will be pointless. This forces you to spend a large sum of money just on transportation.

If you are looking for affordable apartments then Union Complex Apartments in Lahore are your best option. The ideal location of these apartments makes them the best and safest investment opportunity for you.

Decide a Suitable Budget
Having a suitable budget is as important as choosing the best location. For some people, budget is a top priority and it should be one of the very first things you should decide on before carrying out your investment. Taking professional advice for this task can be the best solution. You can contact a knowledgeable and trustworthy financial planner if it’s your first time investing in real estate Apartments in Lahore. After calculating the budget you will get an idea of what sort of property your budget will allow you to own. Always consider choosing a value-for-money investment that completes all your needs for getting apartments in Pakistan. A bigger budget will open more possibilities but having a small budget can allow you to experiment more.

Study the Market
In order to protect yourself from future immobilization, you should carry out a thorough review of the current industrial dynamics. You will know the current market situation and schedule accordingly by being fully aware of current market patterns, prices, interest rates, and growth. If you see land values rising rapidly in the region, the investment would be easier in this region. Invest in only trust-able real estate Luxury Lifestyle Apartments projects and companies.

Good research will give you a heads up for the investment as you will know what area is profiting at the moment and which isn’t. Having the knowledge of where to invest can be the most crucial information to have a successful investment.

Where to Buy a Luxury Apartment?
In today’s day and age, it has become challenging to find trustworthy real estate projects to invest in. This is why Union Complex is the best option for anyone who is looking for a luxury apartment in Pakistan or Lahore more specifically. This project is safe and a beneficial investment that provides a safe and luxurious living. Investing in these apartments, you can save your time and money as you won’t have to do any second-guessing. In addition, Union Complex Apartments in Lahore delivers luxury at an affordable price.

Investment is a process that requires a lot of research and trust worth opportunity to execute. What this unique project so remarkably accomplishes is that it provides a safe and life-changing way of investment for the people of Pakistan. Moreover, the easy and luxurious lifestyle that Union Complex Lahore provides ensures are joyful and bright future for the residents.