Seven benefits of Living in Union Complex Luxury Apartments

benefits of Living in Union Complex Luxury Apartments

Have you ever thought of what are the benefits of a luxury apartment? There are numerous benefits to living in luxury apartments rather than living in a normal house. Most people usually think that homes are far better than apartments, but they are wrong due to some reasons. If you read their benefits below, you will also know that luxury apartments are called “next-level”. Other than that, houses have very fewer benefits compared to luxurious apartments. Luxury apartments are highly cost-effective. Let’s see what services it will give to you in your life living in it:

Area of the apartment

As you know, one of the major things that a person confirms before purchasing a home is its location. Everybody wants to live in a luxurious and breathtaking home that has a positive view everywhere. However, it isn’t easy to find such a home with a beautiful picture with all basic living facilities. Union Complex has all luxurious apartment that is present in an excellent location and breathtaking environment. Other than that, it is one of the best projects among many flats that are made in Lahore.

Security system

This is one of the major benefits of living in a luxurious apartment because it is a lot safe than normal houses. All of this is because luxurious apartments have 24/7 surveillance that makes them very secure. Numerous security guards are all placed on all of the vital points and scattered around the apartment. However, if you buy a home, you will have to pay for all the security features tools to make it safe.

Union Complex provides luxurious apartments that give you all the security that you ever need. Moreover, both exit and entrance are heavily guarded, making it almost impossible to breach inside it. Nevertheless, if you need them for an emergency, you can call the receptionist. They will surely send the security guard right away. For extra protection, they have an ambulance and firefighting system that can protect you even more.

Cost of the apartment

Another thing that a person does before purchasing a home is comparing the prices of different locations. However, the prices of homes are more than luxurious apartments. Some factors that will affect the cost of the house that you buy include its location. In the case of an apartment, you will have to give the same price as everybody else. You will not have to search around for less expense than you can for an apartment. Other than that, the cost of the house will have to be given by your family alone. Whereas in a luxurious apartment, every charge is shared. Hence apartment price is significantly lower than a house. Union Complex is one of them that gives less price and great facilities.

Residing Price

The price of living in a house is much more than a luxurious apartment. This is because many things cost you in a place that as electricity bill and other bills. Other than that, there is a tax for owning a house, and there are maintenance costs. Simultaneously, luxurious apartments have certain maintenance fees that you will have to pay every month. Hence if there is some problem, you can always call the maintenance service for an instant fix. Moreover, this service is very quick, and that saves you from searching for the person to fix it.


Neighbours are the special people every person wants as they can help you in need. However, if you have bad neighbours, then there will be endless problems with them till you live there. Moreover, you will have to tolerate them for some purposes as well. In a luxurious apartment, there will be friendly neighbours as every apartment wants a friendly environment. However, if neighbours disturb you, you can easily call them, and the management will do the rest.


Facilities are one of the benefits of having a luxurious apartment. The facilities provided by the Union Complex luxury apartments are very elegant, and they will help around the apartment. However, many apartments in Pakistan lack them as they are quite pricy to have. Hence selecting the right apartment for your luxurious life is very important. If you want a quality and easier life, then Union Complex can give you all your daily needs. Here are the facilities that it provides:

  • Shopping area
  • Daycare centre
  • Lift lobby
  • Executive lounges
  • Reception area
  • Ambulance and first aid service
  • In the home maintenance facility
  • Smoke detectors and firefighting facility
  • On the rooftop, children play area and many other activities
  • Car parking and washing
  • Swimming pool and gym
  • The mosque that has air conditioners

Events in luxury apartments

Hosting an event in your home is quite hard because of less space. If you have a garden that has more area, then arranging an event can be possible. Very few luxury apartments provide the facility of event hosting. The Union Complex is one of those. It gives you huge space for your events which is differently made with luxurious style. On the rooftop, you can easily prepare for an event. Thus saving time for finding the proper area for event management. Moreover, with the facilities they have, they can provide you with the best event you can ever have in your life.


Undoubtedly, there are numerous benefits of living in a luxurious apartment. All the fees for your apartment will come in only one go, and they will be far less than all the bills that a homeowner has. Other than that Union Complex provides many facilities that can ease your life. Having a place like it is a blessing, and it will be a good place for your children to grow.


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  1. You made a good point when you shared that you are able to enjoy plenty of amenities if you choose to stay in a luxury apartment. My wife just mentioned the other day that she wants to find a proper place where we can raise our kids comfortably as we are currently expecting our first child next year. I think it would be great if I get a luxury apartment that comes with plenty of useful amenities.

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