Reshaping of Apartment Amenities Since 2020

Apartments in Lahore

The trend of living in apartments in Lahore

The year 2020 cannot be forgotten in years to come because it changed almost everything we knew as the norm. It left a huge impact on everything including our actions and our priorities. The industries across the country began to shift and the housing industry was not an exception. Homeowners started to accept the effects of the Covid-19 Pandemic. It gave a new shape to how the property owners think for the future of living in apartments in Lahore, ahead.

After 2020, the majority of property managers and owners started to have different expectations from their apartments than it was back in 2019. In 2019 and years before, the most sought after amenities were air conditioning, car parking, dishwashers, and washer and dryer. However, by the coming of the year, 2020 times changed. Although these amenities still mean a lot to most people property managers and homeowners now look for something different. The apartments can now include copper door handles, air filtration and air exchange systems, working spaces with dividers, or upgraded apartment keys. The year 2020 has forced apartment owners to look at the services from a different perspective.

Moving forward

Due to the effects the year 2020 had on the industry and economy throughout the world, the majority of the property owners decided to delay their plans of moving to a new property. According to a recent survey, 23 per cent of the people want to move to an apartment that offers better features and services. While 28 per cent of people want to upgrade their lifestyle by moving to a luxurious apartment.

As people are now getting ready to find a comfortable place and some self-care, it is one of the best times to invest in luxury apartments in Lahore and what better option can you find than Union Complex Luxury Apartments, which brings you a whole package of luxury and comfort along with best quality amenities.

Speaking about amenities, here are some of the amenities that have been introduced after 2020.

  • Package Lockers

The E-commerce industry has seen a sudden boom in its growth as the sales through e-commerce grew by about 35% in the year 2020 and has been rising since. The pandemic made online shopping a norm and people began feeling more comfortable shopping online sitting at home rather than going to a crowded store to avoid any contact with other people. This means that apartments are receiving more packages than before and they need a safe way to pick the delivery packages.

And so package locker was introduced. Package lockers let the residents collect their packages from either a parcel room or one of the lockers lined on a wall that opens with a unique code that is received by the resident. You can grab your package without having to come in contact with any other person.

  • Smart Apartments

Since the coming of smartphones, the smart apartment has been the most exciting new thing. With features such as keyless entry, smart appliances, and the smart thermostat, smart apartments have become the most sought-after type of residence.

Smart locks are more appealing to apartment owners these days because it adds both convenience and security to the home. Locking yourself out of your home, wondering if you locked the door after you left, or hiding the keys and telling someone the location where he or she can find the keys to enter the home, all these scenarios can be avoided by installing smart locks. Smart locks can also be paired with video doorbells that let you know if the door is left unlocked or opened.

Smart thermostats can help control the temperature of your apartment from anywhere, even when you are not at home. It also saves you a considerable amount of money by saving energy as it is energy efficient.

Smart appliances have grown popular recently. From refrigerators that let you see inside them through your phone so that the cooling inside it does not escape to the microwaves. That can be activated and controlled through voice commands. Smart appliances make your life convenient and save energy costs at the same time.

Other smart devices

To further save you from touching the buttons, voice-activated and motion-activated features came in. That can turn on the fans or lights of each room. The lighting can also be controlled by having timers on them.

  • Workspace At Home

As we all know back in 2020 due to the pandemic, work from home became an important part of life. Home offices quickly became a necessity and so the apartments started to reshape accordingly. Workspaces crawled into the designs of the apartment and now people look for an apartment that has open spaces. Where moveable walls and area dividers is there with multipurpose furniture.

Whether you live in a studio apartment or own luxury apartments in Lahore. No one can live in a home that does not have open spaces and a common room. This is where Union Complex Luxury Apartments come in. It offers some of the best apartments in Lahore along with quality services that match some of the 5-star hotels.

  • Outdoor Spaces Inside The Apartment

Before the pandemic, people only cared about as much covered space as possible. Even if it meant sacrificing the outdoor space. But when the pandemic struck and people had to stay indoors for months, outdoor spaces inside the homes became very important. People wanted fresh air in open spaces without having to leave the building. This is when balconies, pools, patios, and gazebos became one of the most wanted amenities. Spaces like these allow people to spread evenly and connect safely.

Union Complex Luxury Apartments offers green and open spaces to its residents which improves the quality of their lives. Not many luxury apartments in Lahore come with the same package of amenities and comforts that Union Complex offers.

  • Using Copper and Ventilation Systems in Apartments

Multiple families and communities use Copper in almost many things they have. This is because of its ability to destroy microbes and bacteria quite rapidly. Door handles, elevator buttons, and gym equipment are of copper in many places post-pandemic.

Another amenity that became important with the coming of the pandemic is the ventilation system. Communities have started using hospital-grade ventilation systems throughout the building. Some communities have even started adding ionization systems all over the building as well.


Since 2020, several priorities about apartment amenities have been reshaped. Although it is not certain that these amenities will stay popular for many years to come. However, for a few years after 2020, they are not going to lose the spotlight among the property owners and buyers.

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