Pros and Cons of Living near a Highway or Main Road

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People who invest in purchasing the luxury apartments in Lahore belong to two main categories: People who want to live near a highway or main road, and people who like a peaceful and isolated place for their home. These preferences exist only because living near a highway or the main road always has its pros and cons. Some people believe that the sound of passing cars makes them feel connected to the infrastructure, while others think that the sound of traffic is just a noise that disturbs their peace. Let us look at some of the pros and cons of living near a highway or main road.

Pros of Living near a Highway

1- Easy accessibility
Being near a highway means that you can easily go wherever you require without having to figure out which way to get out of the random streets first and then follow a complicated route towards your destination. Union Complex Luxury Apartments in Lahore is located at Ferozepur Road which is one of the primary main roads of Lahore, making access to the entire city easier than ever.
Also whenever a highway or main road is constructed in an area, the value of homes increase significantly over a short period because highways connect towns to bigger city’s road network, which makes it very easy to travel to and fro the town and city.

2- Highways bring more business

Highways mean the flow of traffic at all times. This also means more exposure for the people who are looking for professional real estate property. Highways make it a lot easier for the big cities to stretch out their reach so that the businesses that cannot take their investments in the inner-city real estate property can now aim for the next best thing, which is known as roadside property.

3- Development for future

Wherever a highway is constructed, development is soon to follow. You may have noticed when the highway is newly constructed, we can only see a few houses somewhere near it. But after some months shops and stores can be seen taking shape in the commercial area connected to the highway with new city fixtures invading the suburban lifestyle. While to some people this may seem exciting seeing the future being developed before their very eyes, but others who had invested in the area to live a peaceful and quiet life may see it as negative.

4- Investing in property becomes more profitable

Having a house near a highway can be very profitable whether you like living in it or not. It places the person who invests in the property, near a highway, in a win-win situation. Let us put it this way. If you have a home near a highway and you like living in it, then the property value of your home will continue to increase while you live there. If you don’t like living near a highway then it can be a good option as an investment property as its value will continue to increase over time. Having a home near a highway means that you have easy access to places that you need to visit or if you like to travel. You can even rent out the property near a highway to let the passive income flow in.

Union Complex Luxury Apartments is certainly one of the best investment options if you want to invest in luxury apartments in Lahore. It provides some of the best quality services, equivalent to a 5-star hotel, right at your doorstep.

5- Prices are mostly affordable

One of the disadvantages that come with the house near a highway is the noise created by passing traffic. But this disadvantage is what makes the prices of the property near a highway very reasonable and affordable. This disadvantage is used as an advantage to invest in a property near a highway. If you cannot afford to invest a huge amount of money in real estate. Invest in property near a highway. It is the best bet as the value of property keeps increasing with every new service that becomes available near it.

Investing in Union Complex Luxury Apartments can save you from the traffic noise while providing you with all the benefits of living near the main road. It offers the best luxury apartments in Lahore at affordable prices.

6- Well maintained streets

The worst thing about living near the streets is the conditions of the road. People get stuck in traffic jams or the maintenance cost of their vehicles keeps increasing every month. This is because of the damages caused by poorly maintained roads. This may be a common sight on the low-traffic roads. However, highways are always well maintained and they are repaired regularly. If you are one of the people who live near a highway, then you won’t have to worry about poor road conditions near your house ever again.

Cons of Living near a Highway

1- Noise

Noise is the most obvious disadvantage of having a home near a highway or a busy main road. Some people feel that it is a serious problem. Because having to hear the noise of traffic all day is tiring and takes away their peace. Depending upon the home buyer’s choices, it may be harder to sell the property near a highway.

2- Landlocked issue

Although highways provide easy access to most places around your location. They also make it harder for you to find a proper exit towards the road to your house. You will either have to travel far ahead of your home to find an exit from the highway and take the service road back to your home, or you will have to exit the highway early to find an alternate route that goes to your home. You may have to search for extra roads and other alternative routes to inform the buyers about easier access to the property.

3-Safety concerns

Most families do not consider buying property near a highway as they have many security concerns. Several movies show how easy it is to mug someone on the highway and then get away with it. So most people prefer living in solitary streets or gated communities. This is to keep their children and pets safe from any potential mishaps that highways make it possible,

4- Lack of privacy

Properties near highways usually do not offer high walls or gated communities. This means that neighbours or passing-by drivers can easily turn their heads to look right into your home. This certainly creates a lack of security and privacy. People even would install a modern security home security system. Although there is no proof that homes near highways can suffer.


Finding your dream house can be tough at times like these as there is a lot to consider. The most crucial decision is whether you want to live near a hustling and bustling area or an isolated location. To invest in apartments in Lahore one of the best options right now is Union Complex Luxury Apartments. It is located right on the main road while providing you all the perks of a luxurious home and a well secured gated community. Buyers are eagerly investing in luxury apartments in Lahore as it offers a complete upgrade to your lifestyle.

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