Proficient Apartment Design Tips that Enhances Functionality in Apartments in Lahore

Apartments in Lahore

You can find well-designed luxury apartments in Lahore at Union Complex Luxury Apartments. Being located at one of the most prime locations of Lahore city it is offering all the premium quality services that match some of the 5-star hotels. Union Complex Luxury Apartments is one of the best choices if you are looking to invest in Apartments in Lahore.

Work from Home

The pandemic has affected a lot of things in our daily life. Before the year 2020, only 5% of people used to work from home. Whereas after the pandemic, more than 20% of the population started working from home. This is because it was promoted and recommended by health and safety bodies. But working from home is not as easy as working from an office where all the required facilities are available to let the workflow smoothly. This is why many people invested in upgrading their homes to make them a better workplace.

But the idea of upgrading a home that already has limited space is not that simple. To make the most out of the space available, you have to think of all the holistic approaches available. Just to make the available space more functional than ever. When you opt for flexible furniture and design choices for one part of an apartment, you can improve the utilization and functions of another part.

To make your home more functional than it already is, you have to rethink how to utilize the spaces that are being underutilized. You may have to invest in multi-purpose furniture. And because you will be spending a significant amount of time at home, you will have to choose lighter and calming colour tones that are soothing to your eyes.

If you want to know how the thought process behind making the best use of the available space in an apartment works, here are some design tips that enhance the functionality and form of an apartment.

  • Function comes first

When you redesign a small space or think about utilizing an underutilized space, the first and most important point to consider is the functionality. You need to think about your daily life. What is the most important thing for you in your space? What do you do for most of your day? Do you have to take your laptop and sit at a dining table to work because you do not have a proper working space? The easiest solution to this is installing a sideboard and small storage. So that your laptop can be tucked in after you are done with your daily work routine.

  • Finding the most comfortable space in apartments in Lahore

If you are upgrading your home because of the work-from-home trend that began with the pandemic, it means you are going to spend almost two-third of the day at home. This is why your workspace has to be as comfortable as it can be. You should build around a space that is both important and comfortable for you. It can be a sofa with ottoman pair on which you sit to binge-watch Netflix. Or a study desk near a window providing you with fresh air and sunlight. Use whatever space you find most comforting for your work as this will be where you spend most of your day.

  • Invest in multi-functional furniture

If you live in a small apartment and saving up space is not possible, you can utilize the benefits from multi-functional furniture and use a specified space for multiple purposes. For example, some homes have a carpeted area which can be more than 600 sq. ft. but they don’t have a guest bedroom. You can use a convertible sofa here that doubles up as a bed when guests have come over for a stay. Other such furniture includes ottomans that can be used both as a seat and coffee table. And a convertible work desk that doubles up as a dining table, etc.

  • Distinguish each space

This technique is most popularly used in studio apartments which are available at Union Complex Luxury Apartments in Lahore. When you are living in such an apartment, try to make a distinguished appearance for each area and if it is possible, try to put partitions between some of the areas. For example, you can use different coloured rugs in the dining area and living area. So that although they both will be next to each other they will have a distinctive identity.

  • Differentiate using a different colour scheme

You can also use different colour schemes or different coloured furniture and decorations for each area in the house. It creates a sense of separation between the spaces and helps avoid the cluttered look. It also generates an orderly and clean vibe for your home and makes it looks spacious. You can also separate your sleeping space from the rest of the apartment. This can be done by using a glass partition wall or full-sized curtains. Many people are uncomfortable when their bed is visible from the entrance door. Separating the bed from the rest of the apartment helps maintain the privacy that most people find comforting while they sleep.

  • Use light and bright interiors

Although it may sound like a very basic tip. It can do wonders to the looks and feels of your apartment. Using lighter colour tone paints in your home can help make it look bigger and spacious. This is because light and bright colour tones reflect more light as compared to dull and dark colours. Thus making your room look well-lit even with the slightest of natural light. One other advantage of having a light but bright coloured background is that your furniture looks more vibrant and distinguished.

  • Compact Kitchen

Small apartments mean that your kitchen never has enough space to fit all the needed appliances. And the ones that have a bigger kitchen then have to sacrifice a considerable amount of space from any other important area. Most likely, the living room. To solve this problem, innovators have created appliances that can be installed under or over the kitchen counters. So that you don’t have to sacrifice the precious space for the big and bulky appliances. Moreover, you can get a fully functional convertible kitchenette which is just a cabinet. This helps to house a microwave oven, fridge, tap, sink, storage space, induction module, etc. This can help you save a lot of space and provide the smaller apartments with an even tone.


Although the pandemic caused a severe global economic crisis, it also encouraged us to make several innovations to tackle it. When people started working from home, they realized how important and precious design and space is. This is why a majority of people upgraded their apartments in Lahore to adapt to the new work-from-home trend. Union Complex Luxury Apartments already saw the changing of trends and new adaptations in the housing industry, which is why all the apartments that Union Complex offers come with carefully designed and well-planned spaces with a skillful balance of covered and open green spaces in each of its luxury apartments in Lahore. No doubt, Union Complex has been the centre of attention for many investors who want to invest in apartments in Lahore.


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