Managing the small kitchen of a Union luxury apartments

union luxury apartments

Are you talking about the kitchen of Union luxury apartments? many of them offer small spaces to manage stuff. Having a kitchen with good storage space is everyone’s want. But what if the little area is offered to store small and big kitchen materials? Don’t panic all you need is smart management. Here we mentioned a few navigable tricks for the pleasant organization of things. So you can say goodbye to messy kitchen looks.

Easy to assemble shelving system

Portable shelves made of plastic or stainless steel are available on market to buy. It’s a great substitute for a pantry in a kitchen. These shelves can be fixed to the wall or can be placed over the kitchen counter if there’s enough space. You can store dry foods like pasta, bread, cereals, and canned foods on these shelves. Also, such shelves serve as a visually appealing decoration item and adore the kitchen space. Occupants of apartments in Lahore must consider this option to store stuff in a better way.

Wall-mounted spice racks

Doors of the existing cabinets can be used to install spice racks as it will save space and you can have easy access to spices while cooking. Therefore, spices are easy to organize this way without compromising space. Spice racks are also obtainable in a smaller size so you can put one inside the cabinet if fixing over the door is unsuitable. However, such bothersome issues aren’t encountered in well-designed apartments like those of union luxury apartments in Lahore. Their kitchens have a capacious and modern pantry system.

Opt for a small cupboard

Some people may not like the idea of open shelves as putting foodstuff out in open seems inappropriate to them. Therefore, the small cupboard idea fits best as a pantry in the kitchen. Make use of a portable cupboard that can be closed so things remain safe inside and the cupboard can be moved when needed. You can also place such small portable cupboards in dining or living room space. A nicely designed cupboard will be a décor piece for embellishment as well. Further, you can put small succulent plants to enhance visual impact. It will be a functional art piece. Residents of luxury apartments in Lahore make worthy use of small cupboards to reduce clutter in the kitchen as small storage structures are easy to place against the spare wall in the dining or living room.

Magnetic strip to hold knives

Get rid of the wooden block placed on your counter to hold knives. With less counter space magnetic strip for arranging knives is a highly functional product to install. You can easily put on or take off knives and ensure easy reach for smooth working while cooking. Moreover, there is no more knife clutter over the counter, the magnetic strip can stick to the wall behind a kitchen sink. So chop your vegetable hassle-free and keep yourself safe from injury due to these sharp tools.

Bring in a movable Island

Are you residing in luxury lifestyle apartments and less counter space in the kitchen frustrates you? Be quick to bring in a movable island system. This innovative product will miraculously reduce counter cramping and gives you enough space to place a cutting board for chopping vegetables. Apart from this, the mobile island is easy to store. Bring it in the kitchen when needed or move it out and place it against a spare wall if not in use. If your kitchen has enough space to hold the island, you can use it as additional counter space. Roll in or roll out this fabulous structure is pretty handy in usage.

Utilize the walls

Think vertical to manage small kitchen space. It is possible with floating shelves that are a purposeful yet good decorative item. Such shelves amazingly reduce clutter and hold small, lightweight kitchen stuff. Put your mugs, small utensils, and miniature plants off course to adore floating shelves. This will spare you much-needed counter space for cooking activities. To get guidance on how to manage vertical storage you must visit union apartments in Lahore. They make use of modern methods to provide maximum storage space without compromising the interior looks.

Think about drawers and cabinet insertions

Many of us living in apartments in Lahore are facing small storage space issues. Cabinets are either too high or much low to hold in enough stuff. It’s time to awaken our creative side to manage stuff. Instead of stacking things one upon another like we do with mugs and glass insert an additional shelf into the cabinet. Develop the space according to your needs. Drawer inserts further help out in storing cutlery and cooking spoons.

Display over walls

It’s ok if you have a small space to hold in stuff. Even luxury apartments in Lahore can be tactfully organized without slaying their luxurious expression. Display your best dishes with the intricate floral design over the kitchen wall. Only you need is a creative idea, ignite your imagination, and decorate with your best stuff available. Hanging from the ceiling is also a good option but if done in an orderly form. Macramé baskets suspended from the ceiling to hold onions or other vegetables put rhythm to design. Moreover, it will save space over the floor as most of us use stepped iron shelves to store garlic, onions, and potatoes.

The rolling cart serves various purpose

If we explore the interior of union apartments Lahore, the microwave system is built-in. but what if such a facility is not at reach? You still need a space to put kitchen appliances. The rolling cart serves the purpose. You can place a microwave, coffee maker, or juicer blender over it. Also, it can serve as a display for beverages and you can place serving glasses for instant use. Moreover, you can roll your cart to serve guests in a well-mannered way.


A kitchen is a place where you work enjoying cooking or sometimes work in a hassle as guests are about to arrive.  So, kitchen material should be in a reachable position. Dig up interesting ideas to adore small kitchen spaces. It is an opportunity to get rid of unnecessary stuff and creatively organize the kitchen. To widen your horizon, you must have a look at the interior of union luxury apartments in Lahore that represent a combination of well-decorated smart living plans.

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