Managing décor of a 3-bed apartment

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Are you struggling hard to make choices while embellishing luxury lifestyle apartments? Don’t be upset go through the décor ideas provided beneath for assistance. Once you start, things begin to manage one by one and you will achieve what you need. A 3-bed apartment requires good planning to adore spaces in a variety of ways. You will wish to decorate each room in a different style and preserve the capacious look of your residence.

Keep it adorable but functional

Décor should be adorable but functional at the same time. We often saturate our living spaces with heavy furniture and things that we adore while shopping in the market. However, those decoration pieces may look charming in the showroom but may not fit best in the space you want to put in. Here you need to decide wisely about the stuff you need the most, should be eye-catching and also provides the required function. Unnecessary items clutter the environment making the overall visual busy thus creating a haphazard. To heighten your knowledge concerning apartment interiors you must visit union luxury apartments in Lahore. They epitomize purposeful utilization of space.

Add whites to your space

Colors operate the feel of an environment. It affects the mood of a person. Dark colors absorb light while white tints reflect light so things appear bright and clean. Also white looks clean and gives a capacious look to the interior. You can paint walls in white tones but can put loud, vibrant color on any single wall of the room, maybe the wall at the back of your bed. Also, one can add warm colors to the interior through sofas, wall hangings, or décor pieces. Hang a colorful painting against a plain white wall to disrupt the monotony. An elegant color theme can be seen in union apartments Lahore. They managed an impeccable balance between Whites and darks to harmonize interior design.

Lay down open kitchen plan

Tactful handling of small areas leaves no dead space in the design. Every wall and corner should be functional to assist a voluminous look. The kitchen is mostly built over a little area. This congests the kitchen environment and leaves insufficient space to store stuff properly. So, by demolishing existing walls in-between the kitchen and dining room you can merge the areas to increase space for the kitchen. Kitchen appliances like a coffee maker, toaster, and microwave oven can be placed in customized cabinets in the dining area to share the load over kitchen storage spaces. However, luxury apartments in Lahore are well managed to store enough stuff for a big family.

Multi-purpose room

It’s the benefit of a 3-bed apartment that you can use a spare third room for multiple purposes. You can manage to create a home-based gym in it by putting gym equipment. Also, you can develop in it a peaceful environment to enjoy book reading dedicating spare space to study room. Those who work from home can set up a small office to work unhindered. This will keep away the rest of your house from work linked activities. You can also use the third room as a storeroom to keep in extra stuff. 3-bed union luxury apartments in Lahore are deliberately planned to meet the needs of a big family.

Lit up the apartment

Apartments in Lahore are exemplary setups that can be followed to get your house a harmonized interior with less clutter and more space. Lights play a vivacious role to bring in feel of openness. There shouldn’t be dark spaces in an apartment. You must light up each corner of your home. Add in feature lighting as it sets a mood like a pendant light atop the dining table separates the eating space from other spaces. It looks elegant and enhances the overall composition of your interior. Lights are the soul of Luxury lifestyle apartments.

Welcome in the natural light

Apartments where natural light could enter inside remain safe from unwanted diseases and germs. Be particular about enlightening your apartment with natural light. Replace thick curtains with white thin ones. Such curtains give an amazing bright effect during the day illuminating the interior and making it look capacious. Union apartments Lahore are planned in a way so natural light could enter the apartment and brighten up the interior.

Put some Green

When it’s about green, the plantation is the best option to stick with especially in apartments in Lahore. Indoor plants help in conditioning the atmosphere by absorbing toxins and releasing oxygen. Plants give a visually pleasing look to the space so filling in empty spaces with greenery is always in trend. People who are busy enough to care for plants should opt for indoor plants that survive with little care and need to be watered less often. Plants are a perfect yet budget-friendly option to adore. It provides a serene sitting environment.

Fetch some glass and mirror decoration

Wall-mounted mirrors are a trick to create an illusion of open space. Mirrors reflect maximum light and keep the space looking bright. You can put it in the dining or living room area. You can put it in the dining or living room area where the family spends most of the time and where you entertain guests. Moreover, glass decorations and the use of glass furniture also give a capacious look. It doesn’t congest the area as heavy wooden furniture does. The transparency of glass makes the furniture appear sleek and the space look brighter due to its glossy trait.

Obey the vertical storage rule

Small spaces with limited storage areas require sensible management. Use vertical storage solutions like heightened bookshelves to organize books nicely. However, you can also add some miniature planters to your bookshelf to play with colors.


It is fun to decorate a home but should be done decently. It’s easy to adore a single space whereas huge areas like 3-bed apartments require good aesthetic sense and properly planned ideas. Visit luxury apartments in Lahore for the prudent idea of spacious home décor.

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