union complexBest luxury apartments for working mothers in Lahore

Modern mothers are nothing less than a superhero; they are brave souls who maintain work-life balance and raise their little bundle of joy. Many women spent years developing their careers, and becoming mothers doesn’t mean they have to give it up. However, many choose to stay at home after giving birth. Some return and continue to set new examples. Lack of facilities like good daycare centers in Pakistan and a protected and safe environment for children raises insecurity among patients. Usually, mothers have to sacrifice their careers to take care of their children.

Mothers have to spend their day running from home to the daycare center and then to the office. Luxury Apartments in Lahore are a more convenient option than houses as they are safer and children-friendly. Union Complex Apartments in Lahore respect working mothers and understand the importance of empowering women to boost the Pakistan economy. These Apartments in Lahore are specially designed to help them maintain balance and follow their passion.

What advantages Union Complex Apartments in Lahore offer to working mothers?

Lahore is a commercial hub and the second most populated city in Pakistan. There are plenty of other Luxury Apartments in Lahore that huge promise favors, but there are many more to consider than just the apartment itself. It is probably one of the most difficult choices, and there are several factors to consider when making a decision and spending your hard-earned money. Where will the children play? What are schools or daycare centers nearby? Is it at a suitable location? Is public transport easily accessible? And most important, is it a safe place to live and raise your children? Well, Union Complex Apartments in Lahore take care of all and promises all the above but has a lot more to offer. It is one of the most prime Apartments in Lahore and is well planned to provide an affordable and luxury living place.

Benefits of Luxury Apartments in Lahore for working mothers

There are several benefits this project promise to provide to working mothers who are

Prime location

At the top of the priority when choosing a home is whereabouts. Luckily, Union Complex Apartments in Lahore are at main Ferozepur road, a 15-minute drive from Kalma Chowk, a 20-minute drive to the airport, 10-minute drive to DHA 5-minutes drive Ring Road. And you can get a Metro Bus right at the doorstep. There are several well-reputed schools and hospitals nearby.

Safety and security

Union Complex Apartments in Lahore is a gated community that is guarded 24/7. Super active guards keep patrolling the premises and make sure the children playing outdoors are safe. Also, a high-tech surveillance system keeps recording every activity round the clock. If you choose to live at Luxury Apartments in Lahore, you can have peace of mind that your home is guarded, and children can also play outdoors safely.

A friendly and religious environment

Union Complex is being designed and built as a project where our cultural and historic neighborhood values will be revived. Such an environment will give a lot of comfort and peace of mind to families and working women.

In-house daycare center

The best feature which can be a piece of mind for working mothers is an in-house daycare center. They can save commuting time and the cost of commuting while picking up and dropping off their child daily. Also, state-of-the-art facilities and well-trained caretakers create a warm and friendly environment for every child to thrive.

Outdoor rooftop play area

The play area is not just space for children to play; it is a place to develop skills, build physical strength, boost immunity, and develop lifetime memories. Children have many potentials, but they need a proper playing area to make use of it. Most homes don’t have much space to have a play area, and public parks are unsafe and far away from many homes. Union Complex Apartments in Lahore have a well-planned, safe, hygienic, and fully equipped outdoor rooftop play area, where children can learn and play without worries.

Swimming pool

When the heat hits Lahore, nothing becomes more fascinating than swimming pools. Not only do they play their role in beating the heat, but they also help children to learn swimming from an early age. Summing is a life skill that also plays a huge role in children’s development. An in-house state-of-the-art swimming pool at Union Complex Apartments in Lahore makes it a perfect choice for young parents, especially working mothers.




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