Benefits of Living in a Gated Luxury Apartment in Lahore

benefits of living in union complex

The search for a comfortable living has compelled humans to invent and explore. The journey came to an end with the introduction of Gated Communities. Over time, they evolved as per the needs of residents and became more and more luxurious. In the modern world, it has become a top priority for every family to get a home or apartment in a gated community because of the numerous benefits it offers. Nothing is more peaceful and relaxing after a tiring day at work to come home to a place they call their own. However, many upcoming projects claim to be ‘gated communities,’ but they lack many basic features. To understand this first, we need to discuss what a gated community is? So, let’s dig in…

What is a gated community?

It is simply referred to as a neighbourhood that is concealed by walls and has completely controlled access by using one or more gates. Anyone who wants to enter has to pass through the gate and security checks. Union Complex Apartments in Lahore are a perfect example of the gated community. Security staff in these Luxurious Apartments makes sure no uninvited or suspicious person enters the community. The premises are under the constant 24/7 watch of the security staff and high-tech security and surveillance protocols.

What are the Benefits of Living in A Gated Luxury Apartment in Lahore?

Lower living cost and higher property value

Most people believe that gated Luxury Apartments in Lahore are expensive and they have higher living cost. If you also believe that, we suggest you have another look at Union Complex Apartments in Lahore; they are offering the most affordable prices for Luxury Apartments in Lahore. The best thing about investing today in this project is high value to property in coming years. Gated luxury apartments have a much higher value of the property as compared to regular Apartments.

Safe and secure environment

As explained above, gated apartments have protective walls guarding the premises. They are far more secure as compare to other Luxury Apartments in Lahore. Since the entry and exit points are limited at Union Complex Apartments, it’s easy to maintain the record of every person entering and leaving the premises. High-tech security cameras are installed everywhere to maximise security measures. The reception area welcomes your guests, and make sure to keep shady characters out of the premises.

Luxurious Apartments and lifestyle

It is impossible to get so many in-house facilities at any other housing place. Gated communities, especially Union Complex Apartments in Lahore, have almost everything you need to enjoy quality time with your family and friends. Union Complex Apartments in Lahore offer so many in house facilities which include:

  • Reception area
  • Lift lobby
  • Executive lounges
  • Car parking and car wash area
  • Centrally air-conditioned Jama Masjid
  • State-of-the-art gym and swimming pools
  • In house maintenance service
  • In house fire fighting and smoke detectors
  • In-house shopping area
  • Daycare center
  • First Aid and ambulance service
  • Outdoor activities at rooftop including children play area

Prime location of Union Complex

Luxurious Apartments has many benefits to offer to their residents. Mostly they are built in the center of the city to make sure residents can commute easily. In the case of Union Complex Apartments in Lahore, the location is Main Ferozepur Road, right in front of Metro Bus Station No. 25. It will take only a few minutes to reach out to any main area if you are residing at Union Complex Apartments in Lahore. Kalma Chowk is just 15 minutes away, and you can reach Allama Iqbal International Airport is only 20 minutes. Not only that, but it is exactly located at Metro Bus station No.25, which means say goodbye to commuting issues.

Exclusive rooftop facilities

Modern Luxurious Apartments are designed using innovative architecture techniques. Most of them commit to providing maximum benefits to the residents while using the available space smartly. One of the most popular techniques is to convert the rooftop into a garden or open recreational space. At the same time, various outdoor activities at the rooftop can be planned to use most of the available space. A wise decision made by Union Complex Apartment in Lahore was to combine both above-mentioned practices and create something exceptional. They have an Event Area, Snooker Club, Gym, Barbeque Area, Children play area, and Lavish green area on the rooftop.

A haven for children and working mothers

Gated communities are considered as safest options and nothing less than a heaven for parents. The kids can enjoy a safe and comfortable environment within the premises. A combination of several outdoor activities and a friendly and secure outdoor space makes it a heaven for children. The in-house Daycare center at Union Complex Apartments Lahore makes it a perfect choice for working mothers. They can leave their little angles at the start of the art daycare center within the premises and focus on excelling at their work. All these facilities with 24/7 surveillance monitoring ensure parents that their kids are safe and enjoying their childhood to the fullest.


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