Benefits of living in 3-bed apartment for 1 family

Union Luxury Apartments Lahore

Look around you, everybody is struggling consistently to earn money for a better living, Union luxury apartments in Lahore could be one such place to bring about a comfortable living for the family. Investing in a larger apartment is a wise move to keep intact the privacy of each individual in the family no matter whether it’s your kids, parents, or you. The focus is on how worthy is to invest money in a 3-bed apartment.

Let’s dig up advantages

Home purchasing is a lifetime investment, decision should be made deliberately to get maximum benefit. Mostly, the luxury lifestyle apartments accommodate one or two bedrooms, a three-bedroom apartment is a rare encounter. Although 2 bedrooms are enough for a single-family however, 3 rooms in an apartment have their benefits. Check out some beneficial suggestions below to convert a spare room into a useful space.


As living standards are raising mental and physical fitness is under serious consideration. People spend money on physical therapies and exercise daily to maintain health. For a health-conscious family having a gym at home is a real treat. The third room could be transformed into a gym by putting in workout machines, yoga matt, and other necessary equipment that are easy to fit in your apartment room. So you can work out with your family and don’t need to spare specific time for exercise to lead a healthy strong life. Whenever get the time you can exercise at your home build gym.


You can surely get more out of 3-bed luxurious lifestyle apartments with apt use of the spare room. Kids are enthusiastic, energetic, and demand playing all the time. Playing all around the house could be messy and cleaning now and then would be hectic so, give your children an extra room to put their toys, indoor games and other activity things. This will bring about two benefits, firstly you don’t need to clean up the clutter of toys all the time, secondly, kids won’t bother you if they have a nicely decorated activity and playroom.


If you are an artist, you essentially need a setup at home to work peacefully on your masterpiece. Here the third room will be a delight. You can set up the room according to the requirement by putting an aisle for painting near the window, a sculpture table in the alternate corner away from direct sunlight, and spread a rug along a wall for floor sitting along with cushions to do miniature paintings. Perfect studio space can be evolved for developing new ideas. This is how you can utilize the third room in luxury lifestyle apartments.


It’s good to have guests around but managing a comfortable stay out of limited rooms at home is an issue. A 3-bedroom apartment is an appropriate choice for a family comprising parents and children. You can easily entertain your distant relative at home by allotting a separate room so your and there’s privacy remain intact. Moreover, the guests don’t hesitate to have an overnight stay at your home if the guestroom is available. Therefore, turn the third room in the apartment into a guestroom. Set the room nicely placing all necessary things like bed, dressing table, and a couch to impart an inviting look. Union apartments Lahore facilitate you with a 3-bedroom space to relish lavish and capacious living.

Office workroom

In this era of modernization, technology is taking a new face every time. With ever-changing technological trends working in offices become easy. All the data is stored on a laptop or cellphones, even an online data saving facility is available that lets you reach the information no matter whether you are in the office or away. People stay connected through the internet therefore, online working promoted hugely in the past few years.

Those who work online need an isolated space at home to attend meetings and official calls uninterrupted. Under such circumstances, the third bedroom in luxurious lifestyle apartments is bliss. Hence, the interior should be planned tactfully to keep things organized like office papers and stationery should be kept in cabinets designed for the purpose. A comfortable office chair along with a writing table should be placed beside a window covered with roller blind. Fashion the office atmosphere so you can get mentally and physically into work.

Study room

Having a study room or mini library at home is an amazing place to learn and add to knowledge. You can spare the third room in an apartment to display the collection of books. Anyone who wants to study whether they are your children or you can read and learn in silence. Place an interesting book rack with an easy chair and a coffee table, hold a thought-provoking novel, and enjoy tea while reading.

Room for grandparents

Union apartments Lahore accommodate your family in a comfy environment. A three-bedroom apartment is specifically designed to keep in view the big family needs where grandparents live alone. It’s a privilege and one should do the utmost effort to give the elderly relaxing environs. Show love and respect by decorating the room for them so, they could have their own private space designed according to their convenience. In old age people suffer from joint pain therefore, a comfortable bed with sufficient height makes it easy to ascent, and a rocking chair provides calm sitting when reading a newspaper or book. The addition of an indoor plantation keeps the atmosphere healthy to breathe in and contributes to the scenic beauty. Get their consent and preferences to reflect their personality in the design.

Ending lines

Are you restricted to budget yet getting a secure and spacious living is a priority? Make the best decision to buy a secure place in union luxury apartments in Lahore.  It is equipped with numerous facilities for you and your family to spend an unobstructed living. House purchasing is a significant concern rather than regretting afterward buy a roomy apartment to settle your family nicely.

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