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A lot of questions are raised by a person when he goes to buy a house. Is it the right choice to invest in buying a luxury apartment? Will I be satisfied with their services? How long before I find myself searching for another place and what amenities I got there? These are the questions and many more. Everyone has been there once in a lifetime. Well, if you are reading this article, then you are the lucky one. Now, you will not have to worry about searching for the luxury apartment in Lahore that is best for you anymore because Union Complex Lahore will fulfill all your needs.

Union Complex Lahore will not fail to provide you a luxurious lifestyle. And on top, it resides in the heart of the city of Gardens. So, you do not have to worry about a long drive to admire the beauty because all the main areas of Lahore are just a few minutes away from Union Complex. It is astonishing and a shocker at the same time, isn’t it? The truth is that everyone wants to live a sumptuous lifestyle, whether they can afford it or not. Keeping one’s dream in mind, Union Complex can provide you a luxurious lifestyle apartment at a low cost with a top-tier facility. You will be enlightened to know about the 12 amenities that a Union Complex apartment in Lahore has to give you.

12 amenities of Union Complex luxury apartment in Lahore

1 Executive lounge

You do not have to be an elite, a member of the executive, or even book a superior room only to sit in the executive lounge. If you are a bibliophile who enjoys a good view while sipping on your coffee and having a book in your hand, then you will be doing yourself a favor by choosing the Union Complex apartment in Lahore. They have the warmest and welcoming executive lounges that will make you want to sit for hours. Apart from all the luxury, the Union Complex will be delighted to entertain you.

2 Car parking and car wash

Lahore is the second busiest city in Pakistan. From waiting to fuel your engine to car washing, you must stand in queue for hours. But this will change once you buy a Union Complex luxury apartment in Lahore. You no longer need to stress about not getting a parking place because they give you the facility of washing cars and have a car parking area. If you see an opportunity, take full advantage of it. Rush and buy an apartment right now!

3 In house maintenance services

Buying a luxury apartment comes with a downfall that you need to pay for the house maintenance from your bank account and find a home inspector that is a lot of trouble. People get disappointed because it is an add-on to more of their problems, but Union Complex gives you the “in-house maintenance services.” Let Union Complex handle your repairing tasks and, you continue with living a luxurious lifestyle in Lahore.

4 Air-conditioned Masjid

Masjid is a place where you find yourself and comfort like no other. You are aware that there are very few Masjid’s that give you the facility of air conditions. Union Complex Lahore has a picture-postcard looking Masjid with air conditions that are out of the world. No doubt, every Masjid that exists in this world stands out to be perfectly built.

5 Gym

One of the 12 amenities that Union Complex luxury apartments can provide you is the gym. If you are all about physical activity and fitness then, Union Complex might be the best choice. It has all the latest equipment to make you look fit. Exercise lets you live young and longer. You can go and exercise at your own suitable time.

6 Swimming pool

Who doesn’t like a swim? Bet, everyone does. Union Complex has the largest swimming pool to make you feel you are living a bougie life. On your day off, you can relax by the pool and get some vitamin D. Spoil yourself with the world-class amenities that no one will be able to provide you but Union Complex Lahore.

7 Shopping area

If you are a shopaholic and in need of a luxury apartment in Lahore, book one in the Union Complex. You do not have to worry about the rush or stress about a dress that you always wanted but runs out of stock. Once you start living under Union Complex Lahore, you will have your private shopping area that is worth anything.

8 Daycare center

If you and your spouse work or if you are a single working mother, Union Complex can help you balance your personal and work life. Union Complex Lahore has a daycare center to give security and a friendly environment to your little angel. It even has a children’s play area to bring a smile to your baby girl’s face and make friends. You no longer need to come back and forth to take care of your child because we will do that for you, so continue being the superhero that you are without worrying a bit.

9 Event area

Union Complex provides its customer with the facility of the event area. If you love partying or need to host events due to your work, then come and be a part of the Union Complex because they will not stop you from having the time of your life and enjoying your moments. You will love every bit of their services. No one is stopping you from living a lavish lifestyle in a luxurious lifestyle apartment.

10 Rooftop AMENITIES

Do you love watching stars at night or sunrise in the morning? Do not miss out on the opportunity of locking the mesmerizing view of the rooftop in your memory by purchasing a luxury apartment. You can make your rooftop a relaxation spot where you can be away from the world and have your time. Union Complex Lahore luxury apartment comes with a picturesque rooftop.

11 Snooker Club AMENITIES

People love going to the snooker Club, but not every area has one and, not every luxury apartment comes with a snooker club. But Union Complex does. They not only care about your boredom but your health as well. Union Complex knows that snooker not only takes your boredom away but helps you lose weight, tone your muscle, and strengthens your body balance. Stay fit by choosing Union Complex luxury apartment in Lahore.

12 First aid and ambulance services

Last but not least, Union Complex gives you first aid and ambulance services because they care about your health.

Apart from these services, Union Complex provides you with so much more. You only be able to know if you buy an apartment. If you are searching for a luxury apartment, there is no better choice than investing in a Union Complex luxury apartment in Lahore.

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