Luxurious Lifestyle Apartments – 10 Things You Have To Experience

Lifestyle Apartments in lahore

Whenever you hear about luxurious lifestyle apartments, the first thing that comes to your mind is the beautiful contemporary architecture and comfort at its best along with all the modern equipment. However, luxury apartments have much more than just that to offer. Here are 10 things about luxurious apartments you should experience yourself.


Luxurious apartments are commonly found at one of the best and central locations of the city giving you access to almost every service possible. You will most probably find all your favourite restaurants, shopping centres, and entertainment not more than just 20-30 minutes of drive away. Living close to places that you visit often such as grocery stores could save you a lot of time, and fuel. Union complex is located at Main Ferozepur Road, just 15 minutes of drive away from Kalma Chowk and just 20 minutes away from the Airport. If you think this could get any better? It also has the Metro bus station right at the doorstep.


Moving into luxurious apartments, the first thing you are going to notice is how well planned and well-executed each room and each facility is. Both the interior and exterior are well taken care of by professional architects. You’ll find amazing landscaping, quick and efficient services, and well functional facilities at Union Complex. It is not just about luxury, it is about effectiveness and convenience, making you comfortable in every way possible. The apartments also have balconies that offer a spectacular view of Lahore City, thus making the living experience much more pleasing. Also, balconies offer a view of lush green open space that Union Complex has to offer so that residents are treated with a refreshing and relaxing serene view every day.

Well-designed Bathroom and Kitchens

In luxurious apartments, everything is designed by keeping in mind that it has to look lavish and comfortable. This is why even the bathrooms in the luxurious apartments feel like spas with big bathtubs, relaxing lighting, and stylish design. As for the kitchen, at Union complex, you get every facility that a professional chef could dream of. It enables you to cook gourmet level cuisines. Union complex provides the best luxurious bathrooms as well which will ensure that you’ve invested right.

Fitness Centers

You may also find this service in some of the apartment communities. However, they don’t always have the best and complete equipment. Luxurious lifestyle apartments however spend a decent amount of money to make their fitness centres as complete as possible. Providing all the necessary machines and weights for the best workouts. Apart from the well-equipped gyms, some fitness centres also offer classes on Yoga and Kickboxing. For its residents, Union Complex provide all these facilities so that residents can enjoy their life to the utmost.

Parking Space

One of the best things about living in a luxurious lifestyle apartment is that you will never have to worry about car parking ever again. Luxurious apartments always come with spacious and covered car parking. Therefore, it saves you the effort and time of fitting and parking your car in a small garage. This convenience is probably one of the reasons why people switch from houses to luxury apartments as they find it to be a better value for money.


Union Complex possesses a proper and well-managed security system along with surveillance cameras. This is also considered as one of the must-have luxuries. The well-being of the residents is the top priority at Union Complex, therefore surveillance cameras are active 24/7 and entrance gates have security staff that only allows entry of residents without any requirement to provide any knowledge to staff. Although it may not always be 100% effective, it is close enough to prevent your vehicle from theft. Although most people living in the gated communities are not saving a lot of money from the security point of view. At luxurious apartments, you won’t be losing any money either.

Swimming Pool

Always having to maintain and clean up your swimming pool could be time consuming and expensive. Luxurious apartments come with a large resort-like swimming pool where you can have a refreshing dive whenever you want.

Jamia Masjid

When taking care of so many things, how can Union Complex forget to give you one of the most basic needs of your daily life, the Jamia Masjid? Union complex luxurious lifestyle apartments offer its residents a Jamia Masjid that is air-conditioned. It has enough space to accommodate a good amount of worshippers.

Fresh Air and Cleaner Environment

In the times like these when air quality is a huge concern and people are not willing to sacrifice their health, the Union complex is away from the bustling city centre offering fresh air to breathe. Only a few minutes of drive away from prime locations of Lahore. The architecture and location of Union Complex make it stand out of all. It provides the healthiest environment which a person deserves while being in a city like Lahore.

Opportunities to Socialize

It won’t be wrong to say that most of us don’t know our neighbours. We tend to close ourselves inside our homes and won’t come out until need be. Union Complex however fills this gap by offering opportunities to socialize and make friends. With lavish reception and comfortable executive lounge, you can relax from your daily routine work. Having interesting chats and develop connections with your neighbours.


When the name says luxurious lifestyle apartments, then it must live up to its name. Luxury does not mean that it only has lavish design and expensive furniture. However, it means that it provides you comfort in every way possible. In the long run, a luxurious apartment might even save you money. You won’t have to spend money on maintenance of your apartment or drive miles away just to buy grocery. It packs every possible convenience and provides its residents with every facility they can only dream of in an independent house.

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