10 Reasons You Should Buy a Luxury Apartment in Lahore

luxury apartment union complex Lahore

Lahore is the city of life, a city of colour, and a city of choices. The city is growing rapidly and so do the living trends. Luxury apartment in Lahore have become a new trend, and many new projects are introduced every day. Many new investors have jumped into the market and started projects referred to as “luxury apartments”. They simply use the term “luxury” to deceive common people and fail to provide even basic life necessities. In reality, luxurious apartments are a real game-changer, offering a luxurious lifestyle. For instance, Union Complex Apartments in Lahore are the most exemplary projects in the history of the city. They are not only offering a great place to live at a prime location but a complete gated community. If you are still looking for a reason to make your decision, continue reading.


Lahore is indeed one of the most expensive cities in the country, and the prices of apartments in Lahore are reaching the sky. But in the case of Union Complex Apartments in Lahore, the scenario is different. They are designed to keep the prices minimal to create a fabulous living opportunity. With an easy to go instalment plan the prices of these luxury apartments are affordable.

Low maintenance

Union Complex Apartments in Lahore are designed in a way that provides all facilities for a comfortable living. To maintain the level of comfort a proper maintenance service should be there. AYQ, the developer of Union Complex Lahore apartments have made sure to provide complete maintenance facilities for hassle-free luxurious living. They have been assigned it as a duty to provide life-long maintenance services to keep things up to date. . This in-house maintenance service helps you to keep your apartment in great shape.

Safe and secure

Though Luxury Apartment in Lahore are considered the safest option. Measures have been taken to make it safer for the residents so that they can enjoy their luxurious living without any fear.  High tech surveillance system keeps on monitoring the premises 24/7. Nothing is more stable than physical mentoring, and to make the premises completely secure, security guards keep on patrolling and monitoring entrance and exit areas.

Low living cost in Luxury Apartment

Luxury Apartments in Lahore’s most significant advantage, making them a true winner over houses, is low living cost. They offer excellent living space, a great layout, and amazingly low living costs. It is all possible through effective planning and designing. You can enjoy a luxurious lifestyle at Union Complex Apartments in Lahore at a fairly low cost as compared to any other luxurious apartments present in the city.

Gated community

Gated communities have become the most preferred living option today. The main reason is a secure environment and a good lifestyle. Luxury Apartments in Lahore in a gated community are like cherry on the top. They offer complete safety and security along with community support. Children can enjoy their lives in a secure environment.


Nothing can beat the number of amenities Luxury Apartments in Lahore has to offer. The city is known as the business hub of Punjab and the home of a million people. Most professionals and socially active people prefer to live in Luxury Apartments in Lahore. The main reason is the number of amenities they have to offer is unbeatable and nearly impossible to get in a home. Union Complex Lahore offer a great number of abilities that are:

  • Reception area
  • Lift lobby
  • Executive lounges
  • Car parking and car wash
  • Centrally air-conditioned Jama masjid
  • State of the art gym and swimming pools
  • In house maintenance service
  • In house fire fighting and smoke detectors
  • Daycare center
  • In the house shopping area
  • First Aid and ambulance service
  • Outdoor activities at rooftop including children play area
  • Event area
  • Snooker club

Living at the center of the city

Everyone wants to live in the center of the city, but getting a house is really expensive and nearly impossible. However, getting a Luxurious Apartments at a prime location is a lot better. For instance, Union Complex Apartments in Lahore are the most outstanding example. The project is considered one of the finest in the city to date. It is located on main Ferozepur Road, right at Metro Bus station number 25.

Greater return on your investment

Luxury Apartments in Lahore can provide you with greater returns on your investments. Since they offer a great number of advantages over houses there, the value increases quickly. Prime location, secured environment, and gated community are also prime factors to soar up the prices of your property over time.

Luxury lifestyle

Having a luxurious life while living in a house will be expensive. The maintenance cost is high, utilities are expensive, as a result, living cost is higher. And of Couse, the amenities Luxurious Apartments offer are impossible to get at a house. Union Complex Apartments in Lahore are a perfect selection if you want to add a taste of luxury to your lifestyle. It not only offers financial flavors but also adds charm to your lifestyle.

Multiple layouts

The great advantage Union Complex Lahore Luxury apartment offers multiple layouts. Layout of each apartment is carefully crafted by one of the best architects of the country, as described above. They have carefully created four different layouts for you to choose from. Which include

  • Studio apartment
  • 1-bed apartment
  • 2-bed apartment
  • 3-bed apartment

Each one is designed carefully to make living easier. The layout of each apartment is not just square footage of each room, but each door, window, and other physical features are cautiously designed to provide maximum space. The module of each apartment also represents a picture of furniture to be placed in each room which will help you to plan your future home creatively as per your taste.


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